How Does A Solar Watch Work | Learn How Here

Are you wondering…how does a solar watch work?

Or have you ever wondered…what is a solar watch?

In this blog post we’ll help you understand how solar watches work, and what solar watches are. Along with many other frequently asked questions surrounding this fairly new type of watch.

Did you know that a solar watch is powered by the sun? Solar watches are great because they don’t need to be charged with electricity!

Read on to find out what makes them stand out from other types of watches.

What is a solar watch?

A solar watch is a watch that charges itself with light. Rather than using electricity, it obtains energy from a light source.

A solar watch is a type of watch that’s powered by sunlight and also artificial light too.

Sunlight and artificial light - light sources for solar watches

How does a solar watch work?

A solar watch works by converting light energy into electrical energy. 

Light generated from the sun, or often any other artificial light source, enters through the watch’s dial and then hits the watch’s solar cells. These solar cells are usually stored just under the surface of the watch’s dial.

This then triggers an electrical current, and this electrical energy then passes to the battery. This energy charges up the battery, and stores the energy here.

What is Eco-Drive Technology?

The top Japanese watch brand; Citizen, has their own solar technology, which they named Citizen Eco Drive Technology. But it simply means that these watches are powered by solar. The same process as explained above.

Below you can see inside the solar movement of a Citizen watch from a short video.

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Do solar watches need batteries?

Yes, solar watches need batteries.

However, the battery in a solar watch is constantly recharging with energy from sunlight or artificial light.

This makes them very easy to maintain – you never need to worry about replacing the battery, or worry about your watch dying all of a sudden. Once it remains charged from light.

How to charge a solar watch

You charge your solar watch by exposing it to light. It can be sunlight or artificial light. The light source is what charges the battery and powers your solar watch.

So simply keep your watch out of the dark. Keep it on a shelf in a well lit room and your solar watch should always remain fully charged and working.

How long does a solar powered watch last?

A solar powered watch can last for over 10 years without needing their battery to be replaced. They can even last for up to 20 years or more.

It really does depend on how well you look after your watch, and the quality of the solar watch. However, overall this type of watch is a very long lasting type of watch.

Are solar watches reliable?

Yes, solar watches are a very reliable type of watch. They are extremely accurate, as accurate as a quartz watch. They are also more reliable than a quartz watch due to their battery being able to charge by being exposed to solar energy.

Once you keep your solar watch exposed to sunlight on a fairly regular basis. Then your solar watch will be sure to keep running for years and years.

Are solar watches worth it?

Yes, solar watches are worth it. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Solar watches don’t need their battery changed regularly like a quartz watch.
  • Instead their battery is charged up from being exposed to a light source.
  • This makes them very low maintenance, while also remaining as accurate as a quartz watch.
  • Some solar powered watch can last for over 20 years.

Quartz vs Solar

Both solar watches and quartz watches are extremely accurate timepieces. And both contain a battery inside of their movement.

However, when we compare quartz watches vs solar watches. There appears to be a main problem with quartz watches. Which is that after a number of years, the battery inside of a quartz watch will die.

So you need to replace the battery in a quartz watch. Or else you risk that dead battery from leaking battery acid inside of your watch.

Yet with solar powered watches, you don’t need to worry about replacing a battery in your watch. This is because the solar watch is constantly recharging the battery from energy from light.

This makes solar watches even easier to maintain, compared to the low maintenance quartz watches.

Pros + Cons of Solar Watches

Here is a handy breakdown of the pros of solar watches vs cons of solar watches. This should help you decide whether a solar watch is the type of watch you want next.

Pros of Solar WatchesCons of Solar Watches
Can charge from sunlight and artificial lightSome cheaper watches need constant light
Low maintenance watchSometimes more expensive than quartz
Long power reservesSolar cells need to be able to catch the light
Simple to chargeMight not suit dress watches
Long lasting batteryNot as romantic as a mechanical watch

Best Solar Watches

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