15 Of The Best Red Watches For Men

If you love the color red, and are in need of a red watch. Then this blog post is for you.

We’ve researched the best red watches for men from some of our favorite watch brands.

The majority of these red watches are very affordable, and all of them either come with a red dial, a red strap, or are red all over.

Like our top pick from Nixon, the all over red Nixon A1309.

But keep scrolling to explore the other red timepieces we’ve discovered.

Let’s go!

Best Red Watches For Men

  1. Nixon A1309
  2. Victorinox I.N.O.X.
  3. Seiko Presage SRPE41J1
  4. Vostok Komandirskie K-65
  5. BERING Red Watch
  6. Orient Kamasu
  7. G-Shock GA-700-4ACR
  8. Garmin Instinct Solar
  9. Apple Watch Series 6
  10. Luminox 3600 Navy Seal
  11. Bulova Marine Star
  12. Swatch SUOR701
  13. Casio F-108WHC-4ACF
  14. Skagen Aaren
  15. Timex Weekender

1. Nixon A1309

What’s cool about this red watch from Nixon is that it’s made from plastic taken from the ocean. Giving a new lease of life to the plastic that ends up in the sea.

That’s one of the reasons why we chose this bright red Nixon watch as the best red watch for men.

The Nixon A1309 is an ideal watch for those who love the ocean too. As this digital watch comes with 100m (330ft) of water resistance. So it can be worn while swimming.

Nixon is the watch brand built for surfers and skaters. So they’re fairly tough, and very comfortable to wear all day.

The screen on this red watch is a high contrast LCD. Meaning you can read the time no matter how bright or dark it is outside.

Plus the case size of this watch is ideal for almost all wrists, large or small. At 38mm it will suit almost anyone.

This watch also comes in a range of other colors, but we have to say we do love the vivid red one best.

Check out our top pick for the best red watch for men.

2. Victorinox I.N.O.X.

If you’re after a tough watch that’s also red, then the red Victorinox I.N.O.X. is a perfect choice for you.

The I.N.O.X. collection is produced by the Swiss watchmaker Victorinox, who also makes Swiss army knives. 

To be honest this is one of our all time favorite watch collections.

These watches are the watches who have been put through a series of torture tests and proved that they can withstand almost anything.

Just take a look at one of the freeze/heat tests below…

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

These professional dive watches come with 200m (660ft) of water resistance, and can be worn while scuba diving. They also are equipped with an antimagnetic case as well.

So if you work near magnets you won’t have to worry about this watch getting damaged.

They are one of the more pricier watches on this list, however, it’s built to last. And is the ideal everyday red beater watch.

Discover more about this tough red watch now.

Just watch out (excuse the pun..) when picking out an I.N.O.X. watch as there are three types; quartz, diver, and mechanical. And each of them come with different specs.

3. Seiko Presage SRPE41J1

Seiko are one of our all time favorite watch brands, as they produce some excellent yet affordable timepieces.

The Seiko Presage collection is best known for some really gorgeous mechanical dress watches.

We’ve picked the Seiko SRPE41J1 from this range to include in our best red watches for men review.

This red watch from Seiko has a beautiful dial. It’s in a more deep red, rather than a bright red hue.

The watch is powered by a Seiko automatic movement, which you can see thanks to the exhibition caseback. This movement comes with a 41 hour power reserve.

We think this watch is perfect for a formal event, or if you’re after a fancy everyday timepiece.

This watch definitely looks the part, and isn’t too expensive. Check out the latest price here.

4. Vostok Komandirskie K-65

Vostok is one of the most famous Soviet era watch brands around today.

And their Komandirskie K-65 mechanical watch is another one of our best red watches for men.

It comes with an automatic mechanical movement, and overall this watch has a cool, vintage, military feel to it.

With the nylon strap adding to the retro military feel of this watch.

The case is 42mm, and is a brushed stainless steel case. It has a cushion shape to it.

The beautiful red dial is the real eye-catching detail. With it’s clear indices and hands that will illuminate in the dark.

This watch is a diver, and comes with a water resistance of 200m (660 ft). So it can handle being worn while swimming or diving.

This affordable red watch is a piece of history. Vostok’s timepieces have not changed much since they first started making watches for the Soviet military in 1965.

The Vostok Amphibian is their most famous watch yet, and holds the title of the world’s first Soviet dive watch.

Check out the latest price for the red Komandirskie K-65 watch.

5. BERING Red Watch

BERING is a cool, Arctic inspired Danish watch brand.

They offer the very popular minimalist Danish aesthetic in their timepieces. With clean, uncluttered dials and a contemporary look to them.

We really love their ultra thin red BERING watch. Which only measures 6mm thick, making it a very slim watch.

This red watch also comes in two case sizes of 39mm (best for most men) or else a 31mm case size.

However, the best part of this watch is its crystal. As it’s made of sapphire crystal, this type of watch crystal is the most scratch resistant today.

You only usually find this type of crystal on luxury watches, so to find it on an affordable one is great!

Discover more about this red BERING watch here.

6. Orient Kamasu

Orient have outdone themselves with this affordable dive watch range nicknamed the Kamasu.

And luckily for us it has a red dial version. However, this watch comes in many other colors too.

The Orient Kamasu collection is one of our favorite affordable sapphire crystal divers.

Sapphire crystal is super scratch resistant. You don’t usually find it on such a cheap dive watch.

The watch is built from stainless steel, with a good case size of 42mm. So it should suit the average wrist.

Orient like to use their own in-house built mechanical movements. Their Kamasu watches have an automatic movement, with a power reserve of around 40 hours.

Find out more about the red Kamasu watch from Orient.

7. G-Shock GA-700-4ACR

G-Shock loves their big watches, and the red G-Shock GA-700-4ACR is one of their newer models.

