Best Watch For Teenage Girls | Our Top 7 Picks

In this blog post we’ll help you find the best watch for teenage girls.

Finding the perfect watch for a teenage girl can be difficult. So we’ve done the research for you and reviewed the top watches and watch brands that teens love.

Our top pick for teen girls is the cool watchmaker; Skagen. Check them out.

However, we’ve got a great selection of other top teen watch brands to look though down below.

From retro and vintage inspired watches, to sporty watches from top brands as well. We’ve even included a top smartwatch brand (Fitbit) that we know is super popular among teens.

Picking out the best watch for teenage girls can be a daunting task, at least this review will make it that bit easier.

Let’s go!

Best Watch For Teenage Girls

  1. Skagen
  2. Freestyle
  3. Fitbit
  4. Swatch
  5. Casio
  6. Timex
  7. Flik Flak

Comparison: Best Watch For Teenage Girls

Here is a quick comparison of the best watch brands for teenage girls. We’ll give you an overview of what makes them an ideal choice, and where to buy them too.

Best Watch For Teenage GirlsFeaturesPrice
Top Danish watch brand

Ideal watch for a style conscious teen

Gorgeous, minimalist collections

Cool, bright watches

Everyday watches

Or watches for special occasions
Check Price
Cool teen surfer & skater brand

Perfect watch for teens who love the water

High levels of water resistance

Big selection of graphics to choose from

Big selection on their Amazon store
Check Price
Fitness focused smartwatch

Perfect for sporty teens

Can keep track of sleep, steps, and exercise

Can use to keep track of 20+ types of exercises 

Easy to change bands to mix & match to your outfit
Check Price
Iconic teen watch brand

Swiss made

Wide range of different watch sizes

So many cool styles to choose from

Huge selection on their Amazon store
Check Price
Top Japanese watch brand

Affordable and durable watches

Great selection of digital watches

Known for their retro watches

Baby-G collection offer high shock resistance
Check Price
Vintage inspired field watches

Top American watch brand

Adorable Snoopy inspired collection

Affordable and well made

Ideal choice for a classic watch
Check Price
Flik Flak
Swiss made

Ideal for young teens or teens with slim wrists

Small wrist sizes

Colorful watches

Machine washable
Check Price

1. Skagen

Skagen is a super cool Danish watch brand. They specialize in innovative, and fairly inexpensive watch ranges.

Majority of their watches feature clean, minimalist dials. Also a lot of their watches have bright pops of color to make them stand out.

We think their watches are the best watch for teenage girls.

You can find a big selection of Skagen watches on the Skagen Amazon store.

From timeless looking classic dress watches, often featuring gorgeous mother of pearl dials. To trendy recycled steel, and wooden watches. That are more Eco friendly and stand out from the crowd.

Their bright lime green watch is one of our favorites, and an ideal pick for teen girls. It’s bright and loud, while also keeping with the minimalist style that’s very popular today. It also comes with a clear see-through band too.

These watches also come in funky graphic prints as well.

This super cool Danish brand have a gorgeous, and affordable jewelry line too. You can check out the full watch and jewelry range on their Amazon store.

2. Freestyle

Freestyle is a very cool surfer and skater watch brand. They make durable, chunky, water resistant watches. That are built to be the best watch for teenage girls who are sporty.

We’ve even included Freestyle in our top picks for the best surf watches too.

This watch is a unisex watch brand, they create excellent watches for teenage girls and boys. They’re probably the most alternative and coolest watch brand on this list.

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The digital watches are made from a tough plastic that’s shatter-resistant. A lot of these watches come with night vision features, so you can read the time easily at night as well.

All the Freestyle watches come with at least 100m (330ft) of water resistance. So you can wear this watch in the pool, or in the ocean. It can handle being on the wrist of surfer or swimmer with no problems.

What we love most about this teen watch brand is their huge choice of graphics. Whatever your favorite color is, you’re bound to find a Freestyle watch to fulfill it. They even have understated black and white watches too.

