Seiko Dive Watches: 8 Top Seiko Diver Collections

This is your ultimate guide to the best Seiko dive watches, Seiko has released.

Seiko’s diver collections can be confusing to beginner watch enthusiasts.

This guide will walk you through the top dive watch collections Seiko has to offer. From their Turtle, Samurai, SKX Series and more. Check out all of the best Seiko dive timepieces. 

We’ll help you discover which Seiko dive watch is the right watch for you.

Best Seiko Dive Watches

Seiko Prospex

Seiko now groups their latest dive watches under their Prospex Collection.

Prospex simply stands for ‘Professional Specifications’. This watch line in Seiko encompasses all the diver watches made by Seiko.

You’ll know if a watch is part of their Prospex range, because there will be the Prospex logo on the Seiko dive watch’s dial.

Photo showing the Prospex logo on a Seiko dial

You’ll also see that Seiko dive watches have many fun and weird nicknames. These were given to them by the Seiko fans.

The nicknames include; Turtle, Tuna, Sumo, and Monster, to name a few. 

Now, scroll down and discover the top dive watch collections Seiko has to offer.

Seiko SKX Dive Watches

The SKX dive watch series from Seiko is legendary in the affordable, automatic dive watch world. Released first in 1996.

The only difference between the watches in the series is their aesthetics.

The automatic movement of each and their features stay the same.

Each model has a case size of 42mm, except the SKX013. Which comes in a case size of 37mm.

The super popular SKX007 and SKX009 dive watches have now been discontinued. Yet, you can still find them available to buy online.


The SKX007 is the monochrome version of this series.

This is the type of Seiko dive watch that will match almost any outfit and almost any strap. This watch looks excellent when paired with a NATO strap.

Check out the iconic SKX007 dive watch from Seiko on Amazon.


The SKX009 is the super popular Pepsi bezel model. With its deep blue dial to match.

While this model won’t suit every outfit like the SKX007. However, the Pepsi bezel looks super cool and improves the readability of this Seiko dive watch. Especially underwater, if you are looking to use this watch on dive trips.

The Seiko SKX009 dive watch is available on Amazon.


The SKX011 stands out in this range. With its eye-catching bright orange dial. It’s still the same case size of 42mm as the SKX007 and SKX009.

The SKX011J1 diver from Seiko is available on Amazon.

(If you see a J in the watch code, it means that the Seiko watch is entirely made in Japan.)


The SKX013 model comes with a smaller case size compared to the other models. The SKX013 has a case size of 37mm.

All the features are the same as the rest of the SKX series.

The SKX013K1 model comes with a polyurethane band, while the SKX013K2 comes with a stainless steel bracelet.

The SKX013 models are available on Amazon.

Seiko Turtle Dive Watches

Another iconic Seiko dive watch collection is their SRP77X Series, nicknamed The Turtle.

The Turtle Seiko dive watches began with the release of the Seiko Ref. 6309-7040. First released in 1976, and produced until 1988. They’re a popular entry-level vintage dive watch for many Seiko fans.

Seiko Turtle Seiko 6309-7040
Seiko Turtle Ref. 6309-7040 (Image : Wind Vintage)

Then in 2016 Seiko released the SRP77X series. Which would be their modern take on the original Seiko Turtle dive watches.

They still feature the cushion-case which gives it that turtle look. With the same measurements:

  • Case diameter: 45mm
  • Case thickness: 13mm
  • Lug width: 22mm

These Turtle Seiko dive watches have a water resistance of 200m (660ft). Their case is ISO 6425 compliant. Which means you can wear them snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving.

The Seiko Turtle (SRP77X) comes in a wide range of styles. Yet all are still powered by an automatic Seiko movement, and they keep the same Turtle shape.


This Seiko Turtle features gold hands and bezel markers that contrast nicely against the black dial and stainless steel case and bracelet.

It’s a really great looking dive watch, one of the top favorites from the Seiko Turtle collection.

The Seiko Turtle SRP775 is available on Amazon.


