14 Best Seiko Watch Nicknames | Tuna, Turtle, Ash Tray…

Everyone has a favorite Seiko watch, and what better way to differentiate it from the others than by giving it the Seiko watch a nickname.

There are many Seiko watch nicknames for watches, but in this blog post we’ll discuss the 14 of the most memorable Seiko watch nicknames. From the beloved Turtle, to the retro UFO.

We’ll even attempt to figure out why these Seiko watches were given their fan nickname. Sometimes it isn’t very clear why.

Seiko Watch Nicknames

  1. Seiko Monster
  2. Seiko Turtle
  3. Seiko Samurai
  4. Seiko Tuna
  5. Seiko Shogun
  6. Seiko Starfish
  7. Seiko Sumo
  8. Seiko Arnie
  9. Seiko UFO
  10. Seiko Flieger
  11. Seiko Sea Urchin
  12. Seiko Mohawk
  13. Seiko Ashtray
  14. Seiko Pogue

1. Seiko Monster

Seiko Monster SKX779 ; picture of the watch, a close up of the bezel and an image of a green monster
Seiko Monster SKX779

The Seiko Monster is a fan favorite, with a cult following in the Seiko watch community.

Yes it’s a big and chunky watch. But that isn’t the main reason the Seiko watch was given the nickname of Monster.

It’s down to the teeth marks all around the case and bezel.

It does look like something has taken a bite out of this cool looking watch.

The Monster watch was first released in 2000 with the SKX779.

Its monster green hands and hour markers, on a black dial with a stainless steel case and bracelet. Give this watch a really cool look.

Today, Seiko Monster dive watches are very still very popular. With many new editions released each year. You can find a wide selection of the latest Seiko Monster watches on Amazon.

2. Seiko Turtle

Photo of a turtle drawing and a photo of a Seiko Turtle SRPA21 PADI
Seiko Turtle SRPA21 PADI

The Seiko Turtle is probably one of the most famous of the Seiko watch nicknames on this list.

The Turtle watch first appeared on the Seiko watch scene back in 1976. It featured a cushion-case shape, which was popular in the 70s. Seiko produced that Turtle dive watch range until 1988.

Then in 2016 the Seiko Turtle watch collection was released again. It was updated but it still featured the turtle-like cushion-case, which gave it its nickname.

The Seiko Turtle’s are still a great automatic dive watch from Seiko. They now come in a range of sizes which resulted in more Seiko watch nicknames.

Now you have the Seiko Mini Turtle, along with the Seiko King Turtle.

3. Seiko Samurai

Photo of a Seiko Samurai SRPB51 with a picture of a Samurai
Seiko Samurai SRPB51

Some Seiko watch nicknames are not always clear at first glance.

This is the case for the Seiko Samurai dive watch.

You need to look closely at this dive watch’s hands of the Generation 1 Samurai collection. To understand how this Seiko watch got its nickname.

The hands of the Generation 1 Samurai watches are seen in the shapes of samurai swords. Take a closer look and judge for yourself.

Close up photo of the dial of a Seiko Samurai SNM033 (Generation 1)
Seiko Samurai SNM033 (Generation 1)

However, the Generation 3 Seiko Samurai has seen a change in the hands. This time they feature the same hands as found on the Seiko Monster!

Leaving some Seiko fans disappointed.

Two close up photos of the dial of a Seiko Monster and a Seiko Samurai Gen. 3
Seiko Monster vs Seiko Samurai Gen 3

These Seiko watches are still nicknamed Samurai. Yet, the hands don’t live up to that nickname as much with the Generation 3.

The Seiko Samurai Gen 3 is still a very popular, affordable dive watch collection, regardless of the hands.

4. Seiko Tuna

Photo of a Seiko Tuna S23631 and a picture of a tuna can
Seiko Tuna S23631

One of the funniest Seiko watch nicknames has to be the Tuna, or the Tuna Can.

Such an unfortunate nickname. But usually the worst nicknames stick, as this dive watch has a cult following among Seiko fans.

The first Seiko Tuna was released in 1975, it was the Ref. 6159-7010. Now often nicknamed the Grandfather Tuna.