3. Fitbit

Smartwatches that are fitness focused are all rage nowadays. They can really help you live a healthier lifestyle, and they make for a great watch for teenage girls.

If you’re after a gift for a teen girl who is really sporty, or simply wants to have a watch with a lot more features. Then the Fitbit Charge 4 is an ideal choice.

This smartwatch can help you keep track of:

  • Your steps taken everyday
  • The quality of your sleep each night
  • It can also track the intensity of your workout by measuring your pulse rate
  • Plus it synches with your smartphone, so you can keep track of your messages too

The Fitbit Charge 4 is one of the latest versions of this smartwatch. However, the version Charge 3 is still available and works great. Even the Charge 2 is available too. But we’d recommend that you stick with the newer versions.

Also a great feature of these smartwatches is that you can change the watch’s band real easy.

Amazon offer a big selection of silicone sports bands so that you can mix and match them with your outfits. They’re very affordable and are a great way to make this smartwatch more versatile and fun for everyday use.

4. Swatch

The legendary watch brand; Swatch has been a brilliant watch choice for teenage girls since the 1980s.

They’re a brand that’s loved by teenage girls and boys. This watchmaker is an ideal pick for a fun, colorful, and unique Swiss made watch.

The majority of these watches are fitted with Swiss made quartz movements. So they are accurate and reliable.

Swatch has a huge selection of color combinations, sizes and watch styles to choose from. We’ve linked some of our top choices for the best Swatch watch for teenage girls.

We found it really difficult to choose from all the best Swatch watches for teens from this Swiss brand. So you need to check out the Swatch store on Amazon to see them all.

5. Casio

Casio is one of Japan’s most famous watch brands. They have a huge range of watch styles and models that would suit most teenage girls.

One of our top favorites is their classic digital watches that look like they are straight out of the 1990s. The F-91WS collection from Casio comes in a wide range of shades to choose from. Here are our top shades that teens like best:

We also love many of the other retro inspired digital watches from Casio.

For a more vintage 1980s watch for teens, the Casio LA670WGA collection is a really cute range. You can pick gold or silver, and they each come in a choice of colors for the dial.

These watches might look small, but they are bigger than you think. However, they can still suit slender wrists.

Then if you’re after a more shock resistant watch for teenage girls. The Casio Baby-G collection is a great pick.

They make for a great choice for a durable watch for teenage girls.

The Baby-G design is much more chunky. These are designed for women but they’re also suited for teens. Just make sure to look at the case size of each watch to make sure it won’t be too large.

6. Timex

Timex is one of the world’s top affordable watch brands today. We’ve done a big review of the best Timex watches which you should check out.

Timex are known for their vintage inspired field watch designs. These watches are really cute, especially their Weekender Peanuts collection and make for an adorable watch for teenage girls.

Timex make classic watches with plenty of vintage style. Their watches have easy-to-read dials and the strap options come in a wide range of colors.

Timex are known for creating classic, timeless watches that are super affordable and very reliable. You can’t go wrong with one of their watches.

7. Flik Flak

Flik Flak is a top Swiss watch brand for kids and younger teens.

They offer watches that are reliable, durable, and colorful too. Their watches are all Swiss made. They’re a sister brand of the iconic Swatch watch brand.

Flik Flak have a large selection of watch color combinations to choose from. So it will be easy to choose out a great watch for teenage girls. These watches are probably best for the younger teens, or perfect for teens with slim wrists.

We love all of their funky colorful designs. Flik Flak watches are known for their super bright shades. Often with added sparkles too.

Flik Flak watch case sizes vary. So you can usually find one to suit.

One of the best things about Flik Flak watches is they they’re all machine washable! Up to 40°C (104°F), which is super handy.

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Our Verdict

The best watch for teenage girls has to be a watch from Skagen.

Skagen offer very cool, minimalist Danish design watches. From classic, understated designs, to brightly colored watches. To watches even made from recycled steel and wood.

We think Skagen make for an ideal choice for the best watch for teenage girls.

You’re also spoiled for choice on their Amazon store as they have a large selection to choose from. So check them out!