Seiko SARB Review: Is It Worth It | SARB Alternatives

The Seiko SARB watches are only gaining more and more in popularity among Seiko fans. 

This blog post will review the SARB, and help you decide whether it’s worth buying this classic Seiko watch.

Scroll down and learn all about the Seiko SARB series now.

Seiko SARB Review

Is Seiko SARB discontinued?

Yes, unfortunately the Seiko SARB was discontinued by Seiko in 2018. Breaking the hearts of Seiko fans worldwide.

Seiko SARB Review

Both Seiko SARB watches - the Seiko SARB033, and the Seiko SARB035
SARB033 (left) SARB035 (right)

Seiko SARB Specs

  • Measurements of the Seiko SARB033 + SARB035:
    • Case size : 38mm
    • Lug width : 20mm
    • Thickness : 11mm
    • Lug to lug : 45mm
  • Seiko automatic movement 6R15
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Water resistance 100m (330ft)
  • Exhibition caseback
  • Lume on the bottom of Baton indices and hands
  • 316L stainless steel case and bracelet

The SARB series was first released in 2008, and production ran until 2018.

The Seiko SARB has two versions of this automatic mechanical watch. You can choose from the:

  1. SARB033 (black dial)
  2. SARB035 (white dial)

Both these versions are almost identical. The only difference between both versions of the SARB is their aesthetics.

Both have a case size of 38mm, and come with scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

Their movement is an automatic Seiko 6R15. The same movement as found in the Seiko Sumo, one of Seiko’s most popular dive watches.

The Baton indices of the SARB watches have luminosity on the bottom of them and on the hands.

Check out the SARB series lume in action in the video below. Featuring a SARB035.


Seiko SARB033

The SARB033 is the watch in the series with the black dial.


Seiko SARB035
Seiko SARB035

The SARB035 is the watch in the series with the white dial.

Is the Seiko SARB a dress watch?

The Seiko SARB is considered more of a sports watch. Rather than a dress watch. This is thanks to its stainless steel bracelet along with its luminous hands and indices. 

However, its case size of 38mm is an ideal size for a dress watch. Along with its clean dial. As this watch only has a date window featured on its dial.

The SARB is a really elegant looking watch. It also looks great with a leather strap too.

The SARB is a watch you could wear everyday. With almost any outfit. It’s not like a dress watch that only suits more formal attire. 

Problems with the Seiko SARB

The main issue a lot people have with the Seiko SARB is the bracelet. It’s rather uncomfortable.

Plus the SARB bracelet is notoriously hard to adjust right. These watches comes with just 2 micro adjustments. Whereas most bracelets come with 3 or 4.

Here is a handy video that shows you how to adjust the bracelet

But if you really aren’t a fan of the bracelet, then just switch it out for a new one. The SARB’s lug width is a common 20mm measurement. 

So you’ll have plenty of choice in matching a new bracelet to this watch. 

Is Seiko SARB worth it?

The Seiko is considered by many Seiko fans to be a modern classic.

The SARB is hugely versatile. So if you’re after just one watch that can match a dressy outfit and can be worn casually too. 

The Seiko SARB is an excellent one watch collection pick.

However, what you should really ask yourself is if this worth it to you. Do you think it’s worth buying? 

Do you love it enough to have it in your collection? If the answer is a yes, then go for it. 

You might be able to source a watch from the SARB series still on Amazon. However, they are getting harder to find each year.

What replaced the Seiko SARB?

No series specifically replaced the SARB collection. Yet many Seiko fans consider the Seiko Presage SARX series is considered a great replacement for the series.

The Seiko Presage SARX033 (white dial) and SARX035 (black dial) are often touted as great replacements for the SARB series.

The codes can get confusing for both these series.

The reason why is that there are many similarities between both ranges. Not only in looks but also in terms of their movement.

The movement of the SARX stays the same as the SARB series, with an automatic 6R15. These watches also feature an exhibition caseback so you can view the movement.

The case size is different and comes in at a larger 40.8mm diameter. Compared to the smaller 38mm case size of the SARB.

A feature of the SARX033 that stands out is the painted blue hands. They’re really gorgeous against the white dial.

Both Seiko series feature lume on the tips of the Baton indices, and the hands.

This lume and the stainless steel bracelet give these series their sporty aesthetic.

You can find the Seiko Presage SARX033, as well as the Seiko SARX035 on Amazon.

How much should I pay for a Seiko SARB?

Today since it has been discontinued in 2018, and it has gained quite a cult following.

The SARB nowadays can go for a lot more. And the prices keep climbing year on year.

The price of the SARB watches are likely to continue to climb, as it becomes more scarce and more popular.

The website Watch Charts is a great resource when looking for information about the average price of watches, and their popularity. You can check out the:

The Verdict

This series series is a firm favorite among Seiko fans. Ever since the watch was discontinued in 2018, the SARB has just grown more and more in popularity, as well as in price.

The SARB comes in two versions. The SARB033 with the black dial, and the SARB035 with the white dial. Both come with the same automatic 6R15 movement. Both come with sapphire crystal as well.

The SARB series has a case size of 38mm.

This watch is known for its versatility. It’s a watch that can be worn with almost anything. This is why many consider this watch to be an excellent pick for someone after a one watch collection.

It’s got a sporty look to it with its stainless steel bracelet and case. Along with its luminous hour markers and hands.

It’s a real beauty and will gain plenty of admiration from Seiko fans when you wear it. An excellent starter watch and a great addition to any watch collection.

You can may be able to find the discontinued SARB on Amazon. However, a better place to sort one might be through eBay.