Which Hand Do Watches Go On?

One of the most common watch related questions, beginner watch enthusiasts ask, is…

Which hand do watches go on?

In this blog post we’ll answer just that, along with other watch related questions all to do with how to wear your watch correctly.

Two hands with watches on their wrists.

Which hand do watches go on?

Usually you should wear your watch on the hand that you use less, as in on the wrist of your non-dominant hand.

That means if you are right handed, then you should wear your watch on your left hand. 

Whereas, if you are left handed, then your watch should go on your right hand instead.

There are a few of reasons why you should follow this rule:

  • You can easily access the crown of your watch if you stick to this rule and buy a watch that matches your dominant hand.
  • It keeps your dominant hand free and lightweight.
  • Might reduce the number of chances for your watch to get scratched.

But, do you need to follow this rule? 

No, you can wear your watch on either wrist. If you’re right handed and like wearing your watch on your right hand. Then go for it!

Positions of the watch crown

Watch out for the crown!

The crown on your watch is the little knob located on the side of the watch’s case. The position of your watch’s crown can impact which wrist you should wear your watch on.

The majority of watches will have the crown positioned at the 3 o’clock position. Which means it was meant to be worn on the left hand side. So that the crown can easily be turned by a right handed wearer.

However, the crown can also be found in the 9 o’clock position. This is ideal for those who are left handed instead. 

So if you’re a lefty who likes to wear their watch on the right hand side. Try to go for one of these.

You can find a wide range of left-handed watches on the market today from many watch brands.

But there is a third crown position that has become increasingly popular for sports watches. Especially on the Seiko 5 watches. That is the crown in the 4 o’clock position.

This is an ideal position of the crown for those who wear their watch while being active. As the crown is kept out of the way and can’t snag on your hand when you move around.

Woman and man wearing a watch on their right or left side.

Is the rule different for women and men?

No, there isn’t a different rule for women when it comes to which side a woman should wear her watch on.

The reasons are the same for men and women. That if a woman is left handed she’ll wear it on her right hand side. 

Whereas, if she is right handed she’ll more than likely wear it on her left hand side.

Yet, you’ll often see the question being asked whether all women should wear it on the left hand side instead. And then men should wear their watch on the right hand side.

You can follow this if you like, however, this isn’t a rule.

How tight should a watch be worn?

The ideal tightness that a watch should be worn at, is just enough so that it stays in place on your wrist.

If a watch is too tight it will leave an imprint on your skin, and will be very uncomfortable. 

Whereas if a watch is worn too loose, it will slide up, down and around your wrist. You shouldn’t be able to fit your fingers in between your watch and your wrist. 

If you can, it means your watch’s strap needs to be tightened.

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