Rolex Kermit vs Rolex Hulk | Which Green Sub Is Best?

You’re probably wondering what is the difference between the Rolex Kermit and the Rolex Hulk?

This blog post will help you discover the difference between the three top green Rolex Submariners.

We’ll be comparing the…

  1. Rolex Kermit Submariner
  2. Rolex Hulk Submariner
  3. Rolex Kermit II Submariner (a.k.a. the Cermit or Starbucks Sub)

The green Rolex Submariner battle is on and it’s Rolex Kermit vs Rolex Hulk.

Rolex Kermit vs Rolex Hulk

Comparing Green Rolex Submariners

Rolex loves the color green, you can see the emerald shade in many areas of Rolex’s watch collections. 

However, it wasn’t until 2003 when Rolex finally decided to use its favorite shade in their Submariner collection.

Kermit Submariner

Rolex Kermit Submariner Ref. 16610LV

On the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Submariner, Rolex released a green Rolex Submariner.

That green dive watch was the Rolex Submariner Ref. 16610LV. Or more commonly nicknamed the Kermit.

Hulk Submariner

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Then in 2010, the Rolex Submariner Ref. 116610LV was released. 

This time bigger and greener than the Kermit Sub that it replaced.  This Sub was quickly nicknamed the Hulk.

New Kermit Submariner

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Lastly in 2020, Rolex released a new and improved Rolex Kermit. Referred to as the Kermit II, and it replaced the Hulk.

The 2020 edition of the Rolex Kermit Submariner is a re-edition, but it also has many updated features. 

Rolex are going for a slimmer, more vintage inspired Submariner, with the new Kermit. 

This Rolex Submariner, the Ref. 126610LV, is more refined and reminiscent of an old school Sub from the 1960s or the 1970s.

The new Kermit is definitely a change from the Hulk. It is less bold and more understated.

What’s The Difference Between Rolex Kermit And Hulk?

There are many differences between Rolex’s three green Submariners:

  1. Rolex Kermit
  2. Rolex Hulk
  3. Rolex Kermit II

We’ll go into detail on what sets all these three green Rolex Subs apart.

Check out our breakdown into what are the main differences between the Kermit vs the Hulk vs the Kermit II from the Submariner collection.

KermitHulkKermit II
also known as the
Cermit or Starbucks
Production Dates2003 – 20102010 – 20202020 – Present
BezelAluminium bezel insertCeramic bezel insertCeramic bezel insert
Case40mm40mm (Maxi Case)41mm
BraceletOyster claspGlidelock claspOyster clasp
MovementCaliber 3135Caliber 3135Caliber 3235

Kermit vs Hulk – Dials

There are differences between the make and color of all three of these green Rolex Submariners.

However, the similarities are that all three have a date window on the dial, and the dial is protected by a sapphire crystal. Plus all three dials have the same indices and Mercedes hands.

Below we’ll lay out the main differences in the Kermit vs Hulk dials.

Kermit Dial

Kermit Dial

The original Kermit caused a stir when it was first released on the 50th anniversary with the green bezel.

The Kermit Submariner also featured a new Maxi dial, the first time ever featured on a Rolex Sub. The Maxi dial has larger hands and indexes, this design improves legibility.

However, Rolex kept it classic when they chose to pair that green bezel with a matte black dial. This keeps in with the heritage of the Submariner.

Hulk Dial

Hulk Dial

The Hulk dial ruffled a few Rolex purists feathers when it was released. The dial is very green, matching that bright green bezel.

Some Rolex fans go as far to say that if a Submariner doesn’t have the classic black dial, then it can’t be a Submariner.

However, we love how the Hulk embraces the green theme. They really went for it with that gorgeous green sunburst dial.

The Hulk’s dial is also very shiny, another unique feature when compared to the Kermit Subs.

Kermit II Dial

Kermit II Dial

The new Kermit has seen Rolex revert back to a more vintage and classic Submariner look. They fitted this Sub with a classic matte black dial.

However, as this was a newer edition of the original Kermit, we’re not surprised.

Kermit vs Hulk – Bezel

The bezel, what color it is and what it’s made from, is the stand out feature of the green Rolex Submariners.

Different Shades Of Green

All the bezels on these three Rolex Submariners are green, yet all are different in terms of the shade of green.

The original Kermit Submariner came in many varying shades of green. Some Kermits even come in an olive green.

Then the Hulk came along, and it has the brightest green bezel of them all.

Finally the new Kermit II’s bezel is the deepest and darkest, mossy shade of green. It is the most understated bezel of the three.

Cerachrom vs Aluminium Bezels

The big difference when we compare these three Rolex green Submariners are what the bezels are made from.

The original Kermit Sub features an aluminium bezel. While the Hulk and the new Kermit Subs are fitted with a Cerachrom bezel.

So, while aluminium bezels are not bad. They’ve served Rolex watches well for decades! But when you compare them to a Cerachrom bezel, they don’t perform as well. Learn why below.

Aluminium Bezel

Aluminium Bezel of the original Kermit

The original Kermit Sub is fitted with an aluminium bezel insert. You’ll notice it has a more matte finish compared to the ceramic bezels on the other green Subs.

Rolex didn’t start using the more advanced ceramic bezels, known as the Cerachrom bezels until 2005.

The Kermit was first released in 2003. So Rolex fitted it with an aluminium bezel.

Aluminum bezels have been fitted onto Rolex watches since 1959. However, aluminium bezels, like that on the Kermit, have a few cons:

  1. Aluminum bezels will start to fade eventually.
  2. Aluminium bezels are affected by outside factors, such as UV rays, saltwater, etc.
  3. Aluminum bezels can scratch easier compared to ceramic.

However, aluminum bezels are cheaper to make, and therefore they are cheaper to get replaced.

Also they’re less shiny, and therefore offer a more rugged look.

Cerachrom Bezel

Cerachrom bezels of the Hulk (left) and the Kermit II (right)

Both the Hulk and the new Kermit Submariner are fitted with a Cerachrom bezel insert.

A Cerachrom bezel is a bezel that is made out of ceramic. Ceramic bezels have some key advantages over aluminum ones:

  1. Ceramic does not fade like aluminium does.
  2. Ceramic bezels are more scratch resistant, they won’t scratch as easily.
  3. Ceramic bezels are resistant to UV rays.

You’ll also notice that Cerachrom bezels on the Hulk and the Kermit II are a lot shinier. Whether you prefer a more toned down, rugged aluminium bezel of the original Kermit, or a flasher ceramic one is up to you.

Today a ceramic bezel is standard for almost all Rolex watches that feature a rotating bezel.

Kermit vs Hulk – Case

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Kermit (left) Hulk (middle) Kermit II (right) (Source)

All three green Rolex Submariners come with a water resistance of 300m, which is 1,000ft. These dive watches all feature a screw-down crown and a screw-in caseback.

All three dive watches are capable of scuba diving and watersports.

The differences come into play when we look at the size and slight style differences of each watch’s case.

Kermit Case

The original Kermit has a case size of 40mm. The original Kermit Submariner features a classic Rolex case.

This keeps the Kermit looking like a classic Sub, once you ignore the bright green dial!

Hulk Case

The Hulk has a matching case size of 40mm. However, the Hulk Sub was fit with a Rolex Maxi Case, also referred to as a Rolex Super Case.

A Maxi Case is a case that has a chunkier appearance. Rolex is playing on the trend of larger mens watches. Which are very popular today.

This is a change from the Kermit Subs, as they both feature Rolex’s Classic Case.

Kermit II Case

The Kermit II saw a return to the past for Rolex. The Kermit II’s case is reminiscent of a Submariner from the 60s or the 70s. 

The overall case is slimmer, and more refined. Even though it has a slightly larger case size of 41mm. As this is the new standard for the Subs made from 2020.

When compared to the Hulk, the new Kermit II has a much more classic look to it.

Kermit vs Hulk – Bracelet

All of the three green Rolex Submariners are fitted with a bracelet that is made from Oystersteel.

The difference between Kermit Rolexes and Hulk Rolexes, is that the Kermits feature an oyster clasp on their bracelets.

While the Hulk Submariners feature a glidelock clasp on their bracelets.

The glidelock is more useful, as it can expand wider and can even expand enough to be worn over your suit while diving.

Hulk Glidelock Clasp (left) Kermit Oyster Clasp (right)

Kermit vs Hulk – Movement

All three of the green Rolex Submariners feature a Rolex Perpetual automatic movement.

The original Kermit Submariner, along with the Hulk Submariner, are fitted with the same movement, which is Rolex’s caliber 3135.

While the new Kermit II was fitted with a newer in-house movement from Rolex, called the caliber 3235.

Caliber 3135Caliber 3235
Rolex SubmarinerKermit

Kermit II
Debut Year19882015
Power Reserve48 hours70 hours
COSC CertifiedNoYes

Kermit vs Hulk – The Verdict

The battle between the Kermit vs the Hulk has been an enjoyable one. All three of these Rolex Submariners really stand out from the rest of the Submariner range.

All three are great Submariners, each have something different to bring.

The original Kermit, is the emerald pioneer of the group. Having been released for the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Submariner. So it will always remain a special timepiece.

The Kermit was Rolex’s first ever green Submariner.

As for the Hulk, this watch did cause a stir. It ventured away from the classic matte black dial, and features a bright green sunburst dial.

Also the Hulk has a Maxi Case, so it’s big, bold, and very green. Stands right out from the rest of the Submariner collection. You’ll either love it or hate it.

Then the new Kermit II is the most powerful of the three green Subs. It’s powered by the caliber 3235, that has a power reserve of 70 hours. Almost doubling the power reserve of the Hulk and the original Kermit.

So if you’re after a more power Sub that still retains a fairly classic Sub look, then the Kermit II should be the one.

Only the new Kermit II is still in production. While the Kermit original and the Hulk Subs are discontinued.

Where Can I Buy Green Rolex Submariners?

One of the best places to the Green Rolex Submariners—the Rolex Kermit or the Rolex Hulk—is on eBay.

Ebay have one of the largest Rolex watch markets online. With plenty of discounted gems to discover.

Another great place to look for green Rolex Subs is on Watch Shopping. You might get lucky and find one there.