12 Cool Danish Watch Brands From Denmark

Danish watch brands often go by the motto of ‘Less is More’.

Minimalist Danish design is a worldwide phenomenon today. With many watch brands embodying this popular Danish aesthetic.

The aesthetic of simplicity.

From watch brands fit for royalty, like Georg Jensen and Ole Mathiesen. To brands embodying the work of famous Danish designers, like Jacob Jensen Design and Arne Jacobsen.

If you like minimalism, then the Danes will have a watch brand for you.

Best Danish Watch Brands

  1. Ole Mathiesen
  2. Jacob Jensen Design
  4. Georg Jensen
  5. Nordgreen
  6. Larsen & Eriksen
  7. PICTO
  8. Arne Jacobsen
  9. Skagen
  10. Bering
  11. Sebastian Frost
  12. Mermaid Stories

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1. Ole Mathiesen

Two watches from the Heritage 1919 collection from Ole Mathiesen. First watch has a silver metal case and band with a white dial. Second watch has a silver metal case and a leather band.
Ole Mathiesen – Heritage 1919 Collection (Image : Ole Mathiesen)
Founded: 1845
Founders: Carl Matthæi & J. P. Christensen
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Ole Mathiesen is a Danish watch brand that produces beautiful, luxury handmade timepieces.

This watchmaker is one of Denmark’s most prestigious watch brands. Dating back to 1845, this watchmaker was appointed a watchmaker of the Danish royal court.

Their timepieces are pieces of Danish watchmaking history.

Ole Mathiesen’s Heritage 1919 collection is a testament to their past. Incorporating timeless Danish, minimalist design. With Swiss mechanical movements.

The Danish brand released their first diver’s watch in 2017. They now have a dive watch collection on their online store.

However, their “dive” watches are more suited to swimming than scuba diving. As their water resistance is only up to 120 meters.

Check out the Ole Mathiesen online store, to find all of their creations.

2. Jacob Jensen Design

Founded: 1958
Founder: Jacob Jensen
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Legendary Danish designer Jacob Jensen, is behind this watch brand from Denmark.

He is a famous Danish industrial designer. Most famous for being the lead product designer at Bang & Olufsen. Creating high-end home appliances from the mid 1960s.

Now he leads a design team creating beautiful watches, clocks and other appliances.

All his products still embody his love of slick minimalist design.

His award winning Strata collection is an excellent example of his work. With a simple, uncluttered dial. Fitted with a reliable Ronda Quartz movement.

Its design is versatile too. As you can swap out the watch’s strap for a new color with ease.

Check out some cool Jacob Jensen watches on Amazon.


Founded: 1919
Founder: Lars Larsen
Location: Svendborg, Denmark

LLARSEN is a Danish watch brand that still crafts their watches by hand in Denmark.

The creator of the brand was Lars Larsen, a passionate Danish watchmaker of the past.

Their watches are surprisingly affordable.

This watchmaker keeps it simple with an uncluttered dial. 

All of their timepieces come with easy to change watch straps. So that you can switch up the look of your watch easily. This feature is very popular in Danish watch design.

They also have beautiful and affordable moonphase watches and chronographs to choose from too.

Check out all of their timepieces on the LLARSEN online store.

4. Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen – Vivanna Bangle Watch (Image : Georg Jensen)
Founded: 1904
Founder: Georg Jensen
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Georg Jensen is another luxury Danish watchmaker and jeweler. Founded by Danish silversmith Georg Jensen.

They not only create luxury watches and jewelry. But they also design home products too.

Their Vivianna collection stands out. With their bangle watches.

First designed in 1969. These hybrid timepieces make a statement on your wrist. They can even come with diamond encrusted dials and bezels.

Georg Jensen does have the Koppels collection and Concave collection. For a more traditional timepiece selection.

You can view their entire collection on the Georg Jensen online store.

5. Nordgreen

Founded: 2017
Founder: Pascar Sivam & Vasilij Brandt
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Award winning Danish designer; Jakob Wagner is the Chief Designer at Nordgreen. He values making practical timepieces that look good too.

Nordgreen is actually a typical surname in Denmark. Making the name very Danish.

This brand does cater to vegans. With a collection of vegan friendly Nordgreen watches.

Their Pioneer collection is award winning. Plus it offers a range of very affordable chronographs. All made with Japanese movements and of course designed in Denmark.

All their timepieces use eco packaging too.

The brand also attempts to be a socially responsible corporation. They’re involved in a Giving Back Program. Which donates to a few charities.

Check out the selection of Nordgreen watches on Amazon.

6. Larsen & Eriksen

Larsen & Eriksen – Lab Collection (Image : Larsen & Eriksen)
Founded: 2015
Founder: Jeppe Larsen & Magnus Eriksen
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish watch brand; Larsen & Eriksen. Pride themselves on their unique watch designs. Designing almost all from scratch in their Copenhagen studio.

