Top 10 Square Watches For Women (+1 Odd Square)

Square watches for women have been around for many decades. Often seen as a cool and retro case shape. Square watches always seem to be popular.

If you are thinking about buying one, then we hope this list of the best square watches for women will provide some guidance on which is best for you!

We have only selected watches that actually have a square dial. We promise we won’t have loads of rectangular watches on this list. Unlike other reviews…

However (don’t get mad) our last watch on this list isn’t exactly a square. It’s more of an Avant-garde square. It’s weird, but we thought someone would love it so we included it at the end.

Now lets get started!

Our Top Square Watches For Women

We’ve included our two top picks for the best square timepieces, here they are…

Best Elegant Square Watch For Women

The Tissot Lovely Square Watch is our top pick if you are after a beautiful square dress watch. This watch is Swiss made, and comes in a selection of gorgeous styles to chose from. An excellent go to women’s dress watch.

Best Sports Square Watch For Women

Then our second best pick is the Freestyle Shark Clip Watches built to handle a day at the beach. These digital watches can be worn while you swim or surf. Plus they come in a fantastic selection of fun colors, so you’re spoiled for choice.

Square Watches For Women

  1. Tissot Lovely Square Watch
  2. Freestyle Shark Clip Watches
  3. Citizen Bianca Blue Square Watch
  4. Certina DS Podium Square Watch
  5. Casio Retro Square Watch
  6. Casio F-91WS Square Watch
  7. Casio Baby-G BLX560VH-1
  8. Timex T2P377 Square Watch
  9. Garmin Venu Square Smartwatch
  10. Knot Square Watch
  11. Bering Square(ish) Watch

1. Tissot Lovely Square Watch

Tissot are a Swiss watch brand that offer a lovely selection of square watches for women.

Their stainless steel square dress watches would have to be our top pick from this watchmaker.

These elegant timepieces come with a Swiss made quartz movement. These watches also have protection against scratches. As they come with a sapphire crystal protecting the dial.

The case size is dainty at 20mm, and with an elegant jewelry clasp on the Milanese steel bracelet. Jewelry clasps are known for being very neat, however, they aren’t as secure as other watch clasps. But this watch is nice and light so it shouldn’t be an issue.

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This is a dress watch, made for more formal occasions. However, it’s very understated and could be worn everyday too.

You can pick out these square watches for women in silver stainless steel or rose gold too. There’s also a choice of leather or steel straps.

Check out Amazon to buy the Tissot Lovely Square Watch.

2. Freestyle Shark Clip Watches

We recommend the Freestyle Shark Clip Watches for those who are looking for a square watch, but want something more rugged and sporty.

The best thing about these sporty watches is their water resistance. If your someone who likes to surf, swim, or snorkel. These watches can handle it.

Also their nylon watch straps are great for water too. As they are quick drying and stay super secure to your wrist. So no worries losing your watch when that big wave hits.

The color selection is another best part. So many to choose from! You’ll struggle to make a choice.

However these watches are affordable enough to choose more than one if you want. So that you can mix and match them with your outfit.

Check out the full selection of Freestyle Shark Clip Watches on Amazon.

3. Citizen Bianca Blue Square Watch

The Citizen Bianca Blue Square Watch is a stunning square watch. The part of this watch that grabs your attention the most is the beautiful blue mother of pearl dial.

The blue dial has a shimmery, iridescent quality to it. It’s really gorgeous.

The rest of this square women’s watch is made from brushed polished stainless steel. The case size comes in at 22x28mm. The longer lugs make it more stretched, but the watch still has a square dial.

Also that beautiful blue dial is protected with a sapphire crystal. So it’s protected from any unwanted scratches.

Citizen have fitted this square watch with their own Eco-Drive technology. Ensuring that this watch’s movement is powered by light, making it very low maintenance. Just give this watch a bit of light, and it will keep ticking.

This timepiece looks a lot more expensive that it actually is. Citizen are a Japanese known for their affordability as well as quality.

You can buy the Citizen Bianca Blue Square Watch on Amazon.

4. Certina DS Podium Square Watch

Now onto another Swiss watchmaker; Certina. This Swiss watch brand are known for their accurate, reliable, and affordable timepieces.

If you’re after a square watch for women that has more performance than a dress watch. The Certina DS Podium Square Watch could be an ideal choice.

A chronograph simply means a watch that has a stopwatch function. Learn more about chronographs in our guide.

We love the Certina DS Podium Square Watchin its two tone gold and steel design. It looks a lot more pricey than it is.

It even comes with a sapphire crystal, so you don’t have to worry about scratching the crystal protecting the dial.

The size of this watch is an ideal size for most women. Coming in at a comfortable 32mm.

You can buy this Swiss made Certina DS Podium Square Watch on Amazon.

5. Casio Retro Square Watch

The Casio Classic retro digital watch series for women, is our top choice for offering some of best Casio square watches.

If you want a watch that looks like it’s a blast from the past. Specifically the 1980s. Then this series of square digital watches from Casio should make the cut.

This square watch series comes in a wide range of colors and styles. From all over gold, to blue dials, to silver with a black dial too.

