15 Best Swedish Watch Brands From Sweden

If you’re interested in buying a new Swedish watch, then you’ll want to check out this list of 15 best Swedish watch brands.

These are some of the most popular and well known watch brands from Sweden.

Sweden is the land that loves minimalist design. And that can be seen in their watch brands. Like TID, and VERK. They also have a great range of independent watchmakers, like GoS Watches, and E.C.Anderson.

Plus the Scandinavian nation has many cool, new brands like South Lane, and TRIWA.

Discover them what all these Swedish watch brands have to offer.

Best Swedish Watch Brands

  1. E.C.Andersson
  2. TRIWA
  3. Bravur
  4. Tusenö Göteborg
  5. South Lane
  6. GoS Watches
  7. Halda Watch Co
  8. Larsson & Jennings
  9. BOOM
  10. Sjöö Sandström
  11. Maen
  12. Miró
  13. Knut Gadd
  14. TID
  15. VERK

1. E.C.Andersson

GMT watch from Swedish brand E.C.Anderson.
GL Kontra-Gauss GMT (Image: E.C.Anderson)

E.C.Anderson is an Independent Swedish watch brand from Gothenburg, in Sweden. They’re all about making luxury handmade Swedish watches in house.

Their philosophy is that ‘Your watch is meant to be used – Always’. All of E.C.Anderson’s watches come with:

  • Minimum water resistance of up to 320 feet (100 meters)
  • Reliable mechanical movements
  • Sapphire crystal glass 
  • Screw-down crown
  • Come with one weatherproof strap option

They are classically Swedish in their design. Their watches are clean, functional, and long lasting. Check out the E.C.Anderson timepieces available on their online store.


Probably the coolest Swedish watch brand on this list is TRIWA. Founded in 2007 in Stockholm Sweden. The brand name stands for ‘Transforming the Industry of Watches’.

They definitely are shaking up the industry with their designs. They even have a Trump lookalike timepiece called the Comb Over!

This brand also seems to have a conscience. They try to highlight big global issues through their collections:

  • Time For Oceans Collection – Plastic in oceans is a huge issue. So TRIWA made a collection formulated from 100% recycled ocean plastics
  • TRIWA X Humanium Metal Collection – The seizure of illegal firearms around the world is huge. So the TRIWA brand has a collection made from the metal from these illegal firearms.

This Swedish brand have a lot of timeless watches to choose from too, at a very affordable price.

Both these collections help this Swedish watch brand break the mold of a normal watch company, and help them trail a new path in the industry.

You can find a wide range of TRIWA watches on Amazon.

3. Bravur

Automatic watch from the Swedish watch brand Bravur.
Automatic BW003 (Image : Bravur)

The Bravur Swedish watch brand likes to support their fellow Swedish businesses. They try to use as many materials and parts from local sources as possible.

Every part of the watch is sourced from Sweden, except the movement.

They want to ensure that these watches are built to last a lifetime. They launched their very first mechanical watch in 2017. Which features a Swiss made automatic movement.

The BW003 collection is still available. It is an ideal dress watch, at 39 mm wide with a leather strap. And comes in many styles to choose from.

4. Tusenö Göteborg

Watch from Tusenö Göteborg.
Blackwater Collection (Image : Tusenö Göteborg)

Tusenö Göteborg was created by two Swedish watch enthusiasts. They dreamed of creating a watch brand, that was both of high quality and affordable. And was not a fashion watch brand. 

They keep their marketing and retail costs low so that they can invest fully in making great timepieces. That’s why you won’t see this brand running ad campaigns, or in any stores just yet.

But if you’re in Gothenburg, you can visit their showroom there. 

As for movements, they use only Swiss or Japanese. Swiss for their mechanical pieces. And Seiko, Japanese for their quartz and mech-quartz pieces. While all their designs are done in house in Sweden.

Their Blackwater collection is Swedish designed and Swiss built. It’s an affordable yet high quality diver watch.

5. South Lane

Probably the coolest Swedish watch brand on this list is South Lane.

The Swedish brand labels their pieces as bold minimalism. Only using monochrome or earthy tones to make their striking yet understated pieces. The South Lane watches have a very industrial look.

They combine Swiss-made workmanship and high quality Italian leather to get that luxury feel.

The scratches on the pieces are all hand-scratched. Ensuring that no two timepieces are the same. With some watches coming with a zipper style edge on the strap giving them even more industrial look.

They’re all made with quartz movement. And their only water resistant up to 5 ATM.

You can find a selection of cool South Lane watches on Amazon.

6. GoS Watches

This viking inspired Swedish watch brand is really doing something unique. Their pieces are Swedish works of art

The watch company is made up of watchmaker Patrik Sjögren, and the bladesmith Johan Gustafsson. It is really just a two man show.

They hand forge the Damascus steel. Which makes every watch unique in the pattern it has. No two can ever be the same. Then all pieces are through traditional watchmaking methods.

These men are both hugely passionate about keeping alive ancient Scandinavian craft traditions. And they do all the parts of the GoS watch production. Down to the leather straps, which are made from Moose-leather.

