Best Watches For Teen Boys | Our Top Picks

It can be a bit of a challenge to find the perfect watch for your son, nephew or grandson. But don’t worry – we’re here with our best picks and reviews!

We’ve compiled this list of some of the most popular watches out there on the market today that would work well as gift for a teen.

So don’t fret, and check out the best watches for teen boys.

Best Watch Brand For Teen Boys

Our number one top pick for the watch brand that provides the best watches for teen boys, it has to be G-Shock.

G-Shock has a huge cult following among teens and watch collectors. They offer super durable, shock resistant, and tough watches that are built to last and look very cool.

Not many teen boys would be disappointed if they got a G-Shock watch as a gift.

Best Watches For Teen Boys

  1. G-Shock
  2. Seiko
  3. Orient
  4. Casio
  5. Freestyle
  6. Luminox
  7. Timex
  8. Swatch
  9. Flik Flak

1. G-Shock

G-Shock is an off shoot of Casio, and is known for their chunky watches that are super popular among teen boys.

Shock resistance and durability is what G-Shock watches are world famous for. So they make ideal watches for teen boys who are active and need a watch that can keep up with their lifestyle.

One of our favorite G-shock watches for teens is the G-Shock GM5600B-1. With it’s cool camo design dial, and square shaped case. It has a military watch feel to it.

This watch comes with plenty of water resistance too. With up to 200m (660ft) of water resistance. So you can swim with this watch and have no issues.

Another fantastic watch for teen boys has to be the super tough G-Shock GWM5610-1. This watch is like an updated solar powered version of the legendary G-Shock DW5600E-1V. Which holds a Guinness world record for durability.

The G-Shock GWM5610-1 is a powered by solar energy. This watch can last for up to 10 months without being exposed to light, when it has a full charge. So it’s a powerful and low maintenance watch.

This watch comes with the usual handy features found in G-Shock watches. Like daily alarms, stopwatch, countdown timer, LED backlight, and of course plenty of shock resistance and water resistance too.

Amazon have a huge selection of durable G-Shock watches for teen boys to choose from. Check them out.

2. Seiko

Seiko is one of the world’s most legendary watch brands. Seiko make some of the world’s most popular watches, their dive watches have a real cult following. They often come with a wide range of interesting nicknames too.

We think Seiko make an ideal watch choice for teen boys. As their first Seiko watch will probably spark your teens interest in watches, and watch collecting.

Seiko make mechanical watches, as well as easier to manage quartz watches.

A great first mechanical watch for a teen boy from Seiko has to be the Seiko Sea Urchin. This watch is from the legendary Seiko 5 collection. All Seiko 5 watches are affordable and come powered by an automatic Seiko movement.

The Seiko Urchin, also called the Seiko SNZF17, has a classic dive watch design that reminds us of a legendary Rolex Submariner.

If you want to learn more about the best dive watches from Seiko then check out our review of the top Seiko dive watch collection.

Or dive straight into the Seiko Amazon store to discover their wide collection of watches ideal for teens.

3. Orient

Orient is another iconic Japanese watch brand and they make excellent watches for teen boys. Buying your teen an Orient will be sure to spark their interest in mechanical watches.

The Orient Bambino collection has a serious cult following in the watch collecting world. They’re known as one of the best affordable mechanical watch collections around today.

These watches offer a huge selection to choose from. From Open Heart watches, to Bauhaus style watches, to more vintage style timepieces. You should find an ideal watch gift in this collection.

These watches are fairly understated so can be worn with most outfits. However, they do make for a great dress watch that can be worn on more formal occasions. And an Orient Bambino makes for an excellent birthday or graduation gift.

We’ve done a full review into the Orient Bambino, check it out to learn more about this entire collection.

Another range from Orient that make for excellent watches for teen boys is their Kamasu dive watch collection.

Not only do these dive watches come with 200m (660ft) of water resistance and an automatic movement. These diver’s also come fitted with a sapphire watch crystal. The type of crystal that’s fitted on luxury watches. Except the Kamasu collection is at a really reasonable price.

4. Casio

Casio is famous for making some of the world’s most affordable and durable watches. So they make great watches for teen boys.

Many of their watches come in plain black or white. However, Casio also offer some really bright, durable watches ideal for teens. Such as their F108WH collection. Which comes in an option of bright red or bright blue.

