6 Best Swiss Smartwatches 2021

Swiss mechanical watches are famous worldwide. Yet when it comes to Swiss smartwatches, they’re often overlooked.

But many of the top Swiss watch brands have decided to make their very own Swiss smartwatch collections.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best Swiss smartwatches on offer today. 

From big name Swiss watchmakers like controversial watch brands; TAG Heuer and Hublot. To more affordable Swiss watchmakers like Alpina, and Tissot.

You’ll find many high tech Swiss made smartwatches to choose from.

We’ll start with the more affordable Swiss smartwatches, then move on to the most expensive Swiss smartwatches on the market today.

Best Swiss Smartwatches

  1. Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch
  2. Alpina AlpinerX Smartwatch
  3. Montblanc Smartwatch
  4. Frederique Constant Vitality Smartwatch
  5. TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch
  6. Hublot Big Bang e Smartwatch

Best Swiss Smartwatch

Our pick for the best Swiss smartwatch is the AlpinerX smartwatches from popular Swiss watchmaker; Alpina.

They’re the best choice for a fairly affordable Swiss smartwatch that’s built to handle an active lifestyle. 

You can find a good selection of Alpina smartwatches on Amazon.

Best Swiss Smartwatches Comparison

Check out our quick comparison chart of all the best Swiss smartwatches that we’ll review.

Swiss Smartwatch BrandSwiss SmartwatchFeatures
MondaineMondaine Helvetica
Sapphire crystal

Looks like a classic watch

Discreet affordable smartwatch
Sapphire crystal

Made from glass-fiber

Perfect watch for a very active lifestyle
MontblancSummit Lite
43mm case size

An everyday smartwatch

Can switch to a classic analogue display screen
Frederique ConstantVitality
Very discreet Swiss smartwatch

Analogue display

Touch screen for chronograph and alarm functions
TAG HeuerConnected
Big name recognition

Sapphire crystal

Ceramic bezel
HublotBig Bang e
Big name recognition


Ceramic or titanium case

1. Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch

This Swiss smartwatch looks like a classic watch, but has smartwatch functions.

With Mondaine’s Helvetica, you have a Swiss made smartwatch that provides sleep monitoring along with activity tracking. 

They’re the most affordable Swiss smartwatches on this list.

What’s great about this smartwatch is that it still keeps the classic Swiss design of the Mondaine watchmaker. They take inspiration from the iconic Swiss railway clock.

You pair this timepiece with your smartphone to get control of its smartwatch capabilities.

This watch also features a sapphire crystal, for excellent scratch resistance. Surprising for the price of the watch. Plus it has a water resistance of 330ft (100m).

So if you’re after a smartwatch that doesn’t look like a smartwatch, then the Mondaine Helvetica smartwatch might be your ideal choice.

Amazon has a selection of Mondaine Helvetica smartwatches to choose from:

You check out the whole range of Mondaine Helvitica smartwatches on Amazon.

2. Alpina AlpinerX Smartwatch


Your connection to modern technology is here, while never disconnecting with nature. 

Whether you’re going skiing or cycling through the city, Alpina offers a watch that will support your every movement.

The AlpinerX Swiss smartwatches offer Swiss quartz touch display. You can even track important data like calories burned or distance traveled with the AlpinerX smartwatch. 

These watches are packed with other features too. They’re built for someone who needs a watch that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Chronograph (i.e. stopwatch function)
  • Smart sleep alarms
  • Get-active alerts
  • Breathing exercise
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Cloud backup and restore

Plus the AlpinerX smartwatches are protected by super scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Which is handy for this touch screen dial, and these watches are powered by a Swiss quartz movement.

Also they are made from stainless steel and glass-fiber. Glass-fiber is heat, chemical, and impact resistant, and these watches come with a water resistance of 330ft (100m).

AlpinerX smartwatches can be found on Amazon.

Or why not take the time to discover more of the Alpina Swiss smartwatch range also on Amazon.