They have set collections. But they also offer custom watches too.

7. Halda Watch Co.

Watch from Halda Watch Co.
Race Pilot | Gun Metal (Image : Halda Watch Co.)

The Halda Watch Co. is Sweden’s oldest watch company. Founded by Henning Hammarlund in 1887. The watchmakers is still one of Sweden’s leading brands.

Hilda is still true to its heritage but is very much a watchmaker of the 21st century. With their Space Discover collection standing out as futuristic as possible.

The collection is ever NASA certified, with the case of the Space Module made of TECAMAX™. This is a material that is used in space. Plus the watch is even able to measure the g-forces. Not that you’ll need it really while here on earth. Might be cool on a plane though.

All of their timepieces are made in Sweden. Handmade where possible.

8. Larsson & Jennings

This brand is a Swedish/British fusion watch brand.

The brand has been around since 2012, and has gained some serious traction. With the brand being sold in the department stores Selfridges.

They are a popular watch brand. With their Scandinavian inspired minimalist design. With a few clean, classic styles to choose from in their watch collections. The brand has ranges in jewelry and sunglasses too.

If you’re after a fashion watch that looks good, embodies Swedish minimalism (except in their Rally range) and is affordable then this brand might be for you.

You can find a selection of Larsson & Jennings watches on Amazon.


Swedish watch brand Boom's ladies vegan watch.
Nalka Vegan Spark (Image : BOOM)

BOOM is a Swedish watch brand that lets you build your own watch. Not only one watch but you can build a mix and match collection. So that you can change the style of your watch as many times as you like.

They make watches in three sizes:

  • For Her (38 mm)
  • For Unisex (41 mm)
  • For Him (44 mm)

You do need to assemble your watch once you get it. But it is a pretty simple process. Plus they have vegan leather strap options for your watch designs too.

10. Sjöö Sandström

This luxury handmade Swedish watch brand is a thing of beauty. They’re still an independent Swedish watchmaker. Since 1986 when they were founded in Stockholm by Christer Sjöö and Mikael Sandström.

The Sjöö Sandström collection includes pilot, diver and dress watches. All are classic pieces and built to last.

This is a watch brand that fuses Swedish luxury design with Swiss engineering. Especially seen in the Royal Capital collection.

They list the locations of their boutiques and retailers that stock their timepieces. With retailers even located in Dallas and Perth!

11. Maen

Chronograph from Swedish watch brand Maen.
Skymaster Automatic (Image : Maen)

Maen is a Stockholm watchmaker that likes to not be so well known. This Swedish watch brand is very much about the details.

They offer a choice in movements for their watches:

Their collections are are rather light. They’re very much about quality over quantity. As they design and handcraft each and every one of their timepieces. 

Plus they only use Swiss made movements to ensure the accuracy and quality of each watch.

12. Miró

Dress watch from Miró Watches.
Occasion 38 Seconds Sub (Image : Miró)

This Swedish watch brand is inspired by the past. Specifically the vintage dress watches of the 1940s, 50s and the 60s.

They stick to the measurements that were popular in that time period. You won’t find any humongous watches here. Instead they stick to around 38 mm to 40 mm wide cases

Based in Stockholm. They provide really affordable pieces in a great dress watch style.

13. Knut Gadd

Ladies watch from Knut Gadd.
Hexagon | Rose gold (Image : Knut Gadd)

Knut Gadd is a family run Swedish watch brand, and has been in the Gadd family since 1916. That’s at least three generations of the family.

Their timepieces are vintage inspired. Often inspired by past family members of the Gadd family.

A best selling piece of their women’s collection is their Hexagon model in rose gold. This timepiece was inspired by the founder’s grandmother named Noni. She adored the elegant design of the 1950s. 

14. TID

Watch from TID.
TID – No.2 36mm Steel (Image : TID)

TID means time in Swedish. A very fitting name for a Swedish watch brand. The brand was created in 2012 by a group of Swedish designers.

Their watches look very modern. With most of their collections having an easy to swap strap, since it goes through loops instead of being attached with spring-bars. So you can easily switch up the look of your watch each day.

They come in a range of sizes from 28 up to 40 mm in case size. They even have a plastic case design that looks modern but might not be to everyone’s taste. Yet is very affordable. 

A few of their pricier pieces come with Swiss made movement.

This Stockholm based brand is similar to Swedish watch brand BOOM in that you can create your own watch gift set.

15. VERK

Watch from Swedish brand Verk.
VERK Watch (Image : VERK)

This Swedish brand isn’t really a watch brand. VERK is known mostly for their homeware, furniture and architecture.

Yet VERK’s timepieces they’ve created really do celebrate minimalist Scandinavian aesthetics. They do achieve that clean, pure look the Swedes love so much.

Plus their watches are unisex, suitable for male or female.

Watch enthusiasts will be happy to know that they feature a Swiss Ronda 7 series movement. To ensure the quality of the pieces. And their German steel-mesh straps are a cool look. 


Sweden has some excellent watch brands. Creating some beautiful and unique timepieces.

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