6 Best Greek Watch Brands From Greece (+1 Extra)

In general, Greeks are known for their love of high quality fashion items. They have excellent taste when it comes to clothes and design so it’s no surprise that they produce some fashion forward timepieces.

In this blog post we’ll break down the top 6 Greek watch brands around today. Taking an in depth view of watch each of these Greek watch brands have to offer.

From handmade luxury Greek watches, to Greek inspired dive watches, and more.

We’ve even included a bonus big name watch brand at the end who were founded by a Greek founder in 1884.

Greek Watch Brands

  1. Ianos
  2. LouAnn
  3. Breeze
  4. Folli Follie
  5. Oxette
  6. Loisir

Get a quick overview with our Greek Watch Brands comparison chart.

Watch Brand With A Greek Founder

Greek Watch Brands Comparison

Here is a handy comparison chart of the 6 top Greek watch brands around today.

Greek Watch BrandStyleGreek Designed Watch
IanosVintage inspired, Greek heritage watches

Swiss made

Mechanical watches for men

Beautiful dive watches
LouAnnLuxury Greek watches handmade in Greece

Specialize in custom made watches for men and women
BreezeOffer 100m (330ft) of water resistance

Plenty of fun and colorful designs with Mediterranean style

Watch collections for men and women
Folli FollieLarge selection of women’s fashion watches

Folli Follie watches available on Amazon
OxetteWide range of womens and mens fashion watches
LoisirLots of sparkly, girly fashion watches to choose from

1. Ianos

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Ianos is a Greek watch brand, that in terms of its soul is Greek, yet their watches are Swiss made. However, from their collection it’s clear that this watchmaker has a strong Greek heritage that it’s proud of and inspired by.

The name Ianos (Ιανός) is a male name in Greek, it translates to door, gate, or archway.

Greece is a nation that has one of the longest coastlines in the world. Which means this nation is built around the sea and life at the sea. Therefore the Greek watch brand Ionas provide plenty of dive watches that can handle life at sea.

One dive watch collection from Ianos is the Avyssos collection. Avyssos is the Greek word for abyss. Giving a nod to the deep depths of under the sea.

The Avyssos is a tool watch made to withstand a beating and built to go to depths up to 300m (1,000ft).

The Avyssos dive watch has the style of a classic dive watch with a vintage look to it. It also comes with a mechanical hand wound movement, with an open caseback too. So you can see your timepiece at work.

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Specs of an Avyssos dive watch

Also you’ll notice the seconds hand of the Avyssos watches have been replaced by an ancient  mechanism that was even once used in ancient Greece. Instead of counting seconds with a hand, it counts seconds with a rotating mechanism. Adding to this watch’s Greek heritage and unique look.

Discover the Greek inspired Avyssos dive watch collection from Ianos on their online store.

2. LouAnn

LouAnn’s slogan is ‘Handmade Precious Watches’. This luxury Greek watch brand specialize in just that, making all their watches by hand in Greece.

LouAnn was started in 2004 by Greek designer Loukas Mainas. His goal was “to create the first first handmade, precious Greek watch”. Which he achieved with his first release of the LouAnn Transparent. 

Photo of a LouAnn Transparent watch - a handmade luxury Greek watch
LouAnn Transparent Handmade Greek watch

This luxury Greek watch was handmade in Greece and made from 18k gold and bedazzled in precious stones. You can take a look into the making of this luxury watch in a behind the scenes video.

Loukas Mainas is also a jewelry designer, so you’ll see this influence in his watch designs. With many of his timepieces decked out in jewels.

This Greek watch brand is known for creating customizable watches, due to all of their watches being handmade. You can contact them to start the process of making a unique luxury LouAnn watch.

LouAnn still has a ready to order collection of their luxury Greek made watches on their online store. Which you can discover here.

3. Breeze

Breeze is a Greek fashion watch brand based in Athens. Their goal is to create fun and affordable watches that have a Mediterranean flare to them.

