The 9 Best Orange Dive Watches | You’ll Love Them!

Orange dive watches might not be to everyone’s liking.

But we sure as hell love them!

In this blog post we’ll help the orange dive watch lovers out there discover a tangerine diver of their dreams.

We know that price matters, so most of these divers are pretty affordable.

Apart from our number one pick!

Doxa orange dive watches are our top pick.

They are a bit pricey. However, you get a great mid-range watch that’s a super bright orange too!

Best Orange Dive Watches

  1. Doxa Sub Orange Dive Watches (Our Top Pick)
  2. Bulova Devil Diver (Runner-Up)
  3. Seiko SKX011J1 (Legendary Seiko Diver)
  4. Seiko Nemo SBDY023 (Limited Edition Orange Diver)
  5. Orient Ray Raven II (Affordable Seiko Alternative)
  6. Seiko SRPC55K1 (Cheaper Seiko Monster)
  7. Tissot Orange Seastar (Affordable Swiss Made Diver)
  8. Seiko Samurai SRPC07 (High Contrast Matte Orange Dial)
  9. Invicta 4186 Pro Diver (Budget Orange Diver)

1. Doxa Sub Orange Dive Watches

Our Top Pick!

Doxa orange dive watches
Case Diameter 42-42.50mm
Case Thickness 13.40-14mm
Water Resistance 200m (330ft) minimum
Can go a lot deeper!

Swiss Made Since 1889

Doxa is a cool, independent watch brand from Switzerland. They’re a pretty old watchmaker, dating back to 1889

Doxa is an expert when it comes to dive watches. Divers are their specialty. And orange dive watches are found all across the Doxa range.

Bright, Bright Orange

We love their divers because they come in super bright shades of orange. If you’re looking for an eye-catching watch…then Doxa has that.

All of their dive watches are built for scuba diving. They can handle depths of at least 200m (660ft). While most can handle 1,200m or more.

Built To Last

These divers come with a Swiss automatic movement, a unidirectional bezel, a 316L stainless steel case, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Because of this, you get a diver that will last.

The main drawback is the price. Doxa divers aren’t cheap.

They’re a mid-range watch and are the most expensive orange divers on this list.

2. Bulova Devil Diver


Case Diameter 44mm
Case Thickness 14mm
Water Resistance 666ft (200m)

Retro Style

The Bulova Devil Diver Oceanographer, also known as the 96B350 model. It’s another cool retro-looking diver from this American brand.

Bulova has a collection of vintage-style dive watches, in their oceanographer range. We love the devil diver best from this line. Thanks to its eye-popping orange dial. It really makes a statement.

Comfy As…

Thanks to its soft polyurethane strap, this watch is super comfortable. It makes for an easy-to-wear everyday watch.

Devilish Water Resistance

Across the dial, you’ll see the level of water resistance. It’s at 666ft, which is a number linked to the devil…hence the name.
The watch is even fitted with a sapphire crystal. Which will help you keep the dial scratch-free.

This watch is ISO certified, so you can wear it swimming, snorkeling, or diving.

3. Seiko SKX011J1

Legendary Seiko Diver

Case Diameter 43mm
Case Thickness 13mm
Water Resistance 660ft (200m)

Casual Diver With A Twist

The SKX range is a legendary dive collection from Seiko.

We love their orange version called the Seiko SKX011J1. It’s a great everyday dive watch, that has a twist to it thanks to its sunny orange dial.

The orange and gold version is our favorite and often costs a little more. The main issue is that there have been reports that the gold bezel is likely to fade after many years of wear.

Made In Japan

Whenever you see a J1 in the name of the Seiko watch. Then you know that this watch has been made in Japan.

If it’s made in Japan, it also comes with a Japanese-made Seiko movement. An automatic caliber 7S26 with a 40-hour power reserve.

Easy To Read

This Seiko diver is very easy to read. Especially in bright light and underwater. Thanks to the really bright orange dial.
But for even better readability, you should consider the Pepsi bezel.

4. Seiko Nemo SBDY023

Limited Edition Orange Diver

Case Diameter 47.70mm
Case Thickness 13.40mm
Water Resistance 660ft (200m)

Limited Edition Seiko Turtle

The Seiko Nemo got its nickname thanks to its bright orange dial. 

These Seiko dive watches are from the popular Seiko Turtle dive range. One of Seiko’s top dive collections.

The Nemo divers have been released a few times. Below are each of the models connected with this Seiko nickname so far:

Each one was a limited edition. So they are in short supply.

Sunburst Orange Dial

The gorgeous sunburst dial is what makes the Nemo special. It’s the ideal summertime orange dive watch. Super bright and a really fun watch to wear in the sunshine.

Funky Cushion Case

The case shape is why these watches also have the Turtle nickname. As the case looks similar to that of a turtle’s shell.

We love this case shape because it gives the diver a retro feel. It gives it a look of an old-school 1970s watches.