They all come with plenty of handy functions too. From an alarm, to a stopwatch, countdown timer, a date function, and a backlight too.

These square watches for women are ideal if you need a watch for your sporty or active lifestyle. Also they are super affordable as well. So you can even grab a few and match them to your style each day.

Discover these 1980s Casio Retro Square Watches on Amazon.

6. Casio F-91WS Square Watch

We love Casio so much that we had to include another square watch series for women in this review.

The Casio F-91WS series are again another digital square watch series.

These watches are super fun and quirky. They’re made from colored plastic, and come with clear straps. These watches come in 4 shades:

  1. Pink
  2. White
  3. Blue
  4. Grey

Like most Casio watches, these square watches are very affordable too.

The only real issue is the push button backlight. It’s a bright green liht, yet it really only lights half the dial up. The other half not so much.

However, we’ll forgive them with this as it’s still readable at night. For the price of these square dial watches for women. You can’t really go wrong.

Pick out your favorite color from the Casio F-91WS square watch series on Amazon.

7. Casio Baby-G BLX560VH-1

We swear that this is the last Casio watch, but we just couldn’t resist featuring their gorgeous 1990s retro Baby-G series.

Casio are known for their chunky, large digital watches. Their Baby-G range of Casio watches come with a smaller unisex sizing.

They’re the smaller version of the beloved Casio watch durable watch line; G-Shock.

Now don’t get us wrong, these watches are still large square watches for women. Yet that’s the look these watches are going for. They’re chunky but look cool.

The Baby-G line come in a wide selection of color combinations too.

All of these watches come with handy features, like an alarm, a stopwatch, countdown timer, and more.

The BLX560VH-1 Baby-G is one of our favorites. It comes in a muted grey tone with accents of blue. This watch has the vibe of a 90s retro surf style.

It comes with a high level of water resistant too, at 200m (660ft). Which means you can wear this watch surfing or swimming.

Super cool timepiece, and this Casio Baby-G BLX560VH-1 Square Watch is available on Amazon.

8. Timex T2P377 Square Watch

Timex are another affordable American heritage watch brand. They offer a great selection of watches for everyone.

Our top pick of the best square dial watch for women is their affordable T2P377 watch.

The colorful, multi-colored hour markers is what makes this timepiece stand out. It’s paired nicely with a white strap.

The watch is a reliable quartz movement, and the case size is a small 28mm. So will suit even the slimmest wrists.

You can find this colorful Timex T2P377 Square Watch on Amazon.

9. Garmin Venu Square Smartwatch

Garmin is a smartwatch brand that specialize in creating affordable watches that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Garmin are often thought of as an affordable alternative to the Apple Watch.

Their Garmin Venu Sq smartwatch is an ideal choice if you’re after a square shaped smartwatch.

The Garmin Venu Sq Smartwatch for Women is the perfect partner to help you get moving, stay healthy and be active.

It offers a chance to monitor everything from your hydration level to sleep; find new ways to keep moving with more than 20 preloaded sports apps like walking, running, cycling and so much more!

The vibration alerts remind you when it’s time for bed or if say you’ve been sedentary too long.

You can keep up to date on all your data through the Garmin Connected app.

You can buy the Garmin Venu Square Smartwatch on Amazon.

10. Knot Square Watch

Now onto a lesser known Japanese watch brand called Knot.

If you like to customize your timepieces. Then Knot is a great choice for you. As their whole experience is around customizing their unisex watches.

Knot have a choice of sharp square watches for women on offer. This square watch case is very square, and has a small seconds subdial on the dial.

You can chose this square watch in a range of different straps, and different stainless steel tones. From rose gold, to silver, and yellow gold.

The best thing about these watches is that they comes with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. And they are all made in Japan. This is surprising as they are a really affordable watch brand.

So if you like the idea of this mix and match square watch experience, then check out the Knot online store.

11. Bering Square(ish) Watch

Bering is a cool Danish watchmaker, who offer simplistic, understated Danish designed timepieces.

Our top pick for our favorite square watches for women from this brand is a little bit of cheat. As it isn’t exactly a square watch.

Instead it’s more of an Avant-garde square watch. And we thought it was too cool not to include.

Now this timepiece is rather large. It comes as a unisex watch. It has a case size of 40mm. Which will sit quite big on a smaller woman’s wrist. So be warned.

Other than the unusual shape of this watch. Is the dial of this timepiece. As it is so empty, and clean. With no indices around the dial, it just has two hands.

This watch is more of an everyday statement timepiece. As we think it is understated enough to be worn with anything. Yet, you can dress it up too.

What we like also is that this watch comes with a sapphire crystal. Which is known for being super scratch resistant, and is great for this price point.

As this watch is surprisingly quite affordable. You can find this unusual Square(ish) watch from Berring on Amazon.

Our Verdict

The two best square watches for women are the:

  1. Tissot Lovely Square Watch
  2. Freestyle Shark Clip Watch

The elegant Tissot Lovely Square Watch is Swiss made, comes in a selection of gorgeous styles to choose from and an excellent go-to dress watch.

The second pick on our list, the Freestyle Shark Clip Watch. Is the sports digital square watch that’s built to handle a day at the beach. And has a fantastic array of color combinations to choose from.