Top 10 Best Dress Watches Under 200

Finding great dress watches under 200 dollars is now easier than ever.

Here we will review the best that some of the world’s top affordable watch brands have to offer.

With all the dress watches reviewed in this blog post coming in at $200 and under.

Find out which one you’ll choose for your next watch.

Best Dress Watches Under 200 Dollars

Dress Watches Under 200 Comparison

Take a quick look at each inexpensive dress watch we’ve reviewed.

Dress Watch Under $200FeaturesPhoto
Orient Bambino
Orient is one of the best Japanese watch brands.

Orient Bambino has a huge range of affordable automatic dress watches.

With 8 Versions to choose from in their Generation 2 range.

All watches include an Orient automatic movement, with a domed mineral.

We’ll review x3 Orient Bambino dress watches under 200 dollars:

1. Version 2 – Vintage Style
2. Version 3 – Bauhaus Style
3. Open Heart – Hole in the dial that showcases the balance wheel

Check out our full review of the entire Orient Bambino range.

Only con is the uncommon lug width of these watches.
Classic Collection
Bulova is a leading American watch brand.

We will review x3 affordable dress watches under 200 dollars:

4. Classic 96B104
5. Classic 96B269

Bulova is a one of the world’s most underrated watch brands.

Plus they’re one of the world’s top affordable watch brands.
TimexTimex is another leading American watch brand

We’ll review x2 Timex dress watches under 200 dollars:

6. Q Timex 1975 Reissue Day-Date
7. Marlin® Hand-Wound

All watches featured are reissues of dress watches from the past.

Vintage aesthetic
SeikoSeiko is one of the top watch brands in Japan, and the world.

We’ll review x2 Seiko dress watches under 200 dollars:

8. SUP880

An affordable Cartier homage timepiece

They all feature the rectangular shape that was made famous first with the Tank watch from Cartier.
Corso Collection
Citizen is another leading Japanese watch brand.

Our review will focus on their Corso Collection.

We’ll review x2 Citizen dress watches under 200 dollars:

9. AW1236-03A Eco-Drive
10. AU1040-08E Eco-Drive

All Citizen dress watches featured are powered by Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology.(i.e. powered by light)

Only con is the uncommon lug width of these watches.

Orient Bambino

Orient Bambino dress watches under 200. Three watches are pictured; a Version 2 watch, a Version 3 watch, and a Open Heart watch.

Orient Bambino are considered one of the best picks for affordable automatic dress watches under 200 dollars.

Orient has a wide range of styles for their dress watches, with 8 Versions to choose from!

You can check out our deep dive review into the Orient Bambino collection.

Below we’ll review 3 of the best selling Bambino dress watches from the Gen 2 collection:

  1. Version 2
  2. Version 3
  3. Open Heart

Each of the Orient Bambino watches featured in this review have a case size of 40.5mm. Plus they all feature a domed mineral protecting the dial.

The domed mineral is what gives these watches their height, and also the distorted effect when looking at the watch from an angle.

1. Version 2

Version 2 dress watch
Orient Bambino Version 2 (Image : Orient)
> Case diameter - 40.5mm
> Lug to lug length - 44.3mm
> Lug width - 21mm
> Case thickness - 11.8mm 

The Version 2 of the Orient Bambino Generation 2 collection is one of the all time favorites.

This style has a real vintage aesthetic to it. With the domed mineral lens adding to the vintage look.

This version comes in five case and dial combinations. The one featured above is their yellow gold and champagne dial timepiece. Their only gold case in this style.

There are then a further four choices of dial colors, coupled with their silver stainless steel case.

This Version features Roman Numerals, with a date window on the dial.

Learn more about the other Orient Bambino Gen 2 dress watches.

2. Version 3

Version 3 dress watch
Orient Bambino Version 3 (Image : Orient)
> Case diameter - 40.5mm
> Lug to lug length - 44.3mm
> Lug width - 21mm
> Case thickness - 11.8mm 

Version 3 of the Orient Bambino Gen 2 collection is inspired by the Bauhaus design aesthetic.

Bauhaus style in watches is very popular at the moment. Making the Version 3 one of the best selling Bambino’s right now. Due it’s appealing minimalist aesthetic.

Bauhaus style is all about clean, modern, and simple design. 

The hands and hour markers on this dress watch are in this simple style too. Making this a great for any watch collection.

The Version 3 comes with a silver stainless steel case, with four different choices of dial colors. Plus this timepiece features a date complication on the dial.

Check out the entire Orient Bambino Generation 2 dress watch collection.

3. Open Heart

Open Heart dress watch
Orient Bambino Open Heart (Image : Orient)
> Case diameter - 40.5mm
> Lug to lug length - 44.3mm
> Lug width - 21mm
> Case thickness - 12mm 

This Orient Bambino features an open heart on the dial.

An open heart feature gives the wearer a look at the balance wheel of their automatic movement.

Learn about the balance wheel and other watch terms in our watch term glossary.

watch features a transparent caseback too. Giving a look into the Orient automatic movement from the underside as well.

