Top 12 Italian Watch Brands From Italy

There are so many Italian watch brands to choose from that it can be hard to pick the right one for you.

This list includes 12 of the best Italia watch brands, so that we can help you find a new favorite!

The Italian watches on this list range in price and style but they all offer great Italian design and flare. So have fun discovering these top Italian watch brands, and some of their gorgeous watches.

Best Italian Watch Brands

  1. Anonimo
  2. Bulgari
  3. CT Scuderia
  4. Ennebi
  5. Giuliano Mazzuoli
  6. Locman
  7. Meccaniche Veloci
  8. Panerai
  9. Salvatore Ferragamo
  10. U-Boat
  11. Visconti
  12. Zannetti

1. Anonimo


The Italian Anonimo watch brand is great for those who love the sea. Their Nautilo collection comes with the slogan “immerse yourself in life – or cool water”. With this range of watches achieving water resistance of up to 650 feet (200 meters). 

Their watches combine unique Italian design with high quality Swiss watchmaking. Their watches stand out in their design. Like their cushioned shaped case coupled with their triangularly positioned dials highlighting the numbers 12, 4 and 8.

As for their leather straps. All are made from Italian leather. Handmade in the Piedmont using traditional methods. Keeping true to their Italian design.

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2. Bulgari

Serpenti Steel Diamond

Bulgari is an Italian luxury brand that produces many luxury goods. They’re well known for their fine jewelry as well as their luxurious watches. 

Their watches can be traced back to the 1920s. With art deco style pieces. They have remained to this day fashionable and innovative with their aesthetic.

Their snake design, which emerged in the late 1940s. Along with the Tubogas bracelet design from the 1960s. The Italian watch brand still makes both these styles in their collections today. With their Serpenti Seduttori collection and Tubogas Seduction collection.

Their watches are Swiss made. As the brand bought stakes in Swiss watchmaking facilities for their dials, cases and bracelets. Bulgari is now owned by LVMH who are the largest luxury goods group in the world.

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3. CT Scuderia

Saturno CWEG00119

CT Scuderia is another Italian watch brand that is designed in Italy but built in Switzerland. Yet this brand is especially made for people who love motorcycles.

The CT Scuderia Italian watch brand takes inspiration from motor racing. With their big numbers on the dial, the pusher at 12 o’clock. Along with the tricolor motif of the Italian flag. All give these watches an Italian sporty feel to them.

The watch collections all come with motor style names. Like Bullet Head and  Scrambler. All of the collection come with the strong strap buckles. Adding to the watches their sporty look.

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4. Ennebi

Ennebi watch
Fondale Toscana (Image: Ennebi)

This is an Italian handmade watch brand was established in 2004 by Italian watchmakers Alessandro Bettarini and Luciano Nincheri. 

These watchs look and feel like they are made for the military. Often with a vintage military look. They are tough, water resistant and durable. Yet they are unique and stylish.

Alessandro Bettarini designed watches for luxury Italian watch brand Panerai. His design prowess is seen in his pieces. He even designed one of the largest watches on the market for an Ennebi client. 

It was the Ennebi 5218-MM Titanic Black. Coming in at a big 65 mm wide.

You can discover their watch collection on the Ennebi online store.

5. Giuliano Mazzuoli

Italian watchmaker Giuliano Mazzuoli's Carrara watch.
Carrara (Imae: Giuliano Mazzuoli)

An Italian watchmaker, Giuliano Mazzuoli,  who comes from Tuscany is the man behind the brand. There he still lives and works on his timepieces.

This Italian designer is sometimes best known for his writing tools. Yet, his watches really do celebrate that same Italian style and flair. 

He is clearly a very proud Italian and that shows in his work. Take his Carrara timepiece. Its case is made from Michelangelo’s marble.

Carrara is a city in central Italy that is famous for their white marble. This watch is like your very own piece of Italy.

Find their latest Italian creations on the Giuliano Mazzuoli online store.

6. Locman

Locman is an Italian watch brand, founded by designers Fulvio Locci and Marco Mantovani in 1985. This brand was started on Elba island in Tuscany.

Their timepieces celebrate Italy. Celebrate the nation’s natural beauty, sports and design aesthetic.

Their Island collection is made for those who want a taste of Elba island. And their Sport Anniversary collection, featuring the Italian flag and large numerals. Celebrating Italian sportiness. Both collections are very affordable too.