This 52mm G-Shock has a cool multi-dimensional, 3D dial. Giving it the look of carved metal. It’s a thick watch too with an 18.4mm case thickness.

So this watch will definitely suit those who love big, chunky looking timepieces.

This watch is great for those who love to travel. It comes with world time, including 31 time zones. Making it easy to check the time around the globe.

Plus it has plenty of other handy features, like alarms, stopwatch function, and countdown timer.

Like all G-Shock watches, this red watch comes packed with plenty of shock resistance as well.

Plus it also comes with a high level of water resistance, so you can wear this watch while swimming.

What we also love is that this watch is very easy to read, thanks to its very bright LED light.

Check out this tough G-Shock watch here.

8. Garmin Instinct Solar

Garmin are known for their tough, sporty watches. Their Instinct Solar collection is one of our top picks when it comes to a fitness focused smartwatch.

They even have a Garmin Instinct Solar watch in a fiery red too! 

The red version comes with all the main features like:

  • GPS capabilities
  • Shock resistant case
  • Track workouts (swimming, running, cycling, and more)
  • Monitor your heart rate
  • Track your sleep

What we love most about this watch is that it is a solar watch. Meaning it charges when in sunlight, or from any light source.

Keeping the battery lasting longer, so you won’t need to charge it as often.

Learn more about this tough red watch now.

9. Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 is one of the most sought after smartwatches around. 

And what’s great is that the Apple Watch comes in red!

The all over red design is one of their most attention grabbing, and looks great with the sporty red silicone strap.

The Apple Watch comes in a choice of 40mm or 44mm. 

These smartwatches are only compatible with an iPhone, so don’t purchase this smartwatch if you aren’t happy to use an iPhone as well.

There are so many smart features packed into these watches. We especially love their health and fitness features. Like workout tracking, heart rate monitoring, and more!

Learn more about the Apple Watch here.

Or simply check out our guide to the top pros and cons of owning an Apple Watch. To discover if this smartwatch is for you.

10. Luminox 3600 Navy Seal

Luminox is a military watch brand best known for their Navy Seal approved timepieces.

Their Navy Seal range also has a couple of watches which incorporate the color red. Like their Luminox 3600 Navy Seal watch.

While this watch isn’t as red as some of the others on this list. But we do love the red and black combination it has going on.

This diver with it’s silicone red strap has a water resistance of 200m (660ft), so it’s definitely built to be on the water.

All Luminox watches are Swiss made, and this one is powered by a Swiss made quartz movement. 

The watch doesn’t have a sapphire crystal protecting the glass, but it does have a sapphire anti-reflective coating protecting it. So you’ll get some level of scratch resistance.

Discover more about this rugged, military diver now.

11. Bulova Marine Star

Bulova has a lovely red dial watch in their Marine Star collection, the Bulova Marine Star model 98B350.

Their Marine Star range is their collection of nautical chronographs. They all look like a great everyday chrono.

The red version has a case size of 43mm. The bold red within the dial really pops against the stainless steel case and bracelet.

We love the combination of red and black for the dial. The watch has plenty of luminosity, thanks to the lume on the hands and markers.

The only thing that disappoints us is that the level of water resistance is fairly low. Especially for a watch geared for sailing.

It only has 100m (330ft) of water resistance. Which is okay, but not as good as the dive watches on this list. Learn more about water resistance levels here.

But overall this really is a gorgeous looking watch and makes for a stand out everyday timepiece.

Discover more about this red watch from Bulova now.

12. Swatch SUOR701

Swatch is a Swiss watchmaker best known for their bright, plastic, quartz watches. That they started making during the quartz crisis of the 80s.

All of their watches are manufactured in Switzerland and all are pretty affordable.

Swatch produces many bright red watches too.

One of our favorites has got to be the Swatch SUOR701. This watch is from their New Gent range.

This collection from Swatch produces their classic watches but in a bigger size. This red watch comes in a 41mm, ideal for modern tastes.

They also have a cool red/pink camouflage version as well.

Learn more about Swatch, and whether you should get yourself a Swatch watch, in our Swatch brand review.

13. Casio F-108WHC-4ACF

Casio is one of the world’s most loved affordable watch brands. We especially love their great selection of durable digital watches.

For those who want a red watch, then Casio F-108WHC-4ACF is a great pick.

This chunky red digital watch makes for a fun everyday timepiece. It’s coated it’s case and band in a bright red color, which will for sure make it stand out on your wrist.

This watch comes with many handy features, like:

  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • X5 Alarms

The watch has some water resistance, however, it’s best to keep it dry.

Find out more about this red digital watch from Casio.

14. Skagen Aaren

For one of the most vivid red watches in this review, we have to turn to the Danish brand Skagen.

The Aaren red watch from Skagen is the brightest of reds, with the color covering the entire watch.

From the strap to the dial, and to the watch’s case. This watch really is for those who love the color red.

Skagen is known for making fashionable and affordable watches. They like to make watches that have a Bauhaus aesthetic to them.

Which makes them cool, contemporary, and yet easy to read.

The Aaren watch collection also comes in a range of other bright colors to choose from, if you ever tire of red.

Check out this fun collection from Skagen.

15. Timex Weekender

Probably the most unique red watch on this list is the Linus’ Timex Weekender watch from their Peanut collection.

Timex are best known for their super popular field watches. With their Weekender collection being their best selling.

One of these Timex watches makes for an excellent timepiece that you can wear everyday.

We love the Peanut line, as each of them comes with their own character from the old Peanuts comic strip. They make for a really cool retro looking watch.

You can either pick a Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy or Linus van Pelt themed watch. Where their arms act as the hands of the watch.

The red comes into play with the Snoopy or Linus van Pelt versions.

But all of these watches are very unique and very affordable, check them out here.