This dress watch comes in 5 case and dial combinations. All cases are made from stainless steel and plated in silver, yellow gold or rose gold.

This is one of the few Bambino versions that doesn’t feature a date complication.

Discover the gorgeous Orient Bambino Open Heart here.


Bulova dress watches under 200. Three watches pictured.

Bulova’s Classic collection is filled with inexpensive dress watches. You can find many great dress watches under 200 or at least around the 200 dollar mark.

We will feature 3 of them below:

  1. Classic 96B104
  2. American Clipper 96B312
  3. Classic 96B269

Find out which Bulova affordable dress watch you’d pick.

4. Classic 96B104

Bulova dress watch - Classic model 69B104
Classic 96B104 (Image : Bulova)
> Case diameter - 37mm
> Lug width - 20mm
> Case thickness - 5.9mm 

The 96B104 dress watch is from Bulova’s Classic Collection.

This model is inspired by the hugely popular Bauhaus style. Which is a modern, fuss free and simple design.

The dress watch is made from stainless steel. Has a long sweeping minute hand. With elongated and simple hour markers.

The watch comes in at a slim 37mm. Which is a great case size for those looking for a more traditional dress watch sizing. Or for those with slim wrists.

The watch comes with the Japanese Miyota caliber 9U13. Which is a reliable quartz movement. Plus the watch features a date complication.

The timepiece is fitted with a black leather strap that looks like it has a croc texture.

5. American Clipper 96B312

Bulova dress watch - Classic model 96B312
American Clipper 96B312 (Image : Bulova)
> Case diameter - 40mm
> Lug width - 22mm
> Case thickness - 6.5mm 

This Bulova American Clipper is a dress watch that looks super slick. It’s a silver timepiece with silver hour markers and hands. Along with a shiny silver dial too.

This stainless steel dress watch is also fitted with the Japanese Miyota 9U13 quartz movement, with the calendar complication.

The Bulova logo stands out nicely on the dial. Plus the tuning fork symbol takes the place of the 12 o’clock hour marker. A cool touch from Bulova.

This watch also comes with a neat date complication at the 6 o’clock position. And the dress watch is fitted with a leather strap.

6. Classic 96B269

Bulova dress watch - Classic model 96B269
Classic 96B269 (Image : Bulova)
> Case diameter - 31mm
> Lug to lug length - 47mm
> Case thickness - 8.7mm 

The Bulova Classic 96B269 watch is a really elegant dress watch. It doesn’t look like a dress watch that costs under $200.

It’s rectangular case shape stands out from the rest.

Bulova has fitted the watch’s case with a curved mineral crystal lens. Giving the watch a slight curved effect.

The black dial makes the watch’s silver hands and hour markers really pop.

This watch is again made from stainless steel. Plus it is fitted with the go to the Miyota 9U13 quartz watch movement. With it’s date complication neatly fitted on the dial.

This affordable dress watch is also fitted with a croc effect leather strap.


Timex dress watches under 200. Two reissue Timex watches; Q Timex 1975 Reissue Day-Date and the Marlin® Hand-Wound.

Timex is another top affordable watch brand with a strong heritage.

They’re an American watch brand that have been around since 1854.

The Timex dress watches we have picked are both affordable and are watches from the past. If you are after a vintage aesthetic, then one of these dress watches could be for you.

We’ll review two dress watches under 200 dollars:

  1. Q Timex 1975 Reissue Day-Date
  1.  Marlin® Hand-Wound

Both affordable vintage inspired dress watches under 200.

7. Q Timex 1975 Reissue Day-Date

Q Timex dress watch - 1975 Reissue Day Date
Q Timex 1975 Reissue Day-Date (Image : Timex)
> Case diameter - 37.5mm
> Lug to lug length - 45mm
> Case thickness - 13mm 

The Q Times 1975 Reissue is a quartz Timex from the infamous quartz crisis era.

This watch was one of the many quartz watches released during this tumultuous time. 

The dress watch’s design draws on the fashion and glamour of Los Angeles during the 1970s.

The timepiece case is gold on gold, made from stainless steel. 

The dial takes on a gold champagne sunray hue. With the polished gold colored hands and markers matching perfectly.

Caseback of the Q Timex 1975 Reissue Day-Date dress watch
Caseback of the Q Timex (Image : Timex)

A really handy feature of this watch is the screw hatch on the caseback. Which makes changing the quartz battery super easy.

This watch stays true to the original as much as they can. Meaning you can own a little piece of watch history for under 200 dollars.

8. Marlin® Hand-Wound

Timex Marlin® Hand-Wound dress watch
Marlin® Hand-Wound (Image : Timex Marlin®)
> Case diameter - 34mm
> Lug width - 18mm
> Case thickness - 10mm 

The Marlin® Hand-Wound watch is a reissue of Timex’s original Marlin from the 1960s

This watch is the perfect pick if you are looking for a vintage aesthetic for your affordable dress watch.

It features a domed glass, which was a popular style back in the 60s. 

Also the size of the watch is ideal for a traditional dress watch at 34mm. Keeping it slim, understated and very neat. It can fit under a shirt sