Top 6 Different Types Of Watch Clasps You Need

Watches come in a wide range of different types of watch clasps. From buckles to velcro, deployment clasps, and more.

In this blog post we’ll take you through the top 6 different types of watch clasps you’ll find on your watches.

We’ll even give you a breakdown of the top pros and cons of the different types of clasps.

This will help you decide which type of watch clasp is right for you…

Different Types Of Watch Clasps

  1. Deployant Clasp
  2. Safety Strap Clasp
  3. Butterfly Clasp
  4. Tang Buckle
  5. Jewelry Clasp
  6. Velcro Strap

Comparison Of Different Types Of Watch Clasps

Here is a handy comparison chart of watch clasps. We’ll help you understand each clasp by giving you the pros and cons of every type of watch clasp.

Watch ClaspProsCons

Deployant Clasp
(Folding Clasp)

Can extend the life of straps
Keeps watch secure
Can look bulky on the underside

Safety Strap Clasp
Keeps watch extra secure on your wristCan look bulky on the underside

Butterfly Clasp
(Hidden Deployant Clasp)

Easy to use
Streamlined look
Helps maintain leather straps
Can prove difficult to use by some

Tang Buckle
(Ardillon Buckle)

Affordable watch closure
Will wear out your leather strap

Jewelry Clasp
Slim, small and discreteNot very secure

Velcro Strap
Easy to use
Rugged look
Very casual

Different Types Of Watch Clasps

Here are the top 6 different types of watch clasps that are used today to secure your watch to your wrist.

1. Deployant Clasp

Also known as the deployant buckle or a folding clasp.

Déployant in French means to unfold or to extend.

It’s an expandable metal clasp that fastens your watch to your wrist. This type of clasp can be found on metal straps as well as leather straps.

The deployant clasp is great for extending the life of your leather straps. As you don’t need to bend your straps into place each time you put on and take off your watch.

Check out this video below explaining how the deployant watch works on a watch with a leather timepiece.

This watch clasp was invented by Louis Cartier in 1910.

He was the grandson of the French watchmaker Louis-François Cartier, who founded the Cartier brand. He was also the man behind the creation of the legendary Tank watch.

2. Safety Strap Clasp

Photo of the 3 separate stages of the safety strap watch clasps in action on  a stainless steel watch bracelet.
Safety Strap Clasp

A safety strap clasp is often referred to as a security strap clasp.

This clasp works in the same way as the deployant clasp. Except it has that extra layer of security. Which is the fold-over catch that holds the deployant in place.

This clasp keeps your watch very secure to your wrist. That is why this clasp is often used on dive watches.

3. Butterfly Clasp

Silver metal bracelet which is secured by a butterfly watch clasp.
Butterfly clasp on a metal bracelet

A butterfly clasp is also called a hidden deployant clasp. 

Each side folds into the center when you are fastening it. And both sides fold out when you’re unfastening your clasp.

This folding and unfolding of both sides are like the wings of a butterfly. 

Butterfly clasps are found on metal watch bracelets. As it can offer a secure and streamlined look.

However, the butterfly clasp is also a great clasp for protecting your leather straps.

It does this by ensuring you no longer need to bend the leather into an Ardillon or Tang buckle to secure your watch. Therefore protecting your expensive leather straps.

Watch with a gold butterfly clasp attached to the leather strap.
Butterfly Clasp

Also, this watch clasp is ideal for those who have wide hands but slim wrists. This clasp opens out the most, while also keeping its size.

4. Tang Buckle

Blue leather with a tang buckle attached to the end.
Tang Buckle

Also known as the Ardillon buckle or Pin buckle. This is the most common type of buckle used to secure leather and fabric straps.

This works exactly like a belt, except on your wrist. 

However, this watch buckle has a big disadvantage. 

Every time you take your watch off and put it on. You’re bending the strap. If you have a leather watch this can cause the leather to eventually wear out and break. 

A good solution to this is to install a butterfly clasp or a deployant clasp onto your expensive leather strap.

The video below will show you how to replace your tang buckle with a deployant clasp instead.

5. Jewelry Clasp

Photo of a thin steel bracelet watch with a jewelry clasp.
Jewelry Clasp on a bracelet watch

The jewelry clasp is not common in high-end watch brands.

However, the jewelry clasp can be often seen with brands that specialize in jewelry watches or women’s watches.

It is just a simple clasp, most often found on a bracelet-style watch.

6. Velcro Strap

Green Velcro straps; one picture of the whole strap, and one picture of a close up of the Velcro.
Velcro Straps

A Velcro strap will usually only be used on watch straps made of fabric.

Velcro can be seen more often in military watches or sports watches.

The best thing about Velcro is that it is a super-easy way to secure your watch to your wrist. The size can always be adjusted without having to change the strap.

It also gives your watch a cool rugged look. Perfect for an outdoor tool watch.

What Next?

This article outlines the most popular watch clasps you’ll use to keep your watch secure on your wrist.

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