10 Best Chinese Watch Brands From China

China has some serious watchmaking capabilities. But ‘Made in China’ often doesn’t make people think of high quality products.

However, we want to prove this wrong.

In this blog post we’ll take you through the top 10 best Chinese watch brands that you should take notice of.

Starting with our favorite Chinese watch brand; Sea-Gull. Check them out.

We then will help you discover others. From beautiful handmade luxury watches from Beijing. To cool, affordable, and fashionable watches from up and coming Chinese watchmakers.

Chinese watch brands deserve more recognition in the watchmaking world today.

Scroll down to find out why.

Best Chinese Watch Brands

  1. Sea-Gull
  2. MEGIR
  3. FIYTA
  4. Beijing Watch Factory
  6. Memorigin
  7. Atelier Wen
  8. Tian Wang
  9. Rossini
  10. EBOHR

1. Sea-Gull

Sea-Gull is China’s largest mechanical watch producer. The Sea-Gull Chinese watch brand was first founded in 1958, and is still located in Tianjin, China.

Sea-Gull is China’s oldest watch manufacturer that’s still running today. Known as Tianjin Seagull Watch Co., they’ve been manufacturing watches since 1955.

If you’re looking for one of the most famous Chinese watch brands. Then Sea-Gull might be it.

Sea-Gull offer a wide range of mechanical watches made in China. Really high quality timepieces made in a large range of classic designs. From moonphase watches to Bauhaus style timepieces. There should be a Sea-Gull watch that everyone likes.

Also what is great about this Chinese watch brand is the price. Sea-Gull watches are surprisingly affordable. You get a lot of watch for your money.


MEGIR is one of the many bargain Chinese watch brands.

They’re a brand who are focused on selling to consumers in the West. A look at their Instagram page, and you would think that they’re based in the US or Canada.

One thing is true, MEGIR watches are super affordable! 

For less than dollars you can pick up a dress watch, a chronograph, or a waterproof sports watch. Now for that price you can’t have huge expectations.

But if you need a quartz watch that looks good on a tight budget, MEGIR could deliver.

Their watches are available on the MEGIR Amazon store.


FIYTA is one of best selling Chinese watch brands. They’ve a huge retail reach across Asia, they’ve been around since 1987.

FIYTA is the watch brand of the Chinese Space Agency. They’re Aeronautics collection shows off this link. With a cool engraving on the back of the watches’ case.

This Chinese watch brand like to experiment with their designs. Making for some unusual and very cool watches.

There are a small selection of FIYTA watches on Amazon. However, eBay has a much better selection of these Chinese watches.

Click the button to discover them.

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4. Beijing Watch Factory

For pure handmade craftsmanship and luxury. The Beijing Watch Factory is considered by many to be the leader in luxury Chinese watchmaking.

This watch brand makes all their timepieces by hand. Their pieces are just exquisite. You can see the attention to detail and passion they put into their watchmaking in the above video.

Their timepieces come in a range of prices. From affordable to luxury. You can find a timepiece from the Beijing Watch Factory to suit any budget.

From tourbillons, to enable dials, since 1958 Beijing Watch Factory have been creating treasures.

So many beautiful watches from BWC, so don’t wait…


This watch brand is a leader in watch design. Taking inspiration for their timepieces from a range of avenues. To create unique collections.

LONGIO’s Telamon collection takes inspiration from Greek mythology. While their art deco inspired and Avant-garde range is their Asmara collection.

Mi Changhong is the watch company’s founder and lead designer for their brand. He wanted to create timepieces that are works of art and original.

Many of these watches come with Swiss made mechanical movements too.

You can shop for the whole range of LONGIO watches on their Amazon store. You can also check out LONGIO’s bestselling watches by clicking the button below.

6. Memorigin

Memorigin is a Hong Kong watch brand. It’s the first Hong Kong watch company that only produces tourbillons.

All of their luxury watches feature an open heart on the dial. An open heart is the balance wheel on show from the mechanical movement. This is like the heart beat of your watch.

Their watches are a mix of oriental and western heritage. The brand only uses their own in-house movements. The brand also offers custom engraving, to make your tourbillon timepiece truly unique.

7. Atelier Wen

Purple strapped watch from the Chinese watch brand Atelier Wen.
Hao Purple Edition (Image : Atelier Wen)

A brand that fuses Paris and Beijing is Atelier Wen. This independent watch brand began from a collaboration of Chinese and French designers.

Their name is both Chinese and French, and it translates to ‘culture workshop’.

Each of their timepieces come with a story behind them. And pays homage to Chinese heritage in some way. Also the pieces are made with automatic mechanical movements. With parts being handcrafted too.

Artelier Wen make for heirloom quality watches so they come in at luxury prices.

Their timepieces are limited editions and regularly go out of stock.  If you go to the Atelier Wen website and sign up for their newsletter in the chat box. You’ll hear about their next release.

8. Tian Wang

Tian Wang watch.
Permanent Series (Image : Tian Wang)

Tian Wang is a Chinese watch brand that is super popular in China. They’re regularly one of the top 500 brands in China each year. They’ve been around since 1988.

Tian Wang translates to “emperor”. Which is a good match for their crown logo symbol.

The watch brand has a huge selection of timepieces in their many collections. Most are at an affordable price. 

Most of their collections are split into series for men and series for women. Their Permanent Series is one of the few unisex collections.

Check out their full collection on the Tian Wang website.

9. Rossini

One of the top watch brands in Asia. Rossini is a leading Chinese brand that was launched in 1984. It is now owned by the CityChamp watch group.

They’ve a good selection of men’s watches and women’s watches.

They’re a good brand if you are in need of a very affordable dress watch. They have a lot of pieces in that style. Especially in the women’s section.

Rossini timepieces have a quartz movement. You would buy a piece for their design, and price. They look great, and won’t break the bank.

Some of their timepieces are available on Amazon UK.

However, for the best selection of Rossini watches you should go to eBay and browse them there.


Dress watch from Chinese Ebohr watch brand.
Master Watch (Image: EBOHR)

EBOHR is a top watch brand in China, and also one of the top watch brands in Asia. The watch brand was established in Shenzhen in 1991. It’s now a member of the CityChamp watch group.

The brand’s motto is ‘Engineered Elegance’.

They have a range of sports, business, casual, and dress watches in their collections. With a large choice of mens, womens, and couple’s timepieces. Most are at reasonable and affordable prices.

The watch company has even opened up their own EBOHR Timepiece Culture Museum in the city of Shenzhen, 2018.

So…Which Watch Next?

From our overview of the best Chinese watch brands. You can see that many beautiful watches are made in China.

China has so many great watchmakers too offer us, that it can be hard to choose just one for our next watch.

But our favorite still is Sea-Gull. This Chinese watchmaker have been making gorgeous mechanical watches since the 1950s. And they’re pretty affordable too.

Discover Sea-Gull watches now.

Need More Inspiration?

Now that you know which are the best watch brands from China. You should know check out more top watchmakers from around the world.

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