7 Best Korean Watch Brands | Best Korean Watches

Are you looking for the best Korean watches? Then these Korean watch brands are making some of the best Korean watches today.

In this blog post we’ll review these top 7 Korean watch brands.

From luxury Korean watchmaker Amy Eujeny. To long standing and popular Korean brands like Rolens and Dogfight.

So check out the top watchmakers from Korea right now.

Best Korean Watch Brands

  1. Dogfight (독파이트)
  2. Romanson (로만손)
  3. Harriot (해리엇)
  4. Amy Eujeny (아미 에우제니)
  5. Foce (포체)
  6. Rolens (로렌스)
  7. Tisell (티셀)

Korean Watch Brands Comparison

Here is a handy comparison chart of the best Korean watch brands, to give you an overview of each.

Best Korean Watch BrandsOverviewHow Much?
Dogfight (독파이트)
Cool retro inspired Korean watches

Around since 1919

Pin-Up series inspired by 1940s pin-up cartoons
Check price on Amazon

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Romanson (로만손)
Korean brand inspired by Swiss watchmaking

Affordable mechanical Korean watches

Gorgeous dress watches
Check price
Harriot (해리엇)
Made in Korea

Handmade watches

Affordable luxury

Often use Swiss movements

Korean inspired watch collections
Check price
Amy Eujeny (아미 에우제니)
Luxury Korean watches & jewelry

Unique, luxury Korean watches

Customizable watches

Only available in the Amy Eujeny boutiques
Check price
Foce (포체)
Also referred to as Foce Milano

Specialize in Sporty Korean watches

Have a Tottenham football team watch collection

(Tottenham is popular team in Korea)
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Rolens (로렌스)
Known for Rolex homage watches

Korean watchmaker since 1950

Mix of quartz & mechanical watches

Affordable Korean watches
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Tisell (티셀)
Started by Korean watchmaker Oh Changdo

Classic designs

Vintage inspired watches

Large selection of watch styles

Affordable Korean watches
Check price

1. Dogfight (독파이트)

The Korean watch brand Dogfight has been around since 1919.

This brand makes military watches. Specifically World War 2 inspired timepieces.

A dogfight refers to two planes battling in the sky. Reason why the brand uses a logo of a fighter plane.

They produce many chronographs. With large easy to read dials, coupled with luminous indices and hands.

However, one their more fun and popular collections is their 1940s inspired Pin-up Series.

Each of these retro inspired Korean watches feature a colorful cartoon on the dial. Inspired by the cartoons of the 1940s.

Discover these retro Dogfight watches on Amazon or on eBay.

2. Romanson (로만손)

Grand Romanson

One of the top Korean watch brands in terms of quality is Romanson.

This Korean watchmaker has been around since 1988. Many of their watches have a neoclassical look to them.

Their name is inspired by the mechanical skill found in the the famous Swiss watchmaking town of Romanshorn.

They push the boundaries of watchmaking in Korea. And were the first Korean watch company to produce a 50 atm dive watch. Able to withstand 500 meters of water pressure.

This Korean watch brand also create many beautiful dress watches, and luxe steel watches.

You can find many of the Romanson collection on Amazon.

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3. Harriot (해리엇)

Stainless steel Moonphase watch from korean watch brand Harriot.
KARI Moonphase Watch (Image : Harriot)

Harriot is a Korean watch brand that make all their timepieces by hand.

With many of their watches made entirely in Korea.

Their pieces are elegant and have a classic look. While keeping most affordable.

Many of their watches are inspired by the bridges found in Korea. Like their limited edition Dobo collection. Inspired by the foot bridge of the North and South Korean leaders.

Another beautiful limited edition is their KARI collection.

This collection features moonphase watches. They’re made from a collaboration between Harriot and the Korean Aerospace Research Institute.

Check out their timepieces on eBay.

4. Amy Eujeny (아미 에우제니)

Customized dress watch with gold bezel and leather strap from Korean watch brand Amy Eujeny.
Amy Eujeny – AT001 Watch (Image : Amy Eujeny)

Korean luxury jewellery brand Amy Eujeny. Also have a gorgeous collection of luxury watches.

Their watches are very unique. Using mechanical movements; offering a choice of hand-wound or self-winding movement for each timepiece.

They’ve got a collection of skeleton watches that really make a statement.

The watch linked above is a customized timepiece. That can be customized to a picture of your choosing on the dial.

You can check out their unique watches on the Amy Eujeny online store.

However, to purchase these exclusive watches you’ll need to visit an Amy Eujeny boutique. You can’t buy these luxury Korean watches online.

5. Foce (포체)

Sports watch inspired by Tottenham Hotspurs football team from Korean watch brand Foce.
Foce Tottenham Hotspurs (Image : Foce)

Korean watch brand Foce, is also referred to as Foce Milano.

They’re best known for their sporty timepieces.

Foce have a collection of watches inspired by Tottenham Hotspurs. They collaborated with the English football team to create it.

Surprisingly, Tottenham is one of the most popular football teams in Korea!

You can check find a Foce watches on Amazon and eBay.

6. Rolens (로렌스)

Gold plated watch with a black dial and gold hands and indices, from Korean watch brand Rolens.
Rolens – GA002오닉스원석 (Image : Rolens)

Rolens is a Korean watch company creating timepieces since 1950.

Creating many quartz and mechanical timepieces. The brand also offer custom timepieces too.

Today they are well known for creating watches with a Rolex aesthetic. Coupled with a brand name that is suspiciously similar.

This copycat style might not be to everyone’s taste.

Yet, they make for affordable Rolex homage timepieces. That look good, are reliable, and are from a Korean watch brand with heritage.

You can check out their watches on the Rolens on eBay.

7. Tisell (티셀)

Dress watch with a silver bezel, a white dial and brown leather band from Korean watch brand Tisell.
No.157 Arabia 44 mm (Image : Tissel)

Tisell is a fairly new Korean watch brand. Created by Korean watchmaker Oh Changdo.

Many of their watches have a retro or classic look to them. Like their elegant dress watch pictured above.

However they also have dive watches. Many with a water resistance of up to 200 m (660ft). Plus pilot watches, and other classic timepieces to choose from too.

You can disover these affordable Korean watches on eBay.

To Sum Up

Korea has some beautiful watch brands on offer for watch collectors looking for something new. Watch this space as Korean watchmaking is set to keep growing in popularity.

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