30 Best Kids Watches To Learn To Tell Time

If you are looking for a watch your child will love, then this is the blog post for you! As we have reviewed some of the best kids watches. 30 kids watches in total! 

So you’ll be spoiled for choice. Plenty of colorful kids watches, Disney kids watches, and even smartwatches for kids too.

Knowing how to tell time is an important life skill. It can help your kids in school, and give them a sense of pride when they learn how to read their new watch. We’ve also reviewed a few of the best watches for learning to tell the time too.

So scroll through the 30 best watches for kids, and find a watch your kid will love.

Our Top Picks For Best Kids Watches

Our top picks for the best kids watches depends on your kids age, and their needs.

The Preschool watch is an ideal choice for any child who is just learning to tell the time, or is struggling to learn it.

Then the Freestyle kids watch is an excellent watch for swimming or days at the beach.

Also a Flik Flak watch is great for the pool, and they are machine washable too!

While the Garmin Jr fitness tracker is a super pick for a child who needs motivation to complete chores or you need a kids watch for GPS tracking.

Best Kids Watches

  1. Preschool Watch
  2. Freestyle USA Shark Clip Watch
  3. Garmin vívofit jr. Fitness Tracker Watches
  4. Flik Flak Color Blast Kids Watch
  5. NASA Touchscreen Watch
  6. Turn Life 3D Watches
  7. Timex Pink Easy Reader Watch
  8. Lacoste Kids Watches
  9. Marvel Spider-Man Touchscreen Watch
  10. DC Comics Batman Touchscreen Watch
  11. Fitbit Ace Fitness Tracker Watches
  12. Buildable LEGO Watch
  13. Timex Time Machines Digital Watches
  14. Ravel Dinosaur Watch
  15. Ferrari Kids Watch
  16. Casio F108WH Digital Watch
  17. G-Shock Baby G Watch
  18. CakCity Camouflage Sports Watches
  19. Disney Kids Watches
  20. Timex Time Machines Kids Watches
  21. Batman Glow In The Dark Watch

1. Preschool Watch

Preschool Easy Reader Watch

Instead of numbers around the dial, this Preschool Kids Watch has colors and animals. This watch has been proven to help kids learn to tell the time fast.

The animals represent the minutes, while the colors represent the hours.

You can use the watch to make telling the time fun. It’s a really fun way to help any child who is struggling to learn to tell the time.

For example you can use the watch to set bedtime, you can say: “It’s time to go to bed when the big hand is on the bear.”

Preschool Easy Reader Watch

You empower your child by giving them the knowledge of when things are happening in an easy way for young children to understand.

This watch strap is hypoallergenic, shock resistant, but is only splash resistant. So keep it away from water as much as you can.

Also be careful and supervise very young children while they wear this watch.

You can find a selection of Preschool Watches to choose from on Amazon.

2. Freestyle USA Shark Clip Watch

Freestyle Kids Watch

If you’re after a kids watch that’s built for a kid who loves to surf or swim. Then the colorful Freestyle USA Shark Clip kids watch is a great choice.

Water resistance is the best selling feature of this kids watch. As it comes with 100m (330ft) of water resistance.

It also comes with an easy to understand digital display. Plus it has a super secure Velcro strap too. Which will keep it nice and secure while surfing the waves.

Freestyle Kids Watch

Also Freestyle kids watches come in a wide range of bright colors to choose from, so you will be spoiled for choice.

You can find the collection of Freestyle USA Shark Clip kids watches on Amazon.

3. Garmin vívofit jr. Fitness Tracker Watches

Garmin vívofit jr. 3

This watch is ideal for kids who might be in need of a bit of motivation to stay active. As the Garmin vívofit jr. comes with a whole host of ways to motivate a kid to get up and get active.

Many parents have resorted to using fitness smartwatches to get their kids up and out in the morning. Or to even motivate them to get their chores done!

