Top 7 Best Watches For Nurses In 2021

Nurses are usually on their feet all day. They have to wear comfortable shoes and clothes that are easy to move in so they can take care of their patients quickly. 

They also need the best watches for nurses so they don’t miss a beat with everything they do!

In this blog post we’ll give you the best watches for nurses out right now.

Best Watches For Nurses

  1. Speidel Original Scrub Watch™
  2. Speidel Scrub 30 Version 2 Pulsometer Watch
  3. Casio LRW200H-7BV
  4. Casio F105W-1A
  5. Wenger Seaforce 33mm
  6. Wenger Seaforce 43mm
  7. Anzorhal Lapel Watches

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Best Watch For A Nurse

Our pick for the best watch for a nurse is the classic Original Scrub Watch™ from Speidel. It’s the ideal watch for a nurse.

Speidel is a watch brand that specializes in medical watches. These nurse watches are very easy to read, durable, and have a great water resistance, which is helped by the silicone strap.

Also there are so many color combinations to choose from too.

Plus this nurse watch is super affordable. You can find the Speidel Original Scrub Watch™ on Amazon.

Comparison Of The Best Watches For Nurses

Check out our quick comparison of the best watches for nurses. So that you can get a handy overview on what nurse watches are out there today.

Best Watches for NursesPriceFeatures
Original Scrub Watch™
Check PriceBuilt for nurses and other medical professionals

Easy to read


Wide range of color choices for the silicone band
Scrub 30 Version 2 
Pulsometer Watch
Check PriceBuilt for nurses and other medical professionals

Has a pulsometer scale on the dial


Great silicone band color selection
Check PriceEL backlight

Digital display

Alarm function

Very affordable
Check PriceBright white with colorful hour markers

330ft (100m) water resistance

33mm case size

Very affordable
Seaforce 33mm
Check PriceSwiss made

660ft (200m) water resistance

Can go swimming with this watch

33mm case size
Seaforce 43mm
Check PriceSwiss made

660ft (200m) water resistance

Can go swimming with this watch

43mm case size
Lapel Watches
Check PriceGreat choice for nurses who can’t wear wristwatches

Very affordable

Luminous hands

Wide range of colors


Types of Nurse Watches

There are two types of watches for nurses. It’s a choice between a wristwatch or a lapel watch (also known as a fob watch).

A wristwatch is the classic style of watch that a nurse would wear on their wrist. However, in some cases wristwatches are not allowed to be worn due to hygiene reasons.

Lapel Watch (Fob Watch)

If a nurse can’t wear a wristwatch they can wear a lapel watch (a fob watch) instead.

A lapel watch is worn attached to a nurses’ scrubs or uniform. The lapel watch also has an upside down dial. So that the nurse can read the time when they look down at it attached to their clothing.

Photo of two lapel watches, consider one of the best watches for nurses
Lapel Watches

A lapel watch allows the nurse to check the time while their hands are clean, busy or dirty. It’s a hands free way a nurse can tell the time.

Amazon has a small selection of very affordable lapel watches to choose from. 

Our top pick for the best lapel watch (fob watch) for a nurse from Anzorhal, and they come in a selection of colors to choose from.

Best Watches For Nurses

This is our list of the best watches for nurses. Many medical professionals are able to wear a watch on the wrist no problem.

Whereas some prefer to use a lapel watch (fob watch) that they can attach to their clothing instead.

We’ve included both types of nurse watches in this review.

1. Speidel Original Scrub Watch™

When you’re caring for people, it pays to be accurate and speedy. This watch is designed specifically for medical professionals.

The Original Scrub Watch™ from Speidel is affordable, durable, and built for nurses needs while on duty.

The durable silicone band resists water or any other cleaning agent used between patients while still holding up through thousands of hand washings. 

What truly makes this timepiece stand out is its highly-visible red second hand which can be used for performing accurate pulse readings. Helped with this nurses watch with sweeping second hand, in bright red.

You’ll have a wide choice of color combinations, with over 15 colors to choose from for their silicone straps. Plus the straps from Speidel are always easy to adjust for almost any wrist size.

You can buy the Original Scrub Watch from Speidel on Amazon.

