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Ultimate Watch Brands Guide For 2021

It can be difficult to find the right watch brand when picking out our next watch.

So we’re here to help.

We’ve done the research of the best watch brands, to make it easy for you to chose that next timepiece.

This page is our guide to the top watchmakers around today. We breakdown each of the brands by price, country, type, and by people they suit best.

We have a section dedicated to individual brand reviews.

Plus we’ve also linked our brand comparisons at the end. Comparing top brands like Casio vs Timex, or Orient vs Seiko.

Keep scrolling and discover the watch brand you’ll want next.

Lets go!

Watch Brands Guide

Ultimate Watch Brand List

We’ve complied a list the top watch brands from around the world all in one place. So that you won’t run out of new watchmakers to chose for your next watch.

Check out our A-Z Watch Brand List.

Discover Over 200 Brands Here!

Watch Brands By Price

If you’ve got a tight budget or else plenty to spend, this section will help you find the top brands for you.

Watch Brands By Country

Sometimes you want to explore brands from all around the world. Well we’ve researched and written about some of the best watchmakers from across the globe.

There is much more to the watch industry than Switzerland, so dive in and explore what other nations have to offer in terms of timepieces.

Watch Brands By People

Many times we need a watch to fit a specific purpose or fit into our lifestyle. Or we just need watch gift ideas for someone special. This section will help you chose an ideal timepiece that is a perfect match.

Whether you know a hardworking nurse who is in need of a watch that can help her keep tracks of the time while on duty. Or you might need a durable watch ready to withstand the heat on the wrist of a firefighter.

We’ve got plenty of watches on offer for all people, hobbies, or professions.

Watch Brand Comparisons

Sometimes we get stuck on making a choice between two great brands. We’re here to help you make that all important choice.

Casio vs Timex Comparison

Watch Brand Reviews

Are you unsure on whether a watch brand is worth buying? Then check out one of our deep dive reviews on some of the world’s top watchmakers.

These reviews will give you an overview on what are the best watches from the brand. And will help you decide on if you should invest in one of their timepieces.

Watch Groups

The watch industry is overrun by huge watch groups that own the majority of your favorite brands. Nowadays it’s rare to find a family-owned or independent watchmaker. However, there still are a few out there today.

So why not take the time to figure out who owns which of your favorite brands, in our watch group and brand ownership guides below.

Swatch Group Watch Brand Pyramid

Watch Brand Guides

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