Swatch Watch Review | Is Swatch A Good Watch Brand?

Swatch is one of the world’s most well known watch brands.

This Swiss watchmaker is considered the brand that saved the Swiss watch industry from ruin, during the Quartz Crisis.

They did this through creating an affordable Swiss quartz watch.

Today, Swatch are still best known for their affordable, fun, colorful, quartz watches. However, the brand has grown and innovated their watch collections.

In this Swatch watch review we’ll answer all of your questions surrounding this Swiss brand.

From whether Swatch is a good watch brand, to it’s design, movements, where Swatch watches are made, and we’ll give you tips on the best Swatch watches to buy today.

Find out if a Swatch watch is for you. Scroll down to discover this cool watchmaker.

Or simply just jump straight into the Swatch watch universe now.

Swatch Watch Review

Is Swatch a good watch brand?

Yes, Swatch is considered a good watch brand. 

They get a lot of respect in the watch industry thanks to their huge role in helping the Swiss watch industry to survive. Also the Swatch Watch Group is one of the largest in the world.

As for their watches, Swatch are known for building affordable, reliable, plastic, Swiss made quartz watches. They still offer an excellent choice of these kinds of watches.

However, today the brand has really expanded their watch collections. They now offer mechanical, ceramic watches, and even stainless steel watches too.

They collaborate with big artists and designers to bring your unique designs that you won’t get anywhere else. Just check out their Swatch X MoMA collection.

This watchmaker has really come a long way from the 1980s. Now they are a serious affordable Swiss watch brand. A staple in the industry.

Just check out their huge selection of Swatch watches out today, to see how far they’ve come along.

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Swatch 1980s Commercial (YouTube)

Are Swatch watches Swiss made?

All Swatch watches are made in Switzerland (i.e. Swatch are Swiss made). That is why you’ll see the words Swiss Made displayed on the dial of a Swatch watch.

This is great from a quality point of view, as watches built in Switzerland are considered to be of a higher quality.

Are Swatch watches any good?

Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of Swatch watches, focusing on if they are good quality or not.

For us, we think Swatch makes for an overall good quality affordable watch. Learn why.

Swatch Watch ReviewProsCons
Watch DesignLot’s of bright fun and playful designs

Along with new classic and sporty designs too
Some designs are a bit gaudy or childish
MovementsSwiss made movements

Built their own in-house automatic movement (Sistem51)
Quartz movements can often have a quite loud tick
MaterialsUse a range of materials now

From bio-sourced plastic and ceramic, to stainless steel
Still use a lot of plastic in their watch designs
SizesWomen’s size of 34mm

Men’s sizes of 38mm, 41mm, 42mm, 47mm

Lots of choice for larger sizes
Each style only comes in a single size

Those with smaller wrist may struggle to find smaller sizes
StrapsComfortable, durable, and they look greatThey use proprietary lugs, so they can only take a special Swatch strap
Water ResistanceSplash resistantUsually only 30m water resistance

Not suitable for swimming

Best Swatch Watches

Swatch releases new watches every year, and keeps all of their collections up to date.

This affordable Swiss watchmaker is always innovating and bringing out new, fun watch designs.

Here are our top 8 best Swatch watch watches and the best Swatch watch collections.

  1. Sistem51 Automatic
  2. Irony
  3. Art
  4. Big Bold
  5. Skin
  6. Sporty
  7. Core
  8. Flik Flak

1. Sistemic51 Automatic

What might surprise you is that not all Swatch watches come with a quartz movement.

Swatch’s Sistem51 Automatic collection instead comes with their innovative, in-house mechanical movement.

This watch collection was a huge breakthrough for Swatch, and really set them on a new path.

This Swiss made movement is built from only 51 pieces. It’s an automatic movement, so it’s powered by your movement. No batteries needed.

Plus many of the Swatch Sistem51 designs feature stainless steel too. A move away from their many plastic creations.

One of our favorites has to be the two-tone gold and steel Swatch watch. It makes for a great everyday timepiece that grabs your attention.

But why not just discover all of the latest mechanical Swatch watches instead.

2. Irony

As we have seen with the Sistem51 collection not all Swatch watches are made from plastic nowadays.