3. Montblanc Smartwatch

Summit Lite © Montblanc

Montblanc produces all of their timepieces in Switzerland. Some of their most popular watches are their Swiss smartwatches.

Their Summit and their Summit 2 ranges are where you will find their smartwatches.

Their Summit 2 ranges offer two displays. You can switch to a more classic analogue watch display, or go for the smartwatch display.

Their Summit Lite is a Swiss smartwatch that has one of the slimmer case sizes on this list. Coming in at 43mm. Which is still fairly chunky for slim wrists.

This watch doesn’t have all the features of the Tissot, or the Alpina smartwatches. So you wouldn’t call this a tactical smartwatch.

Instead the Summit Lite is a handy day to day Swiss smartwatch.

You can find all the latest smartwatches on the Montblanc website.

4. Frederique Constant Vitality Smartwatch

Vitality Smartwatch © Frederique Constant

Now if you’re after a Swiss smartwatch that looks nothing like a smartwatch at first. Then the Frederique Constant smartwatch collection is a good pick.

The Vitality smartwatch collection is at first glance just a classic Frederique Constant watch.

However, when you click the crown on the side of the watch. You’ll have important data flash up on the dial. 

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Things like:

  • Date
  • Heart rate
  • Amount of steps
  • Alarm
  • Chronograph function

How you interact with the alarm or chronograph is by tapping the watch’s dial.

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You’ll need to pair your Frederique Constant smartwatch with the Frederique Constant Smartwatch App in order to use these watches.

These Swiss made smartwatches come with Swiss quartz movements, and also have rechargeable batteries.

You find the Vitality smartwatch collection on Amazon.

5. TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch

TAG Heuer is a watch brand that watch enthusiasts seem to love to hate. You can learn some of the reasons why TAG Heuer is hated by some in the watch community.

However, this Swiss watchmaker has got a selection of Swiss smartwatches on offer in their Connected collection.

TAG Heuer have a long history of sponsoring huge sports events such as Formula 1. So their timepieces do reflect that sportiness.

Connected Smartwatches © Tag Heuer

Their Connected smartwatch collection has all the features you would need on a smartwatch.

TAG Heuer make their smartwatches for those who play sport. They even have a golf sports smartwatch collection. Also TAG Heuer give their sold smartwatches software updates. To help keep them performing well long after sale.

The price range of the TAG Heuer Connected collection is in the luxury watch price range. Usually retailing for over $2,000.

These Swiss smartwatches come with sapphire crystal, so have excellent scratch resistance. Plus they come fitted with anti-fade ceramic bezels.

Also a few of these TAG Heuer smartwatches come with easy to swap watch straps. Making it very easy to switch up the color of your strap.

You can find the full range of the TAG Heuer smartwatches on their website.

6. Hublot Big Bang e Smartwatch

Big Bang e Smartwatch © Hublot

Hublot is one of the watch communities most controversial watch brands. We’ve even written a blog post on why Hublot is hated by so many people.

However, Hublot is a Swiss watchmaker that produces many Swiss smartwatches.

Their Swiss smartwatch range is the Hublot Big Bang e collection.

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You can choose a Hublot smartwatch made from ceramic or titanium. 

Hublot is known for being very expensive though. With their Big Bang e smartwatches retailing for over $5,000!

Jomashop is where you can find Hublot smartwatches.

The Verdict

Our top pick for the best Swiss smartwatch has to be the AlpinerX smartwatches, from Alpina.

Alpina are known for their sporty timepieces, and their smartwatches live up to that reputation.

Their smartwatches come bursting with useful features that help you live a healthy, productive and active lifestyle.

Plus their AlpinerX smartwatches are made from glass-fiber ensuring that they have a high level of heat, chemical, and impact resistance. 

They’re also fitted with scratch resistant sapphire crystal, as well as 100m water resistance too.

Overall the AlpinerX smartwatches from Alpina are a great Swiss smartwatch pick.

You can buy the AlpinerX Swiss smartwatches on Amazon.