Photo of a Breeze bright blue watch
Breeze Watch

This Greek watch brand likes to regularly update their fashion watch collections with the latest trends. They also offer jewelry too.

This brand has only been around since 2013, so they’re pretty new on the scene.

Breeze watches are not focused on the movement. Instead their watches are powered by reliable, low maintenance quartz movements. For Breeze it’s all about how they look.

You can learn more about fashion watches, and other watch styles in our guide.

However, Breeze watches do come with a decent level of water resistance of 100m (330ft), which means that you can get them wet and not worry. However, it’s best to not wear these watches in the shower or while swimming.

Their timepieces are built from stainless steel, and come in a wide range of color combinations to choose from. With a big selection of watches for women, and a smaller selection for men.

Check out the Breeze watch collection on their website.

4. Folli Follie

Folli Follie is a women’s Greek fashion brand who offer a wide selection of watches, jewelry and fashion accessories. They were first founded in Greece in 1982.

Folli Follie is an international Greek watch brand, and they offer a large selection of watches for just women. From ceramic watches, to bracelet watches, and many other interesting styles.

Like Breeze, Folli Follie offers only fashion watches. So you aren’t going to get the same level of quality and craftsmanship as a watchmaker dedicated to the art of watchmaking, like LouAnn or Ionas.

Instead you’ll get a reliable quartz fashion watch, in a wide range of cool, interesting styles to choose from, at a fairly inexpensive price.

You can discover the big range of Folli Follie watches on Amazon.

5. Oxette

Oxette is a Greek fashion brand, who create watches and jewelry. For both men and women.

Oxette offers some affordable fashion watches in a range of styles. They offer many watches in the ever popular Bauhaus style. Which involves having a minimalist dial, with elongated and thin hands and hour markers.

Their marble style dial designs are particularly pretty.

Photo of a Oxette watch with a marble style dial
Oxette Marble Dial Watch

Many of their styles are in very popular and trendy designs. Such as two tone stainless steel, or watches that have an oversized look to them.

Oxette is headquartered in Athens and they’ve been around since 1998. You can discover the entire Oxette watch collection on their website.

6. Loisir

Photo of a Loisir Midnight Sun watch
Loisir Midnight Sun Watch

Loisir is a Greek fashion brand that specialize in jewelry and watches for women. Their slogan is ‘The Perfect Gift’.

These watches are very girly, with plenty of plush pastels, gold, silver, and sparkles. Their watches with sparkly dials are a real favorite.

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Loisir’s watches are very inexpensive, and come in a wide selection of colors and styles. These watches are all about trends, and are purely fashion watches.

This Greek watch brand has only been around since 2009. Plus, both Loisir and Oxette are Greek fashion brands that are owned by the same company; Perideo S.A. So you’ll notice a clear similarity between the two.

You can discover all of the girly watches from Loisir on their website.

Watch Brand With Greek Founder

As a bit of a bonus brand, we wanted to include a very well known brand that was founded by a Greek founder. 

That is the top luxury Italian watch brand and fashion powerhouse; Bulgari.


Bulgari was founded by Sotirios Voulgaris (Σωτήριος Βούλγαρης). Voulgaris was from a silversmithing family from Greece, the Epirus region. However, Voulgaris had moved to Italy before he founded the jewelers; Bulgari, in Rome.

Bulgari Serpenti

Bulgari are most famed for their Serpenti bracelet watches. These watches were first introduced by the brand during the 1940s. When Voulgaris’ two sons were running the watchmaker and jewellery brand.

Bulgari are still considered an Italian watchmaker, you can learn more about them in our guide to the best Italian watch brands.


Greece wouldn’t be as well known as a nation of watchmakers. Yet, as we can see from our research Greece has some interesting Greek watch brands on offer.

Now, why not check out more brands from around the world in our ultimate guide to watch brands.