Top 9 Best Spanish Watch Brands

Spain has a number of homegrown Spanish watch brands that you should know about.

Festina and Viceroy are two of the most popular watch brands from Spain on this list. However, there are many other watchmakers you probably haven’t heard of.

In this blog post, we’ll take you through the top 10 best Spanish watch brands around today. From big-name brands to small, micro-brands too.

Keep scrolling to discover the top watchmakers that Spain has to offer.

Salvadore Dali painting called The Persistence of Time.
The Persistence of Time by Salvador Dalí

Regions Of Spain

Spain is made up of 50 provinces, and 17 autonomous regions. One of the most famous regions is the region of Catalonia.

The Catalonia region includes four provinces. There is; Barcelona (as its capital), Lleida, Girona, and Tarragona. All located in the northeast of Spain.

Catalonia is known as an autonomous region of Spain. The region of Catalonia even speaks their own language of Catalan. And they of course have their own customs, culture, and way of life that differs from other regions of Spain.

Many Catalans feel that they should be separate entirely from Spain. With political tensions running high in recent years. There have been calls for Catalan to separate once and for all from Spain.

We’ve included watch brands from all corners of Spain in this article. With many watchmakers having their headquarters in the fashion hubs of Barcelona or Madrid.

Regions of Spain

Best Spanish Watch Brands

  1. Festina
  2. Viceroy
  3. Lotus
  4. Pita Barcelona
  5. Calypso
  6. Kronos
  7. Colomer & Sons
  8. Philippe Vandier
  9. Marea

1. Festina

When we are talking about Spanish watch brands, we have to start with the largest one. That is the Spanish watchmaker; Festina.

Festina is now one of the world’s largest watch groups, as well as a best-selling Spanish watch brand.

Swiss and Spanish watch brands in the Festina watch group.
Watch Brands of Festina Watch Group

Originally, Festina was first established in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in Switzerland. Established back in 1902. However, since the 1940s the Festina watchmaker has been headquartered in Barcelona, in the Catalan region of Spain.

Festina is known for creating affordable timepieces that are often produced in their Swiss plants. Some of their watches are entirely Swiss-made. However, they do have production areas in other parts of the world.

This Spanish brand also likes to innovate with its materials. Take for example their ceramic collection of watches

Ceramic is an excellent material to help keep your watch scratch-free. Ideal for those after a more durable watch.

Festina has a wide range of watches to choose from for men and for women too.

You can discover the latest Festina watches now.

2. Viceroy

Like Festina, watches from this Spanish watch brand are found everywhere in Spain.

Viceroy is a very popular watch brand in Spain. Thanks to their marketing and prices. Viceroy offers affordable watches and jewelry for men, women, and kids as well.

This brand started out as a Swiss watchmaker in the 1950s. Then in 1982, it was bought by Grupo Munreco. He then relocated the watchmaker to Spain. Since then Viceroy has been a Spanish watch brand. Yet it does have a Swiss heritage, similar to Festina.

If you’re a Spanish football fan. Then you will probably like the Viceroy watch collections that feature their most famous teams from Barcelona and Madrid.

Like the FC Barcelona watch linked below.

Viceroy is not alone in doing these collaborations with football teams. Many watch brands do. Just take a look at Seiko’s Barcelona-themed watches.

Viceroy has also had some celebrity brand promoters in the past. From Enrique Iglesias, to Antonio Banderas, and Shakira. Even scoring brand ambassadors in Formula 1 too.

Discover the collections from Viceroy on Amazon or eBay. Or else check out their website.

3. Lotus

Lotus is one of Spain’s most popular watch brands. They’re also big in other European countries like Italy and France. 

Lotus is part of the Festina watch group.

Their watch collections are diverse and have something for everyone. From men, women and kids watches too. With affordable price points too.

They even have the Lotus jewelry ranges as well.

Lotus also has a line of smartwatches now. Called the Lotus Connected range.

You can check them out on Amazon or eBay. Or else take a look at their website.

4. Pita Barcelona

Sol y Luna watch from Pita Barcelona.
Pita Barcelona Sol y Luna (Source)

Pita Barcelona is a father and son watchmaking duo; Aniceto Jiménez Pita and Daniel Jiménez Pastor. They specialize in creating beautiful works of art in the form of watches.