But, on occasion they collaborate with other design studios. Such as their collection designed with the New York-based Poulsen Projects. 

They also only use Swiss made movements.

Their timepieces have the classic minimalist design that the Danes love. While also producing some very quirky and industrial looking watches.

Such as their limited edition Lab collection. This collection often acts as their prototype area, where they test out new designs.

You can check out their full watch collection on the Larsen & Eriksen online store.


Founded: 1984
Founder: Steen Georg Christensen & Erling Andersen
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

PICTO is a Danish watch brand that takes the motto of less is more to a whole new level.

Their watches and clocks only consist of a rotating dial and one hand. These watches really only indicate the time! Learn more about how they work.

These watches were created by two hippies in the 80s. They just wanted everyone to slow down and take a more relaxed approach to telling the time.

PICTO likes to brighten up their minimalist designs, with combinations of colors that pop.

Check out all these minimalist PICTO watches and clocks on Amazon

8. Arne Jacobsen

Founder: Arne Jacobsen
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Created by world renowned Danish architect and designer; Arne Jacobsen.

Arne Jacobsen also dabbled in clock design. That is why this brand came into being, and brought his original drawings to life.

All of Arne Jacobsen’s watches are based on his clock designs. You can learn more about the story behind each watch.

The watches are Danish designed, and some limited edition watches are Swiss made. Their timepieces come in two case sizes; 34 mm and 40 mm.

Check out a selection of Arne Jacobsen watches on Amazon.

9. Skagen

Founded: 1989
Founders: Henrik & Charlotte Jorst

Skagen is a Danish watch brand that designs not just watches. But bags, jewelry, and other goods too. 

They’re an affordable watch brand, and durable too.

This brand was started by a Danish couple, after they emigrated to the US. So the brand is a combination of Danish design, and American entrepreneurship.

Their timepieces are modern and cool. However, if you are after a choice of traditional timepieces. Then this Danish watch brand isn’t for you.

Skagen specialize mostly in smartwatches. They’ve a wide range of smartwatches. Like touchscreen smartwatches, or what they call hybrid smartwatches.

Their hybrid smartwatches have the look of a traditional watch. That has been enhanced with smartwatch features. Like activity tracker, sleep tracker, Gps, alarm, and more!

Check out the huge selection of

Founded: 2008
Founder: René Kaerskov

The Arctic is the inspiration behind this Danish watch and jewelry brand. The Danish brand began when René Kaerskov came back from his Arctic adventure.

The Danish watchmaker even takes its name from a famous Arctic explorer; Bering Strait. 

However, these timepieces are unlikely to last a tough expedition to the Arctic. However, they do have a cool Danish, minimalist aesthetic to them.

With clean uncluttered dials, with simple indices or none at all.

They’re an affordable watch brand, and come with quartz movements.

They’ve a wide range of mens and ladies watches, you can discover the Bering watch collection on Amazon.

11. Sebastian Frost

Sebastian Frost – 1977 Golden Edition (Image : Sebastian Frost)
Founded: 1999
Founder: Sebastian Frost
Location: Svaneke, Denmark

Sebastian Frost is a Danish goldsmith, jewellery maker, and watch maker too.

His Classic collection are watches that look like they’ve been forged by a goldsmith. Combining his three main skills. All are made with a quartz Swiss movement, and have a minimalist look.

This Danish watchmaker also features collections inspired by a more vintage aesthetic.

The 1977 Golden Edition is one such timepiece. The 1977 watch collection is a tribute to Sebastian’s year of birth. He took inspiration from the watches his grandfather wore in the 70s and 80s.

Majority of his timepieces come in x3 sizes; petite, unisex, and grande.

You can check out all of his timepieces on the Sebastian Frost watch store.

12. Mermaid Stories

Mermaid Stories – MIA (Image : Mermaid Stories)
Founded: 2016
Founder: Victoria Weber
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

This Danish watch brand’s look is a melt of mermaid aesthetics and Scandi chic. 

They’re a jewelry and watch brand. That is a perfect fit for those who love pastel colors, and all things girly.

Like their MIA watch pictured above. Which is a pretty pastel pink. With a comfortable case size of 37mm.

Also this cute brand features a mermaid engraving on the case back of their watches.

All of the Mermaid Stories watches are fitted with Seiko movements. So they’re reliable and accurate. You then have a choice of mesh or vegetable tanned leather, for your watch’s strap.

However, remember not to wear these watches in the water. They don’t have a high level of water resistance.

Check out the Mermaid Stories watches on their online store.

To Sum Up

Keeping things simple is a Danish motto, and the Danish watch brands like to stick to it. Keeping to their aesthetic of minimalism.

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