Top 9 Watches That Look Like Cartier Tank

Here is a breakdown of the top watches that look like Cartier Tank. All of these timepieces make for great alternatives to Cartier Tank.

The Tank watch by Cartier is truly an iconic timepiece. The first Tank watch collection was released in 1919, with many more collections of it being released up till today.

The Tank Cartier is one of the world’s most classic and timeless watches. Making Cartier Tank homage watches super popular today.

In this blog post we’ll show you our top picks of the best alternatives to Cartier Tank. We’ll focus on affordability, quality, and style.

Take a look at our top pick for the best alternative to Cartier Tank is the Seiko SWR049.

Or, keep reading to find out the other affordable alternatives to Cartier Tank.

Let’s go!

What is a Cartier Tank watch?

Photo of earlier Tank Louis Cartier watch
Tank Louis Cartier

The Cartier Tank watch was first created by Louis Cartier in 1917. It was then released to the public in 1919, and has been redesigned and reissued many, many times.

The Cartier Tank is still the luxury brand Cartier’s most famous timepiece.

Where the Cartier Tank watch got its name is from a World War I military tank. It’s believed that Louis Cartier took inspiration for the rectangular watch case design from the tanks of the time.

Today, the Cartier Tank watch shape has inspired its very own watch case shape category. Now this watch is often simply referred to as the Tank.

Learn more about the many unique Cartier Tank collections in our Tank guide.

Best Cartier Tank Homage

Our top pick for the best (affordable) Cartier Tank homage watch is from Seiko.

The Seiko SWR049 is a brilliant tribute to the Cartier Tank.

From the Roman Numeral indices, to the case shape, and they’ve even included the rail track minute counter too.

Check it out here.

Comparison photos of a real Cartier Tank vs a Homage Cartier Tank Seiko
Authentic Cartier Tank vs Homage Cartier Tank Seiko

Watches that look like Cartier Tank

All of the watches listed below are affordable alternatives to Cartier Tank. There is no need to drop a couple of grand to get that Tank aesthetic on your wrist.

  1. Seiko SWR049
  2. Seiko SUP880
  3. Seiko SUP896
  4. Hamilton Boulton
  5. Tissot Heritage Banana Centenary
  6. Bulova Ref. 96A156
  7. Bulova Ref. 98A117
  8. Citizen Model BH1678-56E
  9. Timex Model ‎ TW2T60400JT

1. Seiko SWR049

Seiko have really outdone themselves with this beautiful and well priced Cartier Tank homage watch, called the Seiko SWR049.

Not only is it super affordable, but it genuinely is a watch that looks like Cartier Tank.

It has all of the features we love from the Tank. It’s got the Roman Numerals, similar thin, elegant hands, the same minute counter around the hands, and of course the famous case shape.

We even love the detail of the crown, it mimics the cabochon stone (a gemstone) found on a real Tank.

This watch is powered by a Seiko quartz movement, which isn’t surprising for the price. So it’s accurate and reliable.

The watch is very slim, at just 6mm thick! So it’s very neat and will slip under a shirt sleeve no problem.

This is a classic, elegant dress watch. That we think you can even wear it dressed down, as it has that timeless feel to it. Just like the Tank watch does.

Check out this watch, and learn more.

2. Seiko SUP880

The Seiko SUP880 comes in at an extremely close 2nd for the best Cartier Tank alternative.

This Tank inspired watch is again from Seiko, and this time it’s a solar powered watch. Solar powered watches are low maintenance timepieces.

A solar watch won’t need a battery change for years upon years. Due to them always charging their battery from a light source. Learn more about solar watches here.

But what we really love is the look of this watch, as it’s very like a Cartier Tank. It has the right indices, and the rail track minute counter too. 

We especially love the speckles of gold inserted in the minute tracker. Also the mock gemstone on the crown also adds a really nice touch.

Find out more about this look alike Cartier homage watch.

3. Seiko SUP896

However, if gold is really what you’re after. Then, the next Cartier Tank homage from Seiko is an ideal watch for you.

The Seiko SUP896 has a gold case and a gold dial. Even its indices and hands are in a gold tone.

The case shape and overall design of this gold watch is like the Tank. However, there are no Roman Numerals on this timepiece, nor does it have a rail track minute counter like the previous Seiko watches.

However the mock croc brown leather band really gives this affordable watch a more expensive feel to it.

Plus, like the Seiko SUP880 this watch is also a solar powered timepiece. Making it an easy to maintain watch.

Learn more about this glitzy gold Cartier homage.

4. Hamilton Boulton

The Hamilton Boulton watch makes for one of our favorite watches that look like Cartier Tank.

Hamilton is one of the top old school American brands still around today. They started all the way back in 1892.

Yet, today all of their watches are made in Switzerland. But they still stay true to their American heritage.

The case shape on this watch is a tonneau. Which is the French word for barrel. So it does differ slightly from the angular tank shape of the Cartier Tank.

Instead this watch has a bulge around the middle.

However, the dial of this watch does have the lovely blue hands, Roman Numerals and a railway minute counter. Which gives this timepiece a Tank watch feel to it.

The Boulton is considered an American classic, first released in 1940. So only a few decades after the Cartier Tank, a French classic.

The Boulton comes with a hand wound mechanical movement. Like the Tank watch did. However it also can come with a low maintenance quartz movement either.

Check out the selection of Boulton watches here from Hamilton.

5. Tissot Heritage Banana Centenary

Now onto a watch that is a bit more wacky. That is the Tissot Heritage Banana Centenary watch.

This Tissot watch reminds us very much of the Cartier Tank Cintrée, thanks to its elongated case and quirky Arabic Numerals. Also the watch comes with the staple blue hands as well.

Comparison photos of a Tissot Cartier Tank Homage vs a real Cartier Tank Cintrée
Tissot Heritage Banana vs Cartier Tank Cintrée

However, the Tissot Heritage watch actually came before the Cartier Tank Cintrée. With Tissot releasing their original watch all the way back in 1916.

What we really like is that the long case of the Tissot watch has a nice curve to it. This helps the watch sit snugly on your wrist.

As for the movement, the Tissot watch comes with a Swiss made quartz movement. Which isn’t as exciting as a mechanical, but it still makes for an accurate and reliable watch.

Check out this Cartier Tank alternative from Tissot here.

Tissot is what we consider one of the best affordable watch brands from Switzerland out now. You can’t go wrong with this brand, especially when starting out in watch collecting.

6. Bulova Ref. 96A156

The Bulova Ref. 96A156 is a very affordable Cartier homage watch. If you have a budget then this watch is a great cheap alternative to the Tank.

It has a similar case shape to a Cartier Tank, thanks to its rectangular silhouette.

While this Cartier Tank alternative has no Roman Numerals, or the classic styling of the Tank. It still has a clean, and handsome looking dial.

The size of the watch is ideal for those with small wrists. With a case size of 37mm. It’s a great size for a classic dress watch.

However, this watch does come with luminous hands, which does make it easier to read at night. But that definitely isn’t in keeping with the classic style of a Cartier Tank.

But overall this quartz Bulova watch is an ideal choice for an everyday or business style watch for more formal events.

Learn more about this super affordable Cartier Tank homage.

7. Bulova Ref. 98A117

Now onto another watch from Bulova, the Bulova Ref. 98A117.

This timepiece comes with a stainless steel case and bracelet. Giving it more of a look of a Cartier Tank Anglaise or Cartier Tank Française. Learn more about both here.

This Bulova Cartier Tank homage comes with a blue dial option, or else a cool black dial look. Which is a divergence from the classic white dial of the Tank.

However, the dial is clutter free and has a modern clean look to it.

Plus these watch’s cases come in a really neat size of 35mm. So they’re ideal for those with a slim wrist. Or for anyone after a neater watch, that can slip under a cuff.

Discover more about these Bulova watches here.

8. Citizen Model BH1678-56E

Next is the lovely two tone Cartier Tank alternative from Citizen, called the Citizen Model BH1678-56E.

This watch is very affordable, and makes for a great budget alternative Cartier Tank. 

However, it doesn’t come with the classic look of a Tank, it has a more contemporary style to it. But the two tone stainless steel bracelet is very often found in a Cartier Tank collection or two.

We also love how this watch features a little date window in the 3 o’clock position. A great feature for the price.

The watch is very small, at just 26mm case size. So beware this watch might be a little too small for modern tastes.

But overall if you don’t mind the size, this watch is an excellent choice.

Discover this Citizen watch and decide if it’s for you.

9. Timex Model ‎ TW2T60400JT

Then we have a watch from the affordable brand; Timex. It’s the Timex Model TW2T60400JT.

It’s often difficult to defeat Timex in terms of price. They really do produce so many budget friendly options

This Cartier Tank alternative is one of them.

The watch is built from stainless steel, and comes with a jet black dial. The 12 o’clock position is marked with a diamond marker. Adding something extra to the dial.

It has a minimalist design to it, which is very popular today.

This watch also comes in a very small case size of just 26mm. Which may not suit those with large wrists.

Find out the latest price for this Cartier Tank alternative from Timex.


The Cartier Tank watch is a style of timepiece that is timeless. It is likely never to go out of fashion. However, to own a real one you need a big budget.

So that’s when watches that look like a Cartier Tank come into play.

From the super alike Seiko SWR049, to the slightly more glitzy Seiko SUP880, to the then charming and quirky Tissot Heritage Banana Centenary.

You’re bound to find your favorite Cartier Tank homage on this list.