Top 5 Most Durable Watches For Construction Workers

Watches are one of the most essential pieces of equipment for any construction worker. 

Watches are used to determine how long a job will take, when it’s time to break, and what tasks need attention. 

If you work in construction your watch is exposed to extreme conditions – such as dirt and heat. Which means tough and durable timepieces are essential to this job.

In this blog post we’ll review the most durable watches for construction workers. Reviewing our top picks of durable watches.

Most Durable Watches For Construction Workers

  1. G-Shock DW5600E-1 Watch
  2. Casio Mud Resist Watches
  3. Luminox Dive Watches
  4. G-Shock GBD800UC-3 Trainer Watch
  5. Victorinox I.N.O.X. Professional Diver

Durable Watches FAQ

Best Watch For Construction Workers

Our top pick for the most durable watch for construction workers has to be the legendary Casio DW5600E-1V watch.

This watch has been around since the late 1980s, and was made famous with a slapshot from a hockey player. This watch can still handle huge impacts, even on the ice.

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So the Casio DW5600E-1V is definitely durable enough for construction workers. Plus this watch comes packed with features and is super affordable.

This range of Casio watches also come in a wide variety of styles. We especially love the Casio DW5600BB-1, with its all black exterior.

Check out the full collection of Casio DW5600 models on Amazon.

Comparison: Best Watches For Construction Workers

Here is a handy comparison chart of all the best durable watches built to handle being on the wrist of a construction worker at work.

Durable WatchesPriceFeatures

Check Price

Passed lots of shock resistant tests

Very affordable

200m (660ft) water resistance

Classic beater watch
Mud Resist Watches
Check Price
Mud and dirt resistant technology

Vibration altering system

10 year battery life
Dive Watches
Check Price
Popular dive watch style

Swiss made

Military watch brand, a brand chosen by the Navy Seals
Trainer Watch GBD800UC-3
Check Price
Durable fitness tracker watch

Shock resistant

Digital display
I.N.O.X. Pro Diver
Check Price
Watch passed 130 extreme endurance tests

Swiss made

Certified dive watch

Top 5 Most Durable Watches For Construction Workers

Here are our top picks for the toughest watches built to handle being on the wrist of a construction worker.

1. Casio DW5600E-1

The Casio DW5600E-1 had taken part in a Guinness world record attempt to test the watch’s shock resistance. This was done by having a truck roll over the timepiece. As you can see it happen below.

Showing us why this watch should be considered one of the most durable watches for construction workers.

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This Casio DW5600E-1 watch has been put through some serious tests. It was first made famous with the slapshot of a hockey player in the 1980s.

G-Shock is known for making these types of watches that can handle a beating. The DW5600E-1 is one of the classic and most popular beater watches around.

Super affordable as well, so an excellent choice of watch for a construction worker

Plus this watch comes with a range of handy features too, such as an alarm, stopwatch, calendar, countdown timer, El backlight, and more.

Also this watch comes with a 200m (660ft) water resistance! So you’ll have no worries getting this timepiece soaked on site.

You can buy the Casio DW5600E-1 on Amazon now.

2. Casio Mud Resist Watches

Casio has a great selection of mud and dirt resistant watches that make up some of the most durable watches for construction workers.

The Casio Mud Resist watches are big and chunky, and come packed with plenty of impact resistance. Plus lots of handy features too.

These durable construction worker watches come in a range of colors:

The alarm and stopwatch functions are very handy on this watch. Plus this watch alerts you discreetly, thanks to its vibration alert system.

Vibration alerting ensures you won’t be caught off guard, even if you’re deep in work mode on site. Beats having an annoying loud signal buzzing as well.

Want to keep track of more than one time zone? You can simply set up a second location.

Water resistance stands at 100m (330ft), and it even has a 10 year battery life. So it’s a very low maintenance watch.

You can discover the Casio Mud Resist watch range on Amazon.

3. Luminox Dive Watches

Luminox watches have some real die hard fans. The Luminox watch is famous for being a watch company that’s made watches for Navy Seals.

So you know this brand values durability if they’re making watches for the Seals.

Luminox specializes in watches that have a dive watch style to them, and all of their watches come with a high level of water resistance. 