But, this shape does make the case that bit bigger. S it might run a bit large for smaller wrists.

5. Orient Ray Raven II

Affordable Seiko Alternative

Case Diameter 42mm
Case Thickness 13mm
Water Resistance 660ft (200m)

Cheaper Alternative To Seiko SKX 

Orient is the sister brand of Seiko. Which makes them a great pick if you want an orange diver that’s more affordable.

The Orient Ray Raven II is one of the best affordable alternatives to the Seiko SKX.

Like Seiko, Orient makes all of their mechanical movements in-house. The Ray II comes with an automatic movement. 

The only major issue with this watch is the stiff bezel and crown. It can be pretty difficult to unscrew the crown at times.

Same Color As The Doxa

If you love the vivid orange of the Doxa divers. Then the Orient Ray II is a way for you to get that orange dial at a cheaper price.

Pair With A NATO Strap

This orange dive watch is a handsome-looking diver. We recommend that you pair this watch with a NATO strap to give it a James Bond look.
Go for a 22mm strap to fit this orange diver. Check out some NATO straps here.

6. Seiko SRPC55K1

Cheaper Seiko Monster

Case Diameter 45mm
Case Thickness 13mm
Water Resistance 330ft (100m)

Cheaper Seiko Monster Alternative

If you love the Seiko Monster. Then you’ll definitely like the Seiko SRPC55K1. This Seiko is a cheaper alternative to the loved orange Seiko Monster.

The SRPC55K1 diver is part of the Seiko 5 collection, which is probably Seiko’s most affordable range.

Heavy & Chunky Sports Watch

The beefy rotating bezel is what gives this watch its Monsterous looks.

This watch is big and chunky. The bezel makes the watch appear bigger than it actually is. So only go for this watch if you want something that’s big.

But remember this watch is not a true dive watch. It doesn’t have the level of water resistance needed for diving. It’s just a sports watch and shouldn’t be worn on a dive.

Made In Korea

When you see a Seiko watch have a K1 on their model number. Then you know that the watch was made in Korea.

7. Tissot Orange Seastar

Swiss Made Orange Diver

Case Diameter 45.50mm
Case Thickness 12.80mm
Water Resistance 1,000ft (300m)

Swiss Made Orange Diver

Tissot is one of the top affordable watch brands from Switzerland.

The Tissot Seastar collection is an inexpensive Swiss-made diver range. With high levels of water resistance and plenty of styles.

The orange Tissot Seastar isn’t the most orange diver on this list. But the understood black and orange styling make it stand out.

Plus there are many other colors to choose from in the Seastar range.

Chronograph Function

This orange diver is one of the few dive watches on this list with a chronograph function (a.k.a. stopwatch feature).

But always make sure to screw down the pushers and the crown before wearing this watch swimming. This will make sure to keep water out of this sporty diver when you wear it swimming or snorkeling.

Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal

Sapphire is the best watch crystal, thanks to its levels of scratch resistance. Tissot also added double-sided anti-reflective coatings to the crystal. 

This means you won’t get any annoying glare when you’re reading the dial-in bright light.

8. Seiko Samurai SRPC07

High Contrast Matte Orange Dial

Case Diameter 43mm
Case Thickness 13mm
Water Resistance 330ft (100m)

Smaller Monster

Many liken the orange Seiko Samurai SRPC07 to the orange Seiko Monster.

We think it’s a more grown-up and refined version of the Seiko Monster. As it’s on the smaller side. So ideal for those who like the Monster but have slimmer wrists.

High Contrast Matte Orange Dial

We love the orange dial on this dive watch. It has a matte look to it, so you won’t get the shimmer of a sunburst dial like the Seiko Nemo.

This dial has a really nice high contrast to it. Which makes it very easy to read. Coupled with great luminosity as well.

Switch The Straps

The SRPC07 looks really great with a comfortable orange or black silicone strap. You should think about adding one to give it a sportier look.

And remember, this watch is just a sports watch. It isn’t a true dive watch as its water resistance is too low.

9. Invicta 4186 Pro Diver

Budget Orange Diver

Case Diameter 47.5mm
Case Thickness 16mm
Water Resistance 990ft (300m)

Budget-Friendly Orange Diver

If you’re on a really tight budget. Then the orange Invicta 4186 Pro Diver could be your best option. 

Invicta is the king of Rolex Submariner homage dive watches. Just take a look at their infamous 8926OB diver. It’s a clear knockoff of an old-school Sub.

Invicta can offer collectors super affordable mechanical watches, in very popular styles. Many beginner collectors can’t get enough of them.

BIG Watch

Invicta loves making huge watches. Their orange diver is one of the largest on this list. With a case size of 47.5mm.

You’ll need a decent-sized wrist to pull off this watch.

Reddish-Orange Color

The color of the watch is an in-between red and orange color. It isn’t a clear, bright orange like most of the other watches. It definitely has red undertones to it.  So be wary of that.