Top 10 Best Canadian Watch Brands

The watch industry is on the rise in Canada, with many new Canadian watch brands emerging.

In this blog post we’ve researched which Canadian watchmakers deserve your attention. From cool micro-brand watchmakers, to a few big named brands.

Our favorite Canadian brand has to be the Marathon Watch Company. A top military grade watchmaker.

But keep reading to discover even more cool brands from Canada.

List of Canadian Watch Brands

  1. Marathon Watch Company
  3. 2nd Shot
  4. Whitby Watch Co.
  5. Solios
  6. Ferro & Company
  7. Novo Watch
  9. Konifer Watches
  10. Medium

Best Canadian Watch Brands

Take a look at our breakdown of the top 10 best Canadian watch brands around today.

Starting with our number one pick which is the Canadian military watchmaker; Marathon Watch Company.

Marathon Military Watch

1. Marathon Watch Company

The Marathon Watch Company is best known for their tough, military grade watches.

This Canadian watch brand has been around since 1939. All of their watches are designed in Canada, however, they are all built in Switzerland. 

We love their military dive watches best, like their rugged looking TSAR diver.

The Marathon Watch Company has been designing and creating military watches for the allied forces since the period of the Second World War, in 1941.

If you’re after a timepiece that is built for the special forces then you can’t go wrong with a Canadian/Swiss Marathon watch.

Check out their latest watch collections today on Amazon. Or you can discover a wide range of Marathon watches on eBay.



The Vancouver based Canadian watch brand; MOMENTUM, creates really affordable, and yet, high performing watches.

The level of watch water resistance on their watches is impressive for the price.

All of their watches are assembled by hand in their Vancouver base. With their watch parts coming from all across the world. MOMENTUM favor Japanese watch movements in their timepieces.

They offer a wide range of affordable divers, field watches, and more. You can discover MOMENTUM watches on their Amazon store, or on eBay.

3. 2nd Shot

Probably the coolest Canadian watch brand on this list is 2nd Shot. Because this watchmaker uses compressed old skateboards to create their unique designs.

This original Canadian watch brand was started by skateboarder John Gibson. He wanted to combine his passion for skating with his love for watches.

All of these watches are made in Canada too. You can learn how Gibson creates them in the video above.

The one issue with these watches is that they are usually very large. 

Many come in an almost too big case size of 51mm. So be wary as these watches might look too large on slimmer wrists.

This watch brand even offers custom work too. Check it out on the 2nd Shot store.

4. Whitby Watch Co.

Dive watch called the Intrepid Diver from Canadian watch brand; Whitby Watch Co.
Intrepid Diver (Image: WWCo.)

Then we have the Whitby Watch Co. who like to combine their love for Canadian history and heritage with beautiful timepieces.

This Canadian watch brand is a homegrown, family brand. Founded right on the shores of Whitby, Ontario. This watchmaker was founded by members of two Canadian families.

The founders wanted to create unique watches inspired by moments in Canada’s history.

All of their watch collections are limited editions. You can find their latest timepieces on the Whitby Watch Co. website.

5. Solios

Grey mesh minimalist watch from Canadian watch brand; Solios
Grey Mesh (Image: Solios)

If you like Solar powered watches then you’ll love the Canadian watch brand Solios.

This watchmaker began as a kickstarter campaign, launched in Montreal by university friends and founders; Samuel Leroux and Alexandre Desabrais.

Their goal is to create more sustainable watches that are powered by long lasting solar movements.

This Canadian watch brand even has a partnership with the Rainforest Trust. Plus Solios is also a B Corp certified company. Proving that they are serious about being a more sustainable watchmaker.

As for their watch designs, the Solios brand favors the very popular minimalist look. So you’ll see lots of clean, uncluttered designs for both men and women.

You can discover their latest watch collections on the Solios online store.

6. Ferro & Company

One hand race watch from Canadian watch brand; Ferro & Company
Race One Hand (Image: Ferro & Co)

Like many new watchmakers the Canadian brand Ferro & Company wanted to make timepieces at affordable prices. While also not compromising on quality.

This Canadian watch brand loves to make retro-looking watches. From watches inspired by old vintage cars, to interesting one-handed creations. 

If you’re after a vintage style looking watch then a watch from Ferro & Company is an ideal pick.

This Canadian watch brand uses Japanese or Swiss movements only. They also like to be innovative with their designs, making for plenty of unique creations to choose from.

You’ll find lots of race car inspired watches, pilot watches, and dress watches too.

You can discover their wide range of cool watches on Ferro & Company website.

7. Novo Watch

Novo Watch is an interesting Canadian watch brand as they like to use the steel from the old railroads of Canada to build their watches.

The railroads in Canada helped shape the nation so owning a piece of them in the form of a watch is something special.

Novo Watch has only been around since 2011, founded by Canadian Steve Christensen who is a self-confessed watch fanatic. 

This watchmaker wants to only build high quality Canadian watches, so they then decided to just power their watches with Swiss movements.

What is cool about this watch brand is that they are all about customisation. You take part in designing your unique timepiece. 

Learn how this is done on their online store


Dress watch in black and gold from Canadian watch brand; BERG & BETTS
Mindful (Image: BERG & BETTS)

Another Canadian watch brand keen to hop on the sustainability trend is BERG+BETTS.

They say that they do this by committing to ethical manufacturing and by using “waste” leather for their watch straps.

However, all of their watches are made in China, where they work with the non-profit SEDEX.  This organization is said to be dedicated to ensure fair working conditions for workers.

As for their designs they love to use minimalist styles which are very popular today. 

Their designs are pretty standard though, but aren’t too expensive. Check them out here.

9. Konifer Watches

Wooden watch from Canadian watch brand; Konifer Watches
Klassic Stainless Black (Image: Konifer)

Now onto something a little bit more different from Konifer Watches. As this Canadian watch brand specialises in making wooden watches.

Founded in Quebec in 2012, this brand has been creating these interesting natural wooden watches since then.

This French Canadian brand also takes part in a reforestation initiative. For each watch you buy, Konifer will plant a tree on your behalf.

Wooden watches wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste. But if you are intrigued, then take a look at their latest watch collections on their online store.

10. Medium

Gold watch from Canadian watch brand; Medium
The Debut (Image: WATCH IT!)

The Canadian watch retailer; WATCH IT! Have their very own watch brand called Medium.

WATCH IT! is one of the top retailers for Canadian watch enthusiasts. On their website you can shop from the world’s leading watch brands.

However you can also purchase a watch from their very own brand Medium. 

Medium watches are very affordable and come in classic designs.

Most of their watches even come with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Plus they’re powered by Japanese Miyota movements. So you are getting a decent watch for you money.

Check out the Medium watch collection on the WATCH IT! website.


Canada might surprise many watch collectors with their great selection of Canadian watchmakers. From leading military watchmaker Marathon, to many other cool, and unique brands. 

But why not take a look at top watch brands from even more countries from around the world.