Pita Barcelona is a watch brand that is (unsurprisingly) inspired by Barcelona. The city’s unique architecture and rich heritage.

They are an independent watchmaker. Which gives this Catalan watch brand a lot of freedom. To be innovative and try out new styles, materials, movements, and more. 

The master watchmaker; Aniceto, is a self-taught watchmaker. He has been honing his skills since 1971. When he first opened his watch and jewelry business. 

In 2005, Aniceto was the first Spanish watchmaker to become a member of the AHCI (Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants).

Pita Barcelona is one of the top Spanish watch brands for bespoke, custom-made timepieces.

Discover their beautiful watches on their website.

5. Calypso

Like Lotus, the Spanish watch brand Calypso. Is part of the Festina watch group.

Calypso watches are bright and bold. With many great everyday watches on offer. They are for the younger crowd, who are after a watch that stands out.

Calypso even has a range of super affordable fitness trackers. They call them the Calypso SmartTime watch collection. They cost a lot less than a Fitbit and are a good alternative if you’re on a tight budget.

This brand has lots of options for young women and for men. This brand would also suit teens too.

Most of their watches are powered by Japanese quartz movements. 

Check out their colorful ranges here, or on their website.

6. Kronos

K300 dive watch from Kronos.
Kronos K300 Diver (Source)

The Spanish watch brand; Kronos. Is one of the oldest watchmakers on this list.

In 1930, Kronos was established by Carlos Vendrell in Barcelona. He was from a family with a long watchmaking history. He started with his own handmade clock collections. Then he grew into the watch market, with the help of German and Swiss manufacturers.

Kronos has built many mechanical watches, including mechanical chronographs. The brand has proved to be a serious watchmaker representing Spanish watchmaking.

With nearly 100 years of watchmaking expertise. Kronos watches have stood the test of time.

Kronos timepieces are reasonably priced for mechanical watches. With divers, sports watches, and chronographs to choose from.

They also have a very affordable quartz watch collection too. The Bahia Steel collection.

Learn more about their ranges on the Kronos website.

7. Colomer & Sons

Colomer & Sons is a Spanish watchmaker who loves to create timeless watch collections. Their watches have a cool, vintage aesthetic to them.

They have many classic watches to pick from. With open heart designs, pilot watches, along with divers too.

This Spanish watchmaker likes to take inspiration from the past. Just take a look at the video below to see the inspiration for their Nuevo Mustang P51 green dial.

They use the reliable Miyota Japanese movements in their timepieces. Which makes their watches very reliable, and also surprisingly affordable as well.

Discover their retro-looking watches on eBay or their website.

8. Philippe Vandier

Rívoli Dyel Diamonds watch from Philippe Vandier.
Rívoli Dyel Diamonds Watch (Source)

Now onto the oldest Spanish watch brand on this list, which is Philippe Vandier.

Philippe Vandier was a watchmaker born in 1899, in the former French region of Périgord. He was a designer and a watchmaker who set up shop in Spain in 1927. Where he established his first watchmaking business.

His timepieces were often made from gold. While he also turned his hand to jewelry as well. He became known as a prestigious watchmaker and jeweler over the decades.

However, the Philippe Vandier brand went dormant. It was only until the watch brand was relaunched again in 2013. It then restarted making luxury leather goods in Spain.

Yet, today the brand manufacturers luxury watches and jewelry once more.

Their watches can be broken up into two main collections; the steel collections, and the gold collections.

The luxury gold collections are particularly beautiful. Many of the watches are encrusted with diamonds as well.

Pay a visit to the Philippe Vandier website to see all the luxury timepieces. Or check out eBay.

9. Marea

Now onto the last Spanish brand on this list. The final watchmaker is Marea.

Marea is an affordable Spanish watch brand. They offer many different watch styles. From smartwatches, to dress, casual, and even kids watches.

They were first established in Barcelona in 1998. Now they are a global brand.

They keep on top of trends. Offering the latest popular watch styles at inexpensive prices.

Like many watch brands, they jumped on the fitness smartwatch trend. Now offering fairly affordable fitness trackers too.

Check out the latest Marea watches on their website.

Final Thoughts

Some of you may be surprised by the richness of the Spanish watchmaking scene. 

From old watchmakers like Philippe Vandier to Kronos. To very affordable, well-known brands like Festina and Viceroy.

There is plenty to choose from if you’re after a watch from Spain.