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7. Meccaniche Veloci

Watch from Meccaniche Veloci an Italian watch brand.
QuattroValvole Tourbillon (Image: Meccaniche Veloci)

These Italian watches make a serious statement. Created by Italian designer Meccaniche Veloci, who founded this watch brand in 2006 in Milan.

The first watch collection was named the QuattroValvole. This name is from the Italian expression for a four valve per cylinder engine. 

This brand now has all their watchmaking done in Switzerland, but still keeps their clear fanatic love of Italian cars. Which they express in all their unique designs.

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8. Panerai

Probably the most well known luxury Italian watch brand on this list is Panerai.

The Panerai watch making brand was founded in 1860 in Florence, Italy. The full name of the brand is Officine Panerai, but it’s more common to refer to them as Panerai.

Their Rodimer collection started in the 1930s. When the watchmaker was commissioned by the Italian navy to make a watch for them. A watch would need to “remain underwater in extreme conditions for long periods”.

So the Rodimer watch was born and is still featured in Panerai’s collection today. 

Another feature of Panerai watches is that they are big. With the average size of their watches being 44 mm to 47 mm wide.

Though this is still an Italian watch brand. They are now owned by the Richemont Group.

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9. Salvatore Ferragamo

The creator of this Italian fashion brand was Salvatore Ferragamo. He was an Italian shoe designer, who made a reputation for himself in the 1930s.

The company is still run by the Ferragamo family. It has grown to a luxury goods company, which includes luxury watches.

Their watches are Swiss made. So they’re of high quality. With classic Italian design. One of their favorite watches is their F-80 Classic Watch. 

If you like larger chronographs with plenty of Italian flare, then this watchmaker is for you.

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10. U-Boat

Classico U-47

This Italian watch brand, U-Boat. Makes all their luxury timepieces in Tuscany. Their straps are made of Italian leather too, and are handmade in Italy. 

While keeping their movements Swiss, to ensure accuracy and precision.

The creative brain behind this brand is Italo Fontana. He likes to use new techniques and materials in his creations. He is the driving force to make U-Boat an innovator in this industry.

U-Boat have a military look and inspiration behind the brand. Italo Fontana was inspired by watch designs done in 1942 by his grandfather, Ilvo Fontana. These sketches began the U-Boat brand.

U-Boats Classico collections are beautiful statement pieces for someone who has the personality to pull these watches off.

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11. Visconti

Visconti watch
The Lava Italian Style (Image: Visconti)

Visconti is an Italian company that creates luxury fountain pens and watches too.

It was founded by Luigi Poli and Dante del Vecchio, two friends, in 1988 in Florence, Italy. Their timepieces have a unique and creative look.

Their dive watches have a big following, and they really stand out. Also take a look at their uniquely named Lava Italian Style watch. The case is made from volcanic material of Mount Etna. It’s an unbreakable, flameproof watch!

Check out more of the cool designs on the Visconti online store.

12. Zannetti

Zannetti watch
Zannetti – Scuba Art (Zannetti)

The Italian watch brand Zanneti was founded in Rome in 1982, by watchmaker Riccardo Zanetti. 

All Zannetti timepieces are first designed and drawn by hand. Attention to detail is everything. All watches are made with a Swiss movement too.

Their watches are very artistic, usually with images used in their design. Take the handmade dive watch named Scuba Art. With a piranha taking over the watch face ready to strike.

These watches are all really stunning. Check out these handmade Italian creations on the Zanneti online store.

Our Verdict

When it comes to great Italian watch brands, we’re spoiled for choice.

If you’re looking for a luxurious timepiece from a huge fashion powerhouse, then you can’t go wrong with Bulgari. With their iconic watch collections such as the Serpenti line.

Another luxury Italian watchmaker whose world famous for Italian design is Panerai. They’re famous for their very large, rugged mechanical dive watches.

However, if you’re looking for a more mid-range Italian dive watch collection. The beautiful dive watches from Anonimo are an excellent choice.

Or why not go for an Italian motor racing inspired chronograph from the cool Italian watchmaker; CT Scuderia.

And finally, if you want an Italian watch that’s a bit more budget friendly try out Italian watch brands; Locman and Salvatore Ferragamo. Both offer very different styles, however, they both offer affordable prices for many of their Italian watches.