Review Of Timex Watches | Is Timex A Good Brand?

Timex is one of the United States most popular, affordable watch brands.

But is Timex a good brand?

In this blog post, the Which Watch Team, researched Timex’s best watches. From their vintage inspired mechanical watches. To their rugged, outdoor Timex Expedition timepieces.

Our absolute favorite Timex watch has gotta be the Timex T8 retro watch. It even comes in a PAC Man version.

If you want a watch that screams the 1980s. Then this Timex is it.

Our with our handy comparison chart and go from there.

Review Of Timex Watches

Timex FAQ

Comparison Review of Timex Watches

Timex have been around since the late 1800s and this American watch brand has released some iconic watches over the decades.

In this review of Timex watches we’ll take a look at some of the best and most popular watches in Timex’s collection today.

This comparison review of Timex will give you snapshot of what this affordable watch brand has to offer, before we dive into the more in depth reviews.

Timex Watch CollectionTop Features
Timex Expedition
Super Affordable Outdoor Watch!

Big Selection
Timex Weekender
Excellent Everyday Watch!

Cute Snoopy Designs

Great For Kids
Timex Marlin
Iconic 1960s Mechanical Watch!

Nice Selection Of Sizes

34mm – 40mm
Timex Milano
Funky 1970s Retro Watch!

Cushion Case Shape

Gold Or Silver?
Timex T80
1980s Retro Digital Watch!

Handy Functions


Review Timex Expedition Watches

Lets take a look at the very popular Timex Expedition watches.

These Timex watches are built for the outdoors. They’re lightweight watches that are made for those who need an affordable watch for their outdoor adventures.

These watches all come with Indiglo to ensure readability at night, and have a decent level of shock resistance.

Our top picks for the best Timex Expedition watches are:

x4 Timex Expedition watches
Timex Expedition Collection (Images : Timex)

Timex Expedition Camper

One of Timex’s most popular Expedition models has to be the Timex Expedition Camper.

This watch is built for camping trips and other outdoor adventures. The watch even comes with a higher level of water resistance at 100m (330ft). So you don’t need to worry when you get it wet.

Sadly the rest of the Timex Expedition watches in this review do not come with high level of water resistance. The Timex Camper is the one to choose if you need a watch that can withstand being in the water.

Timex Expedition Scout

The Timex Expedition Scout is a great pick for an affordable field watch. Field watches are timepieces inspired by the World War 2 soldier’s watch.

The Expedition Scout from Timex is an ideal pick if you want a simple quartz watch, for an inexpensive price. That has a vintage inspired look.

Timex Expedition Acadia

The Timex Expedition Acadia is another cool affordable watch from this range.

The Acadia watch has a cool heritage style that Timex does so well. They also have a choice of leather and fabric straps. Which make this watch look more rugged.

Timex Expedition Metal

As you can tell by the name the Timex Expedition Metal are Timex watches with cases made from metal.

The metal cases are made from stainless steel, and are a nice upgrade.

Review Timex Weekender Watches

The Timex Weekender watches are one of the most popular and iconic watch collections from Timex.

The Weekender collection is made up of affordable watches with a retro field watch style to them.

The Timex Weekender is a great everyday watch.

The fabric slip through strap is in the style of the ever popular NATO strap. It’s very easy to swap between different fabric straps with this watch. So handy if you like to change watch straps regularly.

Timex Weekender offer a wide range of strap choices.

The Weekender even comes in a choice of leather and fabric straps that have a quick-release spring bars too.

The Weekender watch doesn’t have very much water resistance. At just 30 meters (100 feet). So don’t get this watch wet.

The Weekender series also comes with Indiglo luminosity, just like the Expedition collection.

These watches are powered by quartz movements, and come with 10 year battery life. So they are reliable and long lasting. A hassle free watch.

Plus this watch collection even has the adorable Snoopy character on some of its dials.

These super cute Timex Weekender watches with Snoopy come in a adult sizes (38mm), as well as kids sizes too.

Review Timex Marlin Watches

Timex Marlin 34mm

The Timex Marlin is the re-issue of the iconic Timex Marlin mechanical watch of the 1960s. The design is faithful to the original watch, and Timex has updated it with modern materials.

It’s powered by either a hand wound movement, or an automatic movement.

It’s a gorgeous vintage style watch, with vintage proportions too. At a 34mm case size, which is small by today’s modern standards. However, it was the ideal size for a man’s watch back in the 60s.

The Timex Marlin is a unisex timepiece, and would suit anyone. However, it might look a little too small on very large wrists.

But lucky for us, Timex have released the Timex Marlin in a modern size. They have a Marlin that has a case size of 40mm.

You can even see an old Timex Marlin commercial from the 60s. Which puts the Marlin through a durability test.

Review Timex Milano Watches

The Timex Milano watch collection are made up of cool watches that have a real retro vibe to them.

These watches are inspired by the iconic watches of the 1970s. You can see that influence with the cushion-shaped case. Which was a popular case shape of that era.

Milano gets its name from where the watch collection was designed, which was in Milan, Italy. A fashion capital of the world.

These watches come with quartz movements, unlike the Timex Marlin.

The Milano watches are made from stainless steel and come in a choice of colors. From gold tone, to silver, rose gold and even black.

These watches come in a case size 38mm, along with a case size 33mm.

Timex T80 Digital Watches

If you like 1980s or 1990s retro digital watches, then the Timex Classic Digital watch collection is for you.

These watches are really a blast from the past, and pure nostalgia purchases.

We love the PAC-Man digital watch, especially in gold.

The Timex PAC-Man collection even has an alarm that chimes the PAC-Man tune.

This T80 collection is one of Timex’s most loved affordable ranges. For the price you get a few handy features, such as:

  • Alarm
  • Chronograph with lap and split times
  • Calendar
  • Indiglo light up

These watches come in a nice choice of colors of silver, gold, and black. With or without a theme to them.

This T80 watch collection even has a Pride themed digital watch too!

This entire watch rnage comes in at a unisex size of 34mm. So it really should suit almost anyone’s wrist size.

One issue is the water resistance. Like a lot of Timex watches, it’s low. These digital watches only have a water resistance of 30m (100ft). So keep it out of water when you wear it.

For higher water resistance and the same retro look. Maybe check out a G-Shock digital watch instead.

Timex FAQ

Now lets answer some of the top Timex most frequently asked questions.

Is Timex a good brand?

Yes, Timex is a good brand. Timex is one of the best affordable watch brands that you can buy right now.

They offer a wide range of watches to suit almost everyone.

Is Timex a luxury brand?

No, Timex is not a luxury brand. Timex is an affordable watch brand.

Where are Timex watches made?

Timex watches are produced all over the world. From the Philippines, to China, India, Hong Kong, and probably more places too.

Who owns Timex?

Timex is owned by the Timex Watch Group. You can learn more about the different watch groups in our guide.

What is the Timex slogan?

The Timex slogan is:

It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.