Which Square Face Mens Watch Is Your Favorite?

The perfect square face watch for you is out there, and this article will help you find it.

We analyzed the top ten square faced watches available on the market today – from affordable to luxury square beauties. So whether your budget is modest or extravagant, we have found a square face mens watch for you.

We noticed many reviews of square watches featured so many rectangular timepieces. We promise we won’t do that in our square watches review.

However, we did include an extra square(ish) watch as our no. 14. This watch is a more Avant-garde square shape than an actual square.

Best Square Face Mens Watch

Our top picks for the best square face mens watch depends on the budget you have to burn.

Photo of the 4 top picks for the best square face mens watch - Cartier de Santos, Bell & Ross Phantom, Seiko SNKM97, and Seiko SNKN37.
Our Top Square Watch Picks

Best Luxury Square Face Mens Watch

If we wanted a timeless classic square watch we’d have to pick the gorgeous Cartier Santos. How could you not…if you had the funds.

Best Mid Range Square Face Mens Watch

Whereas a great choice for a more mid-range square face watch, has to be a pilot watch from the square loving Parisian watch brand; Bell & Ross. Their BR-03-92 Phantom is one of our top picks.

Best Affordable Square Face Mens Watch

However, if we were on a budget, then you can’t go wrong with Seiko’s SNKM97 or SNKN37 retro looking watches. Both of these square face mens watches come with a Seiko automatic movement, and look much pricier than they are.

Best Square Face Mens Watches

  1. Seiko SNKM97
  2. Seiko SNKN37
  3. Brew Retromatic
  4. Timex Classic Digital Watch
  5. Casio AE-1200WHD-1AVCF
  6. G-Shock DW5610SU-3
  7. Knot Square Watch
  8. Rado True Square Watch
  9. Bell & Ross BR-03
  10. Nomos Tetra
  11. TAG Heuer Monaco
  12. Cartier Santos
  13. Garmin Forerunner 35
  14. Bering Square(ish) Watch

1. Seiko SNKM97

Seiko is on of the world’s top watchmakers, and are a go to watch brand for many styles of timepieces.

For us one of their best square face mens watches is their Seiko SNKM97.

The SNKM97 from Seiko has a softer square face shape and is from their Re-Craft series. These watches have a retro modern style. They’re remake of a loved Seiko design of the past that are re-designed for modern tastes today.

The SNKM97 square face mens watch is a super 1970s looking timepiece. It’s also quite a large watch though, going by modern styles with the sizing.

It has a case size of 43.5mm, and many say that this watch does run rather large. So be aware.

The dial has a lot going on, and we love it. With the sunray green dail color, along with the gold hands and hour markers. Plus a lovely bright orange minutes hand too that stands out nicely against the dial.

You can get the Seiko SNKM97 square face mens watch on Amazon.

2. Seiko SNKN37

The Seiko SNKN37 is another square face Seiko watch from their Re-Craft series. This time featuring a gorgeous blue dial, and brown leather strap.

The Seiko SNKN37 also comes with an automatic movement. Plus it has incredible retro vibes to it too. Making it a very cool square watch.

It features the softer square shape with more rounded corners.

This watch is a also quite a large watch, and can look big even on a larger wrist. So beware of that. As it has a case size of 43.5mm and many say that this watch runs large.

The dial is the real winner here. We love the deep blue sunray dial. We love the hour markings too, with a mixture of numerals and batons.

You can get this retro Seiko SNKN37 square watch on Amazon.

3. Brew Retromatic

Brew Watch Company is a small indpenedent, American watch brand. All of their timepieces have been inspired by the espresso machine. Which is a fairly quirky inspiration.

This brand love to create retro inspired timepieces.

Their Retromatic collection is our top pick for the best square face watches from this small American watchmaker.

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These square face watches are styled after watches of the 1960s. Giving off that retro futuristic vibes. All of them come with reliable automatic Seiko movements too.

The Retromatic range come in a range of colors, of green, red or black dials. Their dials are really cool. Featuring circular cut-outs across the entire dial. This look came from the inspiration of the espresso machine.

Plus these square watches are at an affordable price point. And it’s great to support independent watch brands too.

The only real issue is, that they are often sold out!

But you can check out the Brew online store to see if you’re in luck.

4. Timex Classic Digital Watch

Timex are known for their classic, timeless design and reliability. They still are an American heritage brand. However, today all of their watches are Swiss made.