This smartwatch will vibrate when something needs to get done, or if they’ve been inactive for too long.

The Garmin activity app is a great way to check off any chores or to do lists, and keep track of their progress too. Kids can even challenge their friends in activity challenges as well with their fitness watches.

Plus the Garmin jr app allows you to keep track of the kids watch, therefore keeping track of your kid.

Garmin vívofit jr. 2

Also there is a huge selection of themes to choose from for their fitness watches. In a range of themes and color combinations.

Discover the whole range of Garmin vívofit jr. Fitness Tracker kids watches on Amazon.

4. Flik Flak Color Blast Kids Watch

Flik Flak Color Blast

Flik Flak is a Swiss watchmaker who only produces the best in Swiss made kids watches.

Think of them as a Swatch for kids. They’re even owned by the huge Swatch Group. All of these watches are produced in Switzerland, and all are fitted with Swiss made quartz movements.

Flik Flak provides a huge selection of super fun, comfortable, and colorful kids watches to choose from.

One our favorites has to be the Flik Flak Color Blast kids watch that comes in a bright lilac and green color combination. Plus this kids watch also comes with 100m (330ft) of water resistance. So this watch can be worn in the pool too.

Also Flik Flak have labelled all their kids watches machine washable! Up to 40°C which is 104°F.

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Amazon has a great selection of Flik Flak watches, check them out there.

5. NASA Touchscreen Watch

NASA Kids Watch

If your kid wants to be an astronaut when they grow up? Then this official NASA interactive kids watch is a brilliant pick for them.

This watch comes with the official NASA logo on it and all.

The NASA kids watch comes with a touchscreen display, where you can choose from a number of different displays to tell the time with.

However, this watch is a smartwatch and also comes with a whole host of features. Such as a camera, alarm, stopwatch, calculator, and even games! You get a lot of watch for your money with this smartwatch.

Check out the NASA Touchscreen kids watch on Amazon.

6. Turn Life 3D Watches

Turn Life 3D Watch

These super affordable kids watches from Turn Life offer a big range of 3D cartoon watch designs. From dinosaurs, to football, flowers, basketball, and rainbows. There is bound to be a design your kid will love.

Lots and lots of cool bright colors. From hot pink to bright green.

Turn Life 3D Watch

These watches are ideal for 3 to 10 year olds. This kids watch strap is easy to adjust to wrist sizes from 5.5 to 6.3 inches.

These watches are only splash resistant though, so keep them away from water when you can.

Find a big selection of Turn Life 3D kids watches on Amazon.

7. Timex Pink Easy Reader Watch

Timex Pink Easy Reader

Timex is one of the best affordable watch brands around, and Timex has a great selection of kids watches.

The Pink Easy Reader kids watch from Timex is a great first traditional watch for a kid. This watch is a classic looking timepiece, and will feel like a kids very first grown up watch.

The faux pink leather strap is a lovely touch, and matches the cute pink minute hand on the dial.

You can find the Timex Pink Easy Reader kids watch on Amazon.

8. Lacoste Kids Watches

Sports brand Lacoste surprisingly has a decent selection of bright kids watches to choose from.

They are one of the more expensive kids watches on this list. As you are paying for the branding too. The branded Lacoste crocodile is clearly displayed on the dial.

This watch would suit a kid who likes their sports brands. And there are plenty of fun colors to choose from such as turquoise, pink, white, and green.

You can discover the full range of Lacoste kids watches on Amazon.

9. Marvel Spider-Man Touchscreen Watch

Marvel Spider-Man Watch

This Marvel Spider-man kids watch is a great choice for any kid who is a fan of this superhero.

The touchscreen display will let you pick how you’d like to tell the time. You can choose from 10 different displays. With a selection of digital displays or analogue displays to pick from.

All displays feature your main man Spider-Man in some way. Also the strap has a really cool Spider-Man graphic too.