Then the famous Seiko Golden Tuna replaced it in 1978. The Golden Tuna diver was even worn by James Bond.

Photo of Roger Moore wearing a Golden Tuna in the Bond movie For Your Eyes Only. And a photo of the Golden Tuna watch.
Golden Tuna worn by Roger Moore in the Bond movie For Your Eyes Only (1981)

The great thing about the Tuna watches is that they are serious divers.

They’re tough and can handle some deep depths. Just like the speedy tuna fish.

The shape of the Seiko Tuna is it’s most defining feature. It does look like it’s in the shape of a tuna can. The Seiko Tuna dive watches still keep that shape today, and remain a firm favorite among Seiko fans.

5. Seiko Shogun

A picture of a shogun and a photo of a Seiko Shogun SBDC007
Seiko Shogun SBDC007

The Shogun is the Seiko watch nickname given to their Titanium diving timepieces.

A Shogun was a title given to a military general in Japan during feudal times.

The (supposed) armored look of this watch is where it got its name. Along with it being made out of super strong Titanium.

The first Shogun was released in Japan in 2008. It wasn’t till 2020 that the new set of Shogun diver watches were released worldwide.

A photo of a Seiko Shogun SBDC007
Seiko Shogun SBDC007 (Image : Seiko)

The latest Seiko Shogun was released in 2020. It has seen Seiko swap the hands as seen first on the Seiko Monster. To a sleeker set, as seen on the SBDC007.

6. Seiko Starfish

A picture of a starfish and a photo of Seiko Starfish SKZ283
Seiko Starfish SKZ283

It’s pretty clear to see why this Seiko was given the watch nickname of Starfish. Thanks to its starfish-like bezel.

Seiko fans seem to try and name their divers after sea animals if they can. Yet, this dive watch from Seiko isn’t as well known as the Tuna or the Turtle dive watches. It’s a bit underrated. 

This watch is also referred to as the Shuriken. A Shuriken is a Japanese word for a hidden hand blade. These blades can come in the shape of a 6 pointed star, just like the bezel on this diver.

An image of a Shuriken

7. Seiko Sumo

A picture of a sumo and a photo of a Seiko Blumo SBDC033
Seiko Blumo SBDC033

The Seiko Sumo is the nickname given to this Seiko Prospex dive watch.

First released in 2007. The nickname seems to come from the fact that it’s got a chubby case, set on a slim lug width. Likening it to a sumo dressed to fight.

The blue dial and blue bezel Sumo watch known as the SBDC033. Also has the Seiko watch nickname of the Blumo.

The Seiko Sumo and Blumo is still one of the most popular and well known Seiko dive watch collections.

8. Seiko Arnie

A photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger and a Seiko Arnie Ref. H558-5009
Seiko Arnie Ref. H558-5009

The Seiko Arnie is named this because Arnold Schwarzenegger wore it in many of his hit movies of the 1980s.

The Arnie is the Seiko Ref. H558-5009. A big, bulky watch from the Seiko Tuna range. With a case size of 47.8mm diameter. It’s a quartz dive watch with the iconic Tuna Can case.

Released in 1982, this was the first dive watch that featured an analog display combined with a digital alarm chronograph too.

Seiko have re-issued the Seiko Arnie dive watch collection. You can even get the Seiko Arnie with the very popular Pepsi bezel, or in the classic black on black style.

You can see the Seiko Arnie on his wrist in:

  • Commando (1985)
  • Raw Deal (1986)
  • Predator (1987)
  • The Running Man (1987)

9. Seiko UFO

A photo of a Seiko UFO Ref. 6138-001X and an image of a UFO
Seiko UFO Ref. 6138-001X

The Seiko UFO refers to a chronograph, the Seiko Ref. 6138-001X. Also called the Yachtsman.

This Seiko watch’s nickname comes from the shape and style of the case. It has a space age look to it. Plus its hidden lugs give it a floating look too.

The Seiko UFO was first released in 1969. It’s a really cool vintage Seiko timepiece.

The 1970s were a golden age for mechanical chronographs. Even while the quartz crisis was happening. Chronographs were getting some really funky designs at the time.