For the best square face mens watch from Timex, we have to go for their retro digital timepieces. In a choice of silver or gold toned stainless steel.

These styles were first popularized during the 1970s and 1980s, when the quartz crisis was happening. Today these retro square watches have again surged in popularity.

These classic digital square mens watches from Timex are very affordable, reliable, and come packed with handy functions. Such as:

  • Indiglo light up display (super retro!)
  • Alarm
  • Chronograph (stopwatch function)
  • 24-hour military time
  • 2 time zones
  • 100m (330ft) water resistance (best keep it dry if you can)

What we like most is their easy to use expandable watch band. No need to buckle it up, as it acts like a stretchy bracelet. It can fit wrists up to 7 inches.

The Timex Classic Digital Watches are available on Amazon.

5. Casio AE-1200WHD-1AVCF

The Casio AE-1200WHD-I has a cool retro look to it. Like the Timex digital timepieces before.

Except this square face watch is designed to work around the world in up to 25 time zones. So it’s a perfect watch for globetrotters.

This Casio watch also features an alarm function, stopwatch function, and countdown timer too. As well as an LED backlight.

What we like most is that the 12/24 hour time display, is ideal for travelers and those who need to work in multiple time zones during their day.

What we also like is the price, this square face mens watch is also super affordable. Also their size is not too big at 39.5-mm. So would suit a lot of wrist sizes.

You can pick out this square watch in a range of color combinations. From gold, silver or black combos.

You can buy the Casio AE-1200WHD-I world time watch on Amazon.

6. G-Shock DW5610SU-3

G-Shock are known best for their chunky, shock resistant watches. They also have a large selection of chunky square face watches.

This watch brand is favored by those in need of a super tough and durable watch. Many firefighters or military personnel have G-Shock as their go-to watch brand.

The square face mens watch; the G-Shock DW5610SU-3 is one of their most popular watches. Especially the watch that comes in military green. However, the do come in a range of colors.

These durable watches are built to last. With plenty of shock resistance, a 200m (660ft) level of water resistance. Meaning you can get this watch wet and not worry.

It also has a super illuminator LED backlight, so you can read your digital display at night with ease.

Plus, like the majority of G-Shocks, this watch comes packed with handy features. Such as an alarm, a calendar, stopwatch, and countdown timer too.

You can buy the G-Shock DW5610SU-3 sqaure face mens watch on Amazon.

7. Knot Square Watch

Knot Square Watch

Knot is a Japanese watch brand that are known for offering great customizable watches for a reasonable price.

They’re an ideal brand if you want to engrave and customize a timepiece.

Knot have a choice of square face watch cases. These square watches are a unisex size at 32mm case diameter. They’re also a very sharp square watch.

These Japanese watches come with a reliable Miyota quartz movement. What’s the best feature is the sapphire crystal, which is super scratch resistant. A great feature for the price.

Knot watches are very affordable watches, with so many ways to make this watch your own.

Check out all of the square face watches from them, on the Knot online store.

8. Rado True Square

The True Square collection from Rado is a unisex range of square face watches. These watches are made for both men or women.

Rado are a Swiss watchmaker who are known for their experimentation with different materials. Their True Square collection shows this as these square watches are built from ceramic.

Ceramic is a super scratch resistant, and anti-fade material. Ceramic is also super shiny as well.

Rado was the first watchmaker to make a watch out of ceramic, with their Diastar watch released in 1962. Now they regularly include ceramic in their collections.

These square face mens watches make for very cool, and futuristic looking timepieces. They are square, shiny, and very sleek.

Rado offer a range of movements and designs in their True Square collection. From automatic, to quartz watches, to square watches with an open heart on the dial. Rado provide a wide range of square timepieces to choose from.

Discover some of the True Square Rado watches on Amazon.

9. Bell & Ross BR-03

BR-03-92 Phantom

It’s hard to find a watch brand who loves square watches as much as Bell & Ross. This French brand are known for their super cool, fighter pilot watches.

All of their tool watches, what they label as Instrument watches, comes with a square face watch case. And they love to experiment too with luminous colors and novelty ranges.

The BR-03 line offer some of their best square face watches. They are all made from ceramic too, so very scratch resistant. Plus they each come with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal as well.

All of the Bell & Ross watches are designed in Paris, yet all of them are Swiss made. With Swiss mechanical movements fitted.

Their BR-03 Phantom timepiece is one of our favorites. As it comes in a matte black ceramic case. With a black on black dial. With the hands covered in a photo-luminescent coating to aid visibility.