You can find this Marvel Spider-Man Touchscreen watch on Amazon.

10. DC Comics Batman Touchscreen Watch

DC Comics Batman Watch

This is a really cool watch for any kid who loves the superhero Batman. This kids watch from DC Comics is perfect for a Batman fan.

Like the Spider-Man kids watch above, this watch has a touchscreen display. Which offers a choice of 10 different Batman themed displays.

Even the strap is decked out in Batman images.

You can get this DC Comics Batman Touchscreen watch on Amazon.

11. Fitbit Ace Fitness Tracker Watch

Fitbit Ace 2

Another fitness tracker for kids is the Fitbit Ace. Just like the Garmin vívofit jr. kids watch,  this kids fitness watch makes exercise fun.

The Fitbit Ace has a bunch of handy features like fitness tracking, sleep tracking, bedtime reminders, and alarms. Kids also get rewarded for their activity with virtual badges.

Plus kids can challenge their friends to fitness challenges. Making it even more fun to use.

This makes it perfect for an activity tracker and will help you monitor your child’s well being. As all this information can be monitored through the Fitbit app you download to your phone.

Fitbit Ace 2

Main issue we’ve seen on occasion with the Fitbit Ace is that the band can break after a while. This isn’t the case with all of them, but there have been reports that the watch’s band doesn’t last as long as it should.

You find a selection of Fitbit Ace kids watches on Amazon.

12. Buildable LEGO Watch

LEGO Watch

Best thing about this watch is that you can build it yourself.

This LEGO watch is a buildable watch, made from pieces that connect together and form a cool watch for kids.

Perfect watch for a kid who loves their LEGO. These kids watches come in a range of designs and colors.

These watches are suitable for kids who are 6 years old and above.

Check out the Buildable LEGO kids watches on Amazon.

13. Timex Time Machines Digital Watches

Timex Time Machine

Timex has a choice of digital watches made for kids.

These digital watches are built to just withstand splashes as they have only a water resistance of 50 m (165 ft). So they’re not built for swimming.

All these Timex kids watches come with nylon straps to give them an even sportier look. With a choice of pink, blue, black, and camo styles.

These watches come with an alarm, a stopwatch function, and also a calendar.

You can find the Timex Time Machines digital watches on Amazon.

14. Ravel Dinosaur Watch

Ravel Dinosaur Watch

This watch is ideal for a kid who loves dinosaurs. As this watch has a roaring T-Rex on the dial and has many more roaring around the strap too.

This watch is a great starter watch for kids who are learning to tell the time. As the minutes are displayed clearly on the bezel, making the watch easier to understand.

This watch is best for kids 6 years old and above. As the watch’s crystal is made from glass, it might be at risk from breaking.

Get the Ravel Dinosaur kids watch on Amazon.

15. Ferrari Kids Watch

Ferrari Kids Watch

If your kid is into Formula 1 and is one of those passionate Scuderia Ferrari fans, then these watches are a brilliant pick.

Many of these Ferrari kids watches come in the bright red color of the car brand. However, you can also pick out these watches in blue, white and black too. They come in a range of styles as well.

Each watch has the famous Scuderia Ferrari logo on the dial. So it’s unmistakably a Ferrari watch. Perfect for race day.

Discover the Ferrari kids watches on Amazon.

16. Casio F108WH Digital Watch

Casio F108WH

Casio is known for creating many affordable and durable watches, especially digital watches.

While Casio doesn’t have any specific kids watches, a lot of their watches can be worn by kids who are at least 6 years old or older.

This is thanks to their adjustable bands which make these popular watches suitable for kids too.

You should check out their bright blue F108WH watch. It comes with an easy to read digital display and adjustable strap. Plus many other handy features like LED light, alarm, stopwatch, calendar and more.

This watch comes with a pretty low water resistance of 50m (165ft). So best keep it out of water when you can.

Get the blue Casio F108WH Digital Watch on Amazon.