With the Irony collection (and the Sistem51 collection too) you’ll find many Swatch watches made from stainless steel.

Their Irony collection for us is one of Swatch’s most wearable, and timeless ranges.

Gone are the crazy colors, and the fascinating art designs. Instead what we have here are classic designs built to last.

They even use a selection of comfortable leather straps in many of their designs.

An Irony Swatch watch really makes for a great everyday timepiece. Discover their latest Irony watches now.

3. Art

One of our all time favorite Swatch watches has to be their Art watches.

These gorgeous artistic watches come in a range of cool graphics and sizes. So it should be easy to find a standout timepiece to suit your style.

Swatch loves to collaborate with many up and coming designers. Or they even feature classical works of art from the past on their timepieces.

Their artistic Swatch X MoMA collection featured the works of masterpieces from the Museum of Modern Art, in New York.

They featured famous work from Vincent Van Gogh, as seen on the Swatch The Starry Night.

Or the masterpiece the Dream by Henri Rousseau, can also be found on Swatch watch today.

The Swatch watch acts like a blank canvas, and we’re excited to see what else one of their watches will bring to life on the wrist next.

4. Big Bold

As the name suggests, this Swatch watch collection is big and bold.

These watches are perfect for those after a more street-wear style Swatch watch. They also suit those who like large watches.

The Big Bold collection includes watches with a case size of 47mm. So they really only suit larger wrist types.

We really love the designs of the Big Bold collection, as they are eye-catching and really stand out on your wrist.

Swatch have also released a range of Bioceramic Big Bold watches. Ceramic is known for being lightweight and very scratch resistant. Only Swatch uses their special Bioceramic material.

Check out the latest range of Big Bold Swatches here.

5. Skin

Swatch released a Skin watch collection that is built to be super lightweight and comfortable.

All of the Skin Swatch watches are ultra thin in their design.

The latest Skin Classic collection from Swatch all feature a bio-sourced case now. But what does bio-sourced mean exactly?

Bio-sourced means that the plastic that Swatch now uses to make these latest watches, is plastic sourced from castor oil (bio-material) rather than oil.

This plastic material makes for a very light and impact resistant watch.

But now Swatch even has a Skin Irony collection, which combines ultra thin, and ultra tough designs as well. Plus they are only 5.8mm thick!

6. Sporty

Swatch has tonnes of cool, sporty watch designs to choose from. With a wide range of sizes across men, women, and unisex designs.

We love many of their colorful, sporty chronographs. A chronograph is a watch with a stopwatch feature. So you can use it to time your workouts with ease.

The main drawback of many of the Swatch designs is that they don’t have a very high level of water resistance. 

They usually only are splash resistant (30m) so you’ll need to keep the watch away from water, and any water-sports.

However, like most Swatch watches the price is really affordable. So they make for a great everyday watch.

Jump right into their Sporty watch collection and see which you like best.

7. Core

The Core Swatch collection acts as the heart of the Swatch range. They make up the original Swatch watches.

These original watches are what made Swatch famous, and they still remain super popular to this day.

Today you can find many modern takes on the original classics. This range is very affordable, and makes for a great Swatch introductory timepiece.

Learn more about the wide range of Core Original watches.

8. Flik Flak

So Flik Flak is a sister brand to Swatch, they are the younger range of Swatch style watches.

Flik Flak only make watches for young teens and kids.

All of the Flik Flak watches are Swiss made too, they all come powered by Swiss quartz movements as well.

Their timepieces are fun, easy to read, and very colorful. You can check out their full range on the Flik Flak store.

Should I buy a Swatch watch?

If you are after a low maintenance, fun, reliable, Swiss made watch. Then you can’t go wrong picking out a Swatch watch.

Not only is their price extremely budget friendly. A Swatch watch is still a beloved watch brand within the watch community.

Thanks to their history, and how this colorful, plastic creation saved a whole industry. How could we not recommend anyone to buy a Swatch watch for themselves.

Where to buy a Swatch watch?

One of the best places to buy Swatch watches is on their Amazon store.

There you’ll find a huge selection, with plenty of deals and discounts too. So check it out now to find some great Swatch watches.