Really cool looking square face mens watch.

You can find a selection of the the Bell & Ross BR-03 collection on Amazon.

10. NOMOS Tetra

Now onto the German, Glashutte watchmaker NOMOS, for one the sharpest and squarest watch collections of them all.

The Tetra collection from NOMOS have really sharp square dials. These German made timepieces come with all you’d need on a mid-range luxury square watch.

Such as a sapphire crystal on the back and the front. An in-house built automatic movement. Plus all of the NOMOS timepieces are handcrafted in Germany.

The NOMOS Tetra collection come in a range of different case sizes and dial colors. Except all have that beautiful, sharp square watch case in common.

Check out Amazon for a selection of NOMOS Tetra collection.

11. TAG Heuer Monaco

The Monaco collection from TAG Heuer is a luxury square face watch collection that has been in production since the spring of 1969.

The Monaco square face mens watch is a racing watch. It was built to be worn by the racing car drivers of the past. With Steve McQueen being the most famous owner of the watch.

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The Monaco square automatic chronograph might still be a classic of the Heuer brand today. However, the modern day TAG Heuer brand isn’t loved by all.

Today TAG is a pretty controversial brand within the watch community. Why not learn why TAG Heuer is hated by some.

However, we think this square face watch is one of the squarest and coolest timepieces around. It’s got a legendary legacy, as it’s still in production over 50 years later.

You find the square Monaco watch collection on Amazon.

12. Cartier Santos

Cartier de Santos

The famous Santos de Cartier watch is one of the world’s most iconic square face watches. This watch was first produced in 1904 and still remains popular today.

Along with Cartier’s Tank timepieces, the Cartier Santos is legendary. As this square watch is considered the world’s first modern wristwatch.

Cartier has released many versions of the Santos de Cartier over the 100 hundred years and more.

One of their most popular versions of this square face mens watch is their two tone models. Featuring steel and 18kt yellow gold.

They all come with an automatic mechanical movement, often featuring a date window on the dial.

These luxury square watches of course comes with a luxury price tag. However, it’s a square face mens watch that would count as an heirloom in your collection. A truly iconic piece.

You can discover the Santos de Cartier on Amazon.

13. Garmin Forerunner 35

So many watch collectors absolutely loath smartwatches. However, if you’re after a squaree face mens watch with fitness tracking. This is a great watch.

Garmin offer a range of affordable smartwatches, and are a great alternative to Apple Watches.

The square face Forerunner 35 smartwatch from Garmin. Comes with all the features you could want in a smartwatch. As it can pair with your smartphone, so you can receive notifications and use apps on your timepiece.

This square face mens watch is a great choice for someone who is a keen runner. As this watch is built to track your progress and keep you on top of your fitness.

You can see all of your progress on the Garmin Connect app.

However, if you want premium heart monitoring info. You’ll need to purchase the combo pack of the watch and the heart rate monitoring strap.

It’s a whole lot cheaper than Apple too, and you can buy the Garmin Forerunner 35 smartwatch on Amazon.

14. Bering Square(ish) Watch

Bering is a super minimalistic Danish watch brand. This brand love clean and uncluttered dials.

Their unisex Square(ish) watch ref. 18040-004. Is an almost square watch, an Avant-garde style square. But we thought this watch was too cool not to include it in our square face watch review.

This Bering watch will suit anyone, and comes in at a wearable 40mm case size.

Plus this dial comes with a super scratch resistant sapphire crystal too. All for a really affordable price.

Now you don’t buy this Bering watch to be able to tell the time with ease. As you can see it comes with no hour markers. Just a clean, plain dial and two silver hands.

This Bering timepiece is a cool watch that you can wear on more formal occasions. Yet, it’s understated enough to be worn at anytime really.

It also comes in a gorgeous deep blue.

The Bering brand really shows off the love of Danish simplicity. Why not learn about more cool Danish watch brands in our guide.

You can buy the Bering Square(ish) watch on Amazon.

Our Verdict

So if we were on a budget, or were just looking for a fantastic mechanical square face mens watch. Then we’d have to pick Seiko’s square face offerings.

The Seiko SNKM97 or the Seiko SNKN37 are two excellent picks for your next square face timepiece.

However, if we were with an unlimited budget, or wanted to invest in an heirloom quality square face watch. Then the Santos de Cartier has to be our pick. It’s a masterpiece that has been around since 1904. How could we not want it.