Or why not get this watch in red, white or even black too!

17. G-Shock Baby G Watch

G-Shock Baby-G

G-Shock is the king of creating some of the most shock resistant watches around today. So they make a pretty good watch that can be worn by kids.

The Baby-G models are made for women, so they are adult sizes. However, many older kids would have large enough wrist size to wear them.

Their Baby G models should only be worn by kids who are 6 years old or older. Like all of G-Shock watches, these watches can handle any tough environment with ease and style.

They have easy to read digital displays or you can choose one with an analogue dial.

All Baby-G models come with their classic chunky look. Plus they of course come with plenty of handy features.

You can discover a wide range of G-Shock kids watches on Amazon.

18. CakCity Sports Watch

CakCity Sports Watch

These CakCity sports watches come in a wide range of cool colors and designs.

CakCity offer even their sports watches covered in glitter, or you can pick up a vibrant multi-colored camo sports watch too. Or go for cool classic green camo watch.

CakCity Sports Watch

These sports watches come with a range of features like an alarm, stopwatch function, backlight,

These kids watches are suitable for kids over the age of 5 years old.

Find the CakCity Camouflage Sports Watch on Amazon.

19. Disney Kids Watches

Disney Princess Watch

Disney has a great selection of kids watches that are very affordable.

They come with a wide choice of loved characters on their timepieces. From Disney Princesses, to Toy Story characters, to Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

Disney Toy Story Watch

Disney has a choice of touchscreen, digital or traditional analogue watches.

We really like their analogue watches with a classic watch face. As their hands are labelled with the words hours and minutes. So it helps make reading the time that bit easier.

Their Disney Princess watch is a real treat. Featuring three popular Princesses on the watch’s dial.

You can find a huge range of Disney kids watches on Amazon.

20. Timex Time Machines Kids Watches

Timex Time Machine

Timex has a great selection of kids digital watches, as we discussed before. However, they also have some great easy reader classic watches too.

Timex’s Time Machines kids collection has a number of styles, from football themed kids watches, to unicorns, and sharks.

Timex Time Machine

There should be a watch to suit any kid. Timex is also known for their quality as well as affordability too.

The straps of these watches are machine washable as they’re made of fabric. Which is a handy way to keep them clean. However, keep the actual watch case away from water as much as you can.

Discover the Timex Time Machines kids collection on Amazon.

21. Batman Glow In The Dark Watch

Batman Glow Watch

DC Comics offer some great kids watches to choose from. We’ve already covered their Batman Touchscreen kids watch.

However, they also have a Batman kids watch that glows in the dark! Perfect watch for any fan of Batman.

This watch has a big Batman logo on the dial, and it glows in the dark, nice and bright.

This Batman watch is easier to read, as it has the minutes displayed around the bezel too. With more Batman logos in between.

You can find this Batman Glow In The Dark kids watch on Amazon.

The Verdict

Amazon is one of the top places to find that fun, colorful, and easy to read kids watch.

From big name watch brands like Timex, Casio, and Flik Flak. Which specialize only in watches and provide the best kids watches.

To superhero and much loved Disney character watches from Disney, DC Comics, and Marvel.

You’re bound to find an excellent kids watch from our review of the top 30 kids watches.

Our top four picks:

  1. Preschool watch – Perfect for learning to tell the time.
  2. Freestyle watch – Perfect for swimming
  3. Flik Flak watch – Machine washable watch
  4. Garmin Jr fitness tracker watch – Perfect for fitness tracking, and GPS tracking.

Which brand is best for kids’ watches?

The best watch brands for kids include:

  1. Freestyle
  2. Timex
  3. Casio
  4. G-Shock
  5. Flik Flak
  6. Disney
  7. Fitbit
  8. Garmin
  9. Lacoste
  10. DC Comics
  11. Marvel
  12. LEGO

We wrote an article on the top watch brands for kids, so check it out.