The legibility is improved even more on this Turtle. Thanks to the Pepsi bezel and minute hand that’s highlighted in red. 

Also the red markers outlining the 5 minute intervals around the dial pop out against the bright blue dial.

The PADI on the dial stands for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. PADI is the world’s leading scuba diving organisation.

So you’re guaranteed a scuba diving ready watch, when you invest in one of these PADI approved Seiko dive watches.

The Seiko Turtle SRPA21 PADI is available on Amazon.

Seiko Mini Turtle Dive Watches

The Seiko Mini Turtle dive watch collection is also named the SRPC3X series.

These Seiko dive watches feature a smaller case size of 42mm. But still have their cushion-shaped case to keep with the turtle look.

The Seiko Mini Turtles come in a range of dial and bezel color combinations. So you’re bound to find one to suit your style or taste.

You can find a selection of Seiko Mini Turtle dive watches on Amazon.

Three Seiko dive watches from the Mini Turtle range
SRPC37 (left), SRPC39 (middle), SRPC41 (right) – (Image : Seiko)

Seiko Samurai Dive Watches

The powerful Seiko Samurai dive watch collection was released first in 2004.

It was first released in a stainless steel version and a titanium version. Now, Seiko only produces their Samurai dive watches in stainless steel.

The nickname Samurai is due to the hands on the dial. They’re in the shape of swords

Close up of the dial of the Seiko Samurai SNM033 (Generation 1)
Seiko Samurai SNM033 (Generation 1)

However, the Seiko Samurai Generation 3 switched from the above sword like hands. To hands that had been first featured on the Seiko Monster.

Seiko Monster hands vs Seiko Samurai Gen. 3 hands

This has disappointed a few Seiko fans sadly.

However, the Samurai from Seiko is still considered a superb dive watch, even with the change of hands. 

The Samurai Gen. 3 comes with a water resistance of 200m (660ft). These Seiko dive watches are still ISO 6425 compliant so they can be worn while swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

You can find many Seiko Samurai dive watches on Amazon.


The SRPB51 from the Seiko Samurai range features a black bezel on a deceptively black dial. 

But the dial isn’t entirely black. Instead, it features a beautiful light reflecting checkered pattern. A really stunning-looking dial.

Plus the dipped in red minute hand is a really nice touch.

The Seiko Samurai SRPB51 dive watch is available on Amazon.


This bright orange dial Seiko Samurai is a cool-looking diver’s watch.

Its hands have a black outline, which makes them pop even more off the background of the dial.

The bezel is even easier to read due to it being a two-tone bezel. Excellent for those using this watch for diving.

This Seiko Samurai SRPC07 dive watch is available on Amazon.


Then finally the SRPC93. This Seiko Samurai features a bright blue dial that has a striped effect to it.

This effect is then carried over into the two-tone bezel. Improving readability even more on this Seiko diver.

You can find the Seiko Samurai SRPC93 dive watch on Amazon.

Seiko Tuna Dive Watches

Seiko Tuna watches, often nicknamed the Tuna Can.

These Seiko dive watches are made for professional divers and those who love their dive watch to stand out from the crowd.

It all kicked off with the first Tuna release in 1975. With the Grandfather Tuna a.k.a. Ref. 6159-7010.

Then their Golden Tuna models were released from 1978 till 1988. They were even featured in a James Bond film with Roger Moore. The 1981 Bond film For Your Eyes Only.

With Roger Moore sporting a quartz-powered Golden Tuna that could handle saturation dives and was made with a titanium case.

Seiko Golden Tuna featured in For Your Eyes Only (1981)

There are many Tunas in the Seiko dive watch family. From the huge Emperor Tuna, to the small Baby Tunas, and the Darth Tuna. 

Seiko keeps innovating and producing new Tuna Cans for their hungry Seiko fans.



This baby Tuna automatic 200m dive watch from Seiko has a case size of 48mm. So it’s hardly small.