2. Speidel Scrub 30 Version 2 Pulsometer Watch

This is the second version of the popular Scrub 30 Pulsometer watch from Speidel.

This easy to read watch is perfect when monitoring your patients and displaying accurate readings. The white face features 12 and 24 hour markers as well as day and date windows.

Around the dial as well is a built in pulsometer scale. This allows you to perform pulse readings with the help of this watch.

Like the Original Scrub Watch™, this watch helps you to perform pulse readings with it’s clear dial in the medical colors. 

Yet, the Pulsometer watch from Speidel makes it even easier thanks to the pulsometer scale around the dial, coupledwith a sweeping seconds hand. Very handy for a nurse, or any medical professional.

Like most of Speidel’s affordable nurse watches, this comes in a great selection of silicone bands to choose from too. That can adjust to most wrist sizes.

You can buy the Pulsometer nurse watch from Speidel on Amazon.

3. Casio F105W-1A

Casio is one of our top choices of watch brands for affordability and durable timepieces. Casio is also one of the world’s leading Japanese watch brands.

So for anyone who needs a watch for a demanding job, Casio always provides great choices.

Their classic digital watch, the Casio F105W-1A with added illuminator, is both super affordable and super durable. 

This watch is great for nurses who regularly need to work nights. As the watch comes with an EL backlight, so that the time can be read with ease at night.

This watch also comes with many features that will come in handy for a nurse on shift, such as:

  • Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Calendar

The Casio F105W-1A digital watch is very inexpensive. 

Plus this watch can easily be worn by men and women, the strap is easily adjusted to most wrist sizes.

You can get the Casio F105W-1A on Amazon.

4. Casio LRW200H-7BV

This bright white Casio LRW200H-7BV watch with the bright hour markers, is a favorite timepiece among nurses.

It’s once again from the top affordable Japanese watch brand; Casio.

This nurses watch has a water resistance of up to 330ft (100m). So it’s well able to withstand plenty of hand washing throughout the day.

Casio also has plenty of color variations of this timepiece. With many super bright colors on offer. Even offering this watch in bright pink.

This timepiece has a popular dive watch look to it, and comes in a compact size of 33mm.

You can purchase this Casio LRW200H-7BV watch on Amazon.

5. Wenger Seaforce 33mm

Wenger is an affordable Swiss watch brand, and they offer durable Swiss made watches.

The Wenger watches are the priciest on this list, however, you pay higher for Swiss watches. The Seaforce range are beautiful timepieces.

The Wenger Seaforce watch comes with a water resistance of 660ft (200m). Which means these watches can handle lots of handwashing and can be worn swimming, and snorkeling too.

The Seaforce range comes in two sizes; 33mm and a 43mm.

You can find this blue Wenger Seaforce 33mm on Amazon.

6. Wenger Seaforce 43mm

Now for the larger case size of the Wenger Seaforce, is the 43mm.

This watch comes with plenty of water resistance. Up to 660ft (200m) of water resistance. So it can withstand a whole lot of handwashing.

The Swiss made Seaforce range from Wenger are the most expensive nurse watches on this list.

However, with these timepieces they can be an everyday that can be worn off duty. They can even be worn while swimming or snorkeling.

So if you’re willing to splurge a little, then this Swiss brand is a great pick.

You can buy the Wenger Seaforce 43mm on Amazon.

7. Anzorhal Lapel Watches

Amazon has great deals on lapel watches (fob watches). Where you can get a multi-pack of lapel watches, with a large choice of colors.

They’re a very affordable option, and a great choice for nurses who cannot wear wristwatches while on duty.

You can choose a x3 pack.

Or even a x5 pack option of fob watches. With a great range of colors on offer from Anzorhal.

Our Verdict

There are two types of nurses watches to choose from. A nurse can wear a wristwatch, or else they can wear a lapel watch (also known as a fob watch).

In terms of the best wristwatch for a nurse, the Original Scrub Watch™ from Speidel is an ideal choice.

Speidel is a watch brand that makes watches specifically for nurses and other medical professionals. So of course they would make the best pick.

They’re easy to read, durable, and their straps can adjust to almost any wrist size. Which makes for an easy present for any nurse in need of a new watch.