Best 7 Watches For Skaters | Top Skater Watch Brands

Skateboarders need a watch that can handle a knock or two. So take a look at these top durable watches for skaters.

Our top pick is the Garmin Instinct Solar Watch. As this watch is built with skateboarders in mind.

It comes packed with handy features, and will keep you in contact with your iPhone while you skate.

However, if you think you need a watch with even more shock resistance, and maybe a cheaper price tag. 

Then just keep scrolling to find out more of the best watches for skaters.

Here we go!

Best Skater Watches

  1. Garmin Solar Instinct Watch (Our Top Pick)
  2. Apple Watch Series 6 (Our 2nd Top Pick)
  3. Nixon Staple Watch (Best For Skaters that Surf)
  4. G-Shock GBD800UC-3 (Best For Shock Resistance)
  5. Victorinox I.N.O.X. Watch (Best Swiss Made Skater Watch)
  6. Casio DW5600E-1V (Best Affordable Watch for Skaters)
  7. Freestyle Watch (For Skaters Who Love Color)
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1. Garmin Solar Instinct Watch

Our Top Pick

Our number one choice for the best watch for skateboarders is the Garmin Solar Instinct.

This watch is made for skaters thanks to its military grade shock resistance. You will not need to worry about this watch while you skate.

A big benefit of this watch compared to other smartwatches is that it has a long battery life. That’s thanks to the watch’s ability to recharge using solar energy.

So simply by wearing your watch skating outside, you’ll be charging it up.

However, a feature we love most is that this watch can track your activity through their fitness app. And you can even choose skateboarding as an activity to track!

Garmin is also a great pick for those who use an Android smartphone instead of an iPhone. As this watch will work with whichever.

Now why not check out this skater watch from Garmin, and learn more about its many fitness focused features.

2. Apple Watch Series 6

Our 2nd Top Pick

The Apple Watch Series 6 is our 2nd top choice from our review of the best watches for skaters.

A smartwatch will definitely come in handy while out skateboarding. Because it allows you to check up on your notifications from your smartphone, by simply glancing at your Apple Watch.

It’s easy to take calls and reply to messages through this smartwatch.

This Series 6 of the Apple Watch was released in 2020. It’s one of the best for health and fitness focused smart features. Learn more about what the Apple Watch can do here.

Our top 3 features of this watch is the:

  • Blood oxygen monitoring
  • Always on display
  • 100m (330ft) water resistance – Which allows you to swim with it on!

The main drawback of the Apple Watch Series 6 is the battery life. It lasts for only up to 18 hours on a full charge.

Also you’ll need an iPhone in order to work this watch. Any other smartphone won’t be compatible with it.

Plus, we really recommend that you protect the screen on your Apple Watch. You can purchase a glass screen protector to do this.

This will save it from being scratched while out skating.

Check out the Apple Watch Series 6 today.

The Apple Watch Series 7 Is Out…

Apple released their Apple Watch Series 7 in 2021.

It’s a nice upgrade, but we still love the Apple Watch 6. The main difference is the screen size. The Apple Watch 7 has a bigger display.

The display is also more scratch resistant, so that might come in handy for those that like to skate.

Check it out now.

3. Nixon Staple Watch

Best For Skaters that Surf

Nixon is a Californian lifestyle brand that produces many affordable watches for skateboarders, and surfers too.

Nixon was started in Cali in 1997. They began as a surf, skate, and snow shop. But today, they are best known for their watches.

Our top choice for the best watch for skateboarders from Nixon, is the aptly named Nixon Staple Watch.

We love the no fuss digital display on this timepiece. It’s very easy to read while outside. Thanks to the watch’s high contrast LCD display.

This watch can also be worn in the water as well, thanks to its 100m (330ft) water resistance.

Plus, this Nixon skater friendly watch is even made from recycled plastic taken from the ocean. Making it that bit more Eco.

What we also like about this watch is that it comes in a range of colors.

From cool grey, to bright red, pink, and of course a classic black shade too.

Find out the latest price for this Nixon Staple Watch now.