The SRP637 baby Tuna still has the distinctive shroud surrounding the dial. However, it could be mistaken for a Seiko Monster dive watch with it’s jagged steel.

The SRP637 Seiko Baby Tuna dive watch is available on Amazon.

Seiko Sumo Dive Watches

As the nickname suggests. This Seiko dive watch is a chubby watch (around 44-45mm case diameter), on a rather thin lug width of 20mm. 

This is what may have inspired the nickname Sumo. Think of the strap as the cloth and the case as the sumo.

This dive watch has a water resistance of 200m (660ft). These divers comply with ISO 6425, meaning you can wear them while swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving.

The bezel stands out on this dive watch. Displaying large numbers all the way around it.

It’s a cool, chunky timepiece, and a favorite among Seiko fans.


The original Seiko Sumo is their SBDC031. With its black dial and bezel.

The watch was updated to the Prospex line, and the current Sumo’s feature the Prospex logo on the dial.

You can find the Seiko Sumo SBDC031 on Amazon.

SBDC033 (The Blumo)

Seiko also released a blue dial and blue bezel version of the Seiko Sumo dive watch. It is often nicknamed the Blumo.

Due to its big, blue bezel and dial. It’s a really popular dive watch from the Seiko Prospex Collection.

You can find the Seiko Blumo dive watch on Amazon.

SPB103J1 (The Hulk)

Seiko have released their 3rd generation Seiko Sumo models.

This Seiko Sumo with its green dial and green bezel is often nicknamed The Hulk. 

The nicknames never end with Seiko watches!

This stainless steel diver comes with 200m (660ft) water resistance. Along with a sapphire crystal lens.

The Seiko Sumo SPB103J1 is available on Amazon.

Seiko Monster Dive Watches

As the name suggests, the Seiko Monster dive watch is a monstrous looking timepiece. This collection still divides opinion. People either love this watch design or hate it.

The bezel and case design is what gives this watch its name.

Seiko Monster SKX779

It’s a dive watch that has the most aggressive looking design. It looks plain mean. Especially the first one released in 2000, the Monster SKX779.

We’ve seen four generations of Seiko Monster dive watches to date. They’re still great value for an automatic dive watch.

With a serious cult following too. Seiko have constantly come out with limited edition Seiko Monsters in a crazy range of colors.

The Seiko Monster dive watch collection is available on Amazon.


The Seiko Monster Generation 4 saw the release of the popular SRPD25 model.

It’s a more understated Monster, with a less aggressive design compared to the earlier Monsters.

So it might be a more wearable range of Seiko dive watches.

The Seiko Monster SRPD25 is available on Amazon.

Seiko Shogun Dive Watches

Shogun, or Shōgun in Japanese, was the title for a military dictator. The title was used in Japan from 1192 to 1867 to describe these military rulers.

The Shogun dive watches feature a titanium case. The reason for the nickname is said to be due to its armored look and probably a respect for the timepiece.

They’re a beautiful range of Seiko dive watches.


The earlier Shogun was the SBDC007 in 2008. That watch was replaced then by the SBDC029.

The only difference between the SBDC007 and the SBDC029, is the Prospex logo now featured on the dial of the 2015 model.

The Seiko Shogun SBDC029 dive watch is available on Amazon.


Seiko Shogun SPB189J1 (Image : Seiko)

One of the latest Seiko Shogun dive watches is the SPB189J1. 

It was released first on the Japanese market, all the way back in 2008. It wasn’t until 2020 that it finally made its release worldwide.

It’s got a beautiful titanium watch case which makes the timepiece tougher and yet more lightweight. The bezel and bracelet is made from titanium too.

The J1 in the watch code means that this watch is made entirely in Japan.

To Sum Up

There’s a reason why Seiko are considered one of the top watch brands in the world.

Their dive watch collections are insanely iconic! From the forever popular SKX Series to Sumo, Turtle, Samurai and more. You can’t go wrong choosing a Seiko dive watch.

Check out the extensive range of Seiko dive watches on offer on Amazon.