The Seiko UFO is a great example of this. Along with Seiko’s Pogue too.

10. Seiko Flieger

Flieger is the German word for Pilot. Flieger watches are inspired by German World War II pilot watches.

The Seiko Flieger is no different. These aviator watches from Seiko have that classic pilot watch look from that time period.

Original pilot watches from that time are extremely rare. So Seiko offers the same look with their Flieger watches, for often a very affordable price.

The SNK809 is a super affordable flieger inspired watch. The Seiko Flieger SNK809 is on Amazon for an unbelievable price!

We think this watch looks particularly cool with a NATO strap. Adding to it’s military look.

11. Seiko Sea Urchin

A  picture of a sea urchin and a photo of a Seiko Sea Urchin SNZF17
Seiko Sea Urchin SNZF17

First released by Seiko in 1996. 

The Sea Urchin is a very affordable watch from the Seiko 5 range. It’s a great entry level timepiece from this inexpensive collection.

It’s got its name likely from the spiky bezel, also known as a coin edge bezel. Which frames the monochrome dial and bezel ring. This watch is a really nice, wearable inexpensive watch from Seiko.

This Sieko SNZF17 is one of the well known homage timepieces to the Rolex Submariner 16610. So if you’re a fan of the Rolex Submariner look, then the Seiko Sea Urchin can be found on Amazon.

12. Seiko Mohawk

An image of punk person with a mohawk and a photo of a Seiko Mohawk SRP589
Seiko Mohawk SRP589

The Seiko Mohawk (or The Hawk for short) is easy to see how it got its nickname.

The Mohawk style bezel isn’t to everyone’s taste. However, this bezel is great for diver’s. So regardless of tastes the Seiko Mohawk diver is a great scuba watch. 

Easy to grip and easy to read underwater. Due to the first 20 minute section of the bezel being slightly raised above the rest.

The SRP589 Mohawk with the bright orange dial is especially eye-catching.

13. Seiko Ashtray

A photo of a Seiko Ashtray Ref. 7C46-6009  with a close up image of the bezel, next to a picture of an ashtray
Seiko Ashtray Ref. 7C46-6009

Probably the most unappealing Seiko watch nickname on this list is the Seiko Ashtray.

However, the Seiko fans have got a point. This Seiko dive watch from the 80s does look a little reminiscent of an ashtray.

The Seiko Ref. 7C46-6009 is a professional diver’s watch with a funky look.

It was released in 1987. Seiko loved to get innovative and creative, especially during the 70s and 80s. This diver was a twist on the successful Golden Tuna dive watch.

It’s still got that round Tuna Can look, with bold black and gold.

Except the shape of the bezel saves it from looking reminiscent of a can and instead gives it the look of a classic grey ashtray.

I’m sure Seiko designers were delighted with that Seiko watch nickname.

14. Seiko Pogue

Image of the original Seiko Pogue Ref. 6139-6002 next to a photo of the NASA astronaut Colonel Pogue
Original Seiko Pogue Ref. 6139-6002 (left) NASA Astronaut Colonel Pogue (right)

The Seiko Pogue is one of the most sought after vintage Seiko watches.

The Seiko Ref. 6139-6002 was discovered, by a Seiko fan, to be the first automatic chronograph worn in space.

Colonel Pogue who went on a space mission with NASA in 1973. Was photographed wearing this chronograph in space.

Hence why this colorful Seiko chronograph from the 1970s was christened the nickname Pogue.

Who Comes Up With Seiko Watch Nicknames?

The Seiko fans are where these entertaining nicknames come from.

Seiko has no part to play in how their watches are nicknamed. Even the Seiko designers are often bemused with the names given to their Seiko creations by the fans.

You can check out what the Seiko watch designers think of some of the most well known Seiko watch nicknames.

Seiko prefers to stick to boring watch codes that have no imagination.

We’re lucky that Seiko watch nicknames are bestowed by the fans. As it makes remembering and talking about Seiko watches that much more fun.

To Sum Up

Seiko have a brilliant community of fans around the brand. They come up with some of the funniest and weirdest nicknames around.

Learn more about Seiko dive watches in our ultimate guide of the best Seiko divers.