These are super affordable Casio watches, and come with a few handy features too. Like a daily alarm, LED light, stopwatch, and more.

Now if you’re after a watch that’s a little more quirky. Then Casio’s Calculator watches are a really cool choice. These are super retro timepieces, and are sure to get noticed. Also it will probably to come in handy at school.

Casio make these Calculator watches in a wide range of colors. From green, white, black, and even gold or silver.

These three Casio watches are just the tip of iceberg in terms of watches for teen boys. Casio seriously have so many great watches to choose from that will last and that won’t break the bank.

Go to the Casio Amazon store to check out their whole range.

5. Freestyle

Freestyle are known as a a cool skater and surf watch brand.

Freestyle is a brand that is a brilliant choice for teen boys who love to be in the water. They are ideal for a teen who loves to surf or swim.

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All of the Freestyle watches have a high level of water resistance. Up to 100m (330ft). They’re also built to be on the wrist of those who are in need of plenty of shock resistant too.

Many of their watches even come with night vision, which helps them be easily read at night. Plus all of these watches have an easy to read digital display too, adding to their sporty look.

One of the things we love most about Freestyle watches is their HUGE choice in funky color combinations and graphics. You’re bound to find one that your teen would like.

6. Luminox

If your teen loves the outdoors, adventure, and looks up to Bear Grylls. Then Luminox is probably the watch brand for them.

Luminox is a brand that builds watches for the British adventurer Bear Grylls, and they even have been commissioned by the Navy Seals to make military dive watches.

The Bear Grylls watch collection is an ideal choice for a teen boy who is a fan of the adventurer.

While the Navy Seal watch collection produces some excellent, durable watches that all teen boys would love. We especially love their black on black watch style, which is linked below.

However, if you’re a fan of color Luminox watches come in many color combinations to choose from.

All Luminox watches also come with a minimum water resistance of 200m (660ft). So they are perfect for teens who spend time in the water. Plus all Luminox watches have fantastic, long lasting lume too.

The selection of color combinations is extensive. With the Luminox Amazon store providing plenty of choice.

7. Timex

Timex is one of the last few great American watch brands. Timex watches are very popular and very affordable. They make for great watches for teen boys.

Their field watches are both stylish and durable, perfect for everyday wear.

So if you’re looking for a watch that will be dependable and looks great with almost any outfit, a vintage style Timex field watch is an excellent choice.

Our two favorite watch collections from this watchmaker is the Timex Expedition collection and the Timex Weekender collection.

We’ve done a full review of all of the best watches from Timex. You should check it out. Or why not now just check out the full range of Timex watches for teen boys on Amazon.

8. Swatch

Everyone has probably heard of Swatch. This Swiss watchmaker has been around since the early 1980s and has remained a firm favorite among teens and young adults since then.

Swatch watches are a great choice for teens who love bright colors and cool designs. The watches come in many different styles, materials and prices.

The Swatch Amazon store has a wide selection of fun watches to pick from. We found it very difficult to narrow down the amount of Swatch watches for teen boys that we wanted to show you. There’s just too many to choose from!

The majority of Swatch watches come fitted with easy to manage Swiss made quartz movements. However, Swatch now do offer some mechanical watches as well.

Swatch love to be innovative with their designs and have some really quirky, and cool watches to choose from. Like their automatic Sistem 51 SUTW404 model.

This watch is an excellent inexpensive Swiss made mechanical watch. An ideal introduction into the world of Swiss mechanical watches for teen boys.

9. Flik Flak

Flik Flik is the sister watch brand to Swatch. This brand only creates watches for kids, and maybe younger teens.

These watches are not as mature as the majority of watches for teen boys that we’ve included on this list. However, they offer great choice for young teens with slim wrists.

All Flik Flak watches are Swiss made and are powered by quartz movements that are made in Switzerland.

Flik Flak offer a wide range of styles of watches to choose from. With many bright color combinations on offer.

A really great feature of the Flik Flak watches is that they are machine washable. Which is super handy to make sure these watches stay clean. You can wash them up to 40°C (104°F)!

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Our Verdict

There are so many great watches for teen boys available today.

Our top pick remains G-Shock, as they are one of the world’s most popular watch brands among teens. They provide super durable watches with high level of shock resistance. Plenty of water resistance and lots of cool styles to choose from.

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