Is Daniel Wellington A Good Watch Brand?

Do you love the look of Daniel Wellington watches?

Do you want to know if they are a good watch brand?

If so, this Daniel Wellington Watch Review is for you! We’ll discuss whether or not Daniel Wellington is a worthwhile purchase.

In this blog post we’ll weigh up the pros and cons of buying one of the Daniel Wellington watches.

Many people wonder is Daniel Wellington a good watch brand? Read on to find out whether this popular watch company is worth the hype.

For us…Daniel Wellington watches aren’t worth it. Instead you should go for a Daniel Wellington alternative.

Daniel Wellington Watch Review

Who is Daniel Wellington?

Daniel Wellington is a watch brand that is (supposedly) named after a very stylish man in London.

The brand story of the Daniel Wellington watch brand is that the founder of this brand; Filip Tysander. Met a very stylish Londoner, who then inspired him to start the fashion watch brand Daniel Wellington in 2011.

This man loved to wear vintage watches with weather beaten NATO straps.

Minimalistic and refined, the classic design with interchangeable straps that came to be has become a staple, with truly wide-ranging appeal.

– Daniel Wellington, Brand Story

Is Daniel Wellington’s brand story true?

Many in the watch community are skeptical about the brand story of Daniel Wellington. As no man has come forward as the inspiration for this brand.

Since this watch brand has grown so big now. You’d think the man behind Daniel Wellington would have come forward.

For many, this brand story is simply a marketing move and that there is no real person who inspired it. We’ll probably never know for sure. But it does make for an ideal brand story.

Is Daniel Wellington a good watch brand?

Daniel Wellington is a controversial brand in the watch community.

Many people would consider Daniel Wellington a good watch brand. However, we think there are far, far better watch brands you could choose instead.

Daniel Wellington is what we call a fashion watch brand. They make watches that look good on the outside. But use quartz movements, and generic parts.

Daniel Wellington watches are all about that very popular minimalist look. They make watches that are on trend, yet aren’t likely to last for years and years.

Are Daniel Wellington watches good?

Daniel Wellington watches make accurate quartz powered watches. The brand use Miyota movements from Japan. So you are guaranteed an accurate watch.

But, most serious watch collectors would never buy a Daniel Wellington watch. The reason why is that Daniel Wellington is not a serious watchmaker.

They build good looking watches, that are likely not to last as long as they should. Or hold their value. You won’t get your money back if you try and re-sell the watch.

We know of much better alternatives to Daniel Wellington that you should consider instead.

However, if you’re after an on trend fashion watch. Then go ahead and get yourself a Daniel Wellington watch.

Are Daniel Wellington watches good quality?

Here is a breakdown of the specs of a Daniel Wellington watch, as all have the same level of quality. They just look different.

  • 30m (100ft) water resistance
  • Stainless steel case
  • Mineral crystal glass
  • Japanese quartz movement

Everything listed above is pretty standard for a fashion watch.

Daniel Wellington watches are only barely water resistant. You can’t get them wet, so you need to keep them away from water. Or you risk damaging them.

These watches are built from stainless steel. They come in a range of tones to choose from, like rose gold, gold, and silver.

The watch crystal protecting the watch’s dial is made from mineral crystal. This type of crystal is pretty standard for more affordable watches. It has some scratch resistance, but it isn’t the most scratch resistant crystal.

Lastly the movement of Danial Wellington watch’s are quartz movements. They are accurate but they aren’t anything special like a mechanical movement is.

So, overall Danial Wellington watches are of good quality if you’re looking for a fashion watch. They are not of good quality if you’re after a serious watch to add to your collection.

There are much better watch brands to choose from. From brands who put some serious craftsmanship and design into their watches. And pride themselves on making affordable, mechanical watches that will last.

Are Daniel Wellington watches waterproof?

Daniel Wellington watches are not waterproof, no watch can be labelled as waterproof. They can only have a certain level of water resistant.

Daniel Wellington watches have a water resistance of 30m (100ft). Which means it can only handle accidental splashes.

So Daniel Wellington watches are far from waterproof. You need to keep them away from water.

Are Daniel Wellington watches unisex?

Yes, Daniel Wellington watches are considered to be unisex. All their styles are fairly unisex and would suit anyone who likes their design.

The Daniel Wellington watches come in a range of sizes:

Where are Daniel Wellington watches made?

Daniel Wellington watches are made in China. Their watches are manufactured with parts from around the world.

Daniel Wellington’s quartz movements are from Miyota, and produced in Japan.

However, their watches are designed in Sweden. As this watch brand is a Swedish watch brand.

Why Daniel Wellington is so popular

Daniel Wellington is so popular because they sell really popular watch styles. The minimalist, Bauhaus style of dial is exceptionally popular today.

Their watches are also very understated and so can be a great everyday watch style. The brand stays on trend and provides watch styles that people love.

Also their watches are affordable. We think there are better watches for that price. But you can’t deny that their watches won’t break the bank.

Are Daniel Wellington watches worth it?

If you like the style of these watches and are after an on trend watch. Then yes, Daniel Wellington watches are worth it for you.

But if you are looking to start a serious watch collection. Then it would be better to choose a Daniel Wellington alternative.

A similar watch like the Orient Bambino Version 3 would be a great choice instead.

Where to buy Daniel Wellington watches

For the best price, we recommend buying a Daniel Wellington watch on Amazon.

Check out the Daniel Wellington watches available now.

Daniel Wellington Alternatives

If you’ve decided against buying a Daniel Wellington watch, there are plenty of other brands that offer this style, price, but are serious about their craft.

Here are our top 3 Daniel Wellington alternatives, all of these brands offer a similar minimalist, and classic design.

Orient Bambino

Orient Bambino Version 3

The Orient Bambino dress watch collection is our top pick for the best Daniel Wellington alternative.

Orient is loved in the watch enthusiast community. As they produce excellent mechanical watches at really affordable prices.

The Orient Bambino is considered one of the best affordable, mechanical dress watch collections around today. Their Version 3 has a great minimalist, Bauhaus design.

The only thing is these watches are much thicker than a Daniel Wellington. As they come with a domed watch crystal, and they need to be able to fit their larger mechanical movement.

The difference in quality between an Orient and a Daniel Wellington is stark.

Dive into this affordable dress watch collection in our Orient Bambino Watch Review.


Searching for a minimalist watch that has a NATO strap, then the Timex Fairfield is an ideal affordable choice.

These Daniel Wellington alternatives come in a range of NATO strap colors to pick from.

These watches have the same thickness, as they come with a quartz movement. They also have that minimalist design. Yet, they are more affordable compared to Daniel Wellington watches, and are likely to last longer.

Plus Timex get a lot of respect in the watch community.

You can buy Timex Fairfield watches on Amazon.


If you’re prepared to spend double for the real deal. Then the German watch brand Junghans has some gorgeous mechanical, or more affordable quartz watches to choose from. All made in Germany.

Many come with cool minimalist dials. The quality upgrade is huge when you compare one of these watches with a Daniel Wellington.

Yes, these watches cost more. However, they are an ideal choose for someone looking to start their watch collection.