Skateboarding pros Zion Wright and Zach Miller are both been brand ambassadors for Nixon.

4. G-Shock GBD800UC-3

Best for Shock Resistance

A G-Shock watch makes for a great choice of watch for a skateboarder. Thanks to their high levels of shock resistance.

They even have Skateboarding pros like; Stevie Williams and Kevin Hoefler. As brand ambassadors for their watch collections.

One of the best watches for skateboarders from G-Shock is the G-Shock GBD800UC-3. This watch is part of their Power Trainer range.

This range of G-Shocks make for excellent smartwatches for skaters. Due to their many fitness focused features.

It can connect to your phone through the G-Shock Connected app. Which means you can record your fitness and enhance it with the help of this G-Shock.

A thing to keep in mind though is that this watch is very large and chunky. With an almost 50mm case size! It would suit a larger wrist best.

So if you have a smaller wrist and want a G-Shock…

Then check out our review of the best G-Shocks for smaller wrists instead.

This G-Shock also comes in a few different shades. We love the military style green version. Check out the different shades here.

Or discover more about the green version now.

5. Victorinox I.N.O.X. Watch

Best Swiss Made Skater Watch

If you love the look of a dive watch and are after a high performing, tough timepiece. Then a Victorinox I.N.O.X. diver is a great choice for you.

We chose this Swiss made dive watch for one of the best watches for skaters, because of its durability.

This watch is famous for going through 100+ grueling watch torture tests. To prove that it can keep ticking through almost anything.

Check out the cool video below showing the watch going through three of those tests.

All of their watches come with Swiss made movements. And the pro diver also comes with an anti-magnetic case as well as heaps of water resistance.

Plus, Victorinox makes these divers in a few cool different styles and colors. So you can find one to suit you.

The main issue is the price, however, you are buying a watch that is guaranteed to last.

Discover the wide range of Victorinox I.N.O.X. dive watches.

6. Casio DW5600E-1V

Best Affordable Watch for Skaters

Casio is king when it comes to tough yet affordable watches. Which means Casio is ideal for skaters on a budget.

The Casio DW5600E-1V is one of their toughest and best selling watches for skaters. 

It’s a simple digital, quartz powered watch with a sporty look to it. Yet, it’s loved by watch enthusiasts across the board.

This little watch makes for a super affordable everyday beater watch. It’s something you can wear and not worry about.

It comes with a few handy features as well. Like countdown timer, stopwatch, and calendar too.

This watch can even be worn swimming, thanks to its 200m (660ft) of water resistance.

Learn more about this tough Casio skater watch now.

Or for something really retro, why not check out one of the many Casio Calculator watches.

Read all about them in our review!

7. Freestyle Watch

For Skaters Who Love Color

Freestyle is a watchmaker known for creating fun, colorful digital watches for surfers and skaters.

They’re popular mostly among young adults and teens. But anyone can wear their designs.

Freestyle has a great selection of colorful graphics. Whether your favorite color is shades of blue, pink, red, or orange. You should find a Freestyle skater watch in it.

All of their watches are unisex, and can be worn by anyone. However, this brand is a favorite of those that like to skate or surf.

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Their watches come with plenty of water resistance, which means you can wear them swimming or surfing in the ocean.

Plus they come with plenty of shock resistance, so a few knocks while skating won’t be of any worries.

We also really like their comfortable and easy to adjust velcro strap. Making it easy to wear and adding to its sporty look.

One of their most popular is their pastel shade timepiece, pictured below.

But why not look at the entire collection of colorful watches for skaters on the Freestyle Amazon store.

Our Final Thoughts

Finding great watches for skaters wasn’t too difficult. As there are so many great watch brands offering durable and feature packed timepieces.

While the Garmin Instinct Solar Watch is our top pick. There are many other watches that would suit a skater.

Like watches with plenty of shock resistant from G-Shock, or smartwatches packed with many fitness features from Apple. To many other surf and skate friendly watches from Nixon and Freestyle.

We think that any skateboarder will easily find a great watch from one of these watch brands.