All of the Luminox watches are Swiss made, and most are powered by Swiss quartz movements. With long lasting luminosity on the dial.

Luminox even has a Bear Grylls range of watches, and this brand has had a long partnership with the British survival expert. 

Their Survival SEA 3729 diver watch, from the Bear Grylls series, is definitely durable enough for construction workers.

These timepieces come with hardened mineral crystal to protect the dial, and are built from resin. Plus most watches come with a choice of nylon or silicone strap.

The silicone strap appears to be the most durable of the two, as we’ve heard of some reports of fraying issues with the nylon strap. So go for silicone if you can.

Also be prepared for these watches to feel very lightweight. Which can make them a comfy watch to wear on your wrist all day on a construction site.

Check out the large range of durable Luminox watches available on Amazon.

4. G-Shock Trainer Watch GBD800UC-3

If you’re a construction worker who wants a watch that’s durable and will keep track of your fitness. The G-Shock Trainer watch GBD800UC-3 is a great choice.

This watch links up directly with the G-Shock Connected phone app for a number of functions that enhance workouts. Like tracking steps, 20 timer combinations, and more.

So you can use this durable watch to keep track of all your fitness goals, on and off the job.

Since it’s a G-Shock watch, it comes with shock resistance technology. Along with the much loved big and bulky G-Shock look. G-Shock will always be considered some of the most durable watches for construction workers,

This watch is an affordable timepiece. You can buy the G-Shock Trainer Watch GBD800UC-3 on Amazon.

5. Victorinox I.N.O.X. Professional Diver

If you’re after a Swiss watch that can handle almost any situation, then the I.N.O.X. collection from Victorinox is for you.

We’re huge fans of the I.N.O.X. collection. They’re extremely durable timepieces.

Victorinox are proud of the 130 extreme endurance tests they put them through. From being frozen and then set on fire, to being dropped from a 10 meter height.

One of our favorites is their Tank test. Where they have a 64 tonne tank roll over a Victorinox watch.

This watch is worth the investment for its water resistance too. As it’s a professional dive watch, and can handle depths of up to 200m (660ft).

Plus these durable watches come with sapphire crystal, which is the most scratch resistant type of watch crystal.

Also this watch even has an anti-magnetic case, so you can use this watch around magnets with no issues.

If you’re willing to spend a little more this watch can be your favorite everyday timepiece. As it is one of the most durable watches for construction workers around.

You can discover the Victorinox I.N.O.X. Professional Diver watches on Amazon.

Our Verdict

So what is the best watch for a construction worker?

Well for us the best watch for a construction worker is the G-Shock DW5600E-1 from Casio. Not only is this watch record beating in terms of being able to withstand shocks and impacts.

Plus this watch is super affordable. The G-Shock DW5600E-1 is a great choice for any construction worker.

You can buy this G-Shock DW5600E-1 on Amazon today.

Durable Watches FAQ

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions surrounding durable watches, and the most durable watches for construction workers.

What are the most durable watches?

One of the most durable watches is the G-Shock DW5600E-1, which holds a Guinness world record, and can handle a huge amount of shock resistance. And is very affordable too.

Another one of the most durable watches ever made is the I.N.O.X. Professional Diver from Victorinox. This range of watches have survived 130 extreme endurance tests. Which also includes being rolled over by a tank, frozen, set on fire, and dropped from a 10 meter height.

Do construction workers wear watches?

Yes, construction workers do wear watches. Watches are used to keep track of time on site. Also to know when to take breaks, and watches are handy for construction workers to be able to tell the time hands free.

What is a good cheap watch?

Casio is one of the best watch brands with an excellent selection of good cheap watches.

A good cheap watch is the Casio F91W-1. It’s a classic digital watch that is one of the cheapest watches around.

But if you need a good cheap watch with more shock resistance, then go for the G-Shock DW5600E-1V. One of the best cheap and durable watches around.

Are Apple watches good for construction workers?

Apple watches are good for construction workers, as they are a handy way to keep connected while on the job.

However, if you wear it on site everyday accidents will happen. We would recommend that you fit your watch with an Apple watch case, just to keep it safe on the job.

Yet, if you want to pick out a watch that is durable enough to last on a construction site without protection. Then stick to our guide on the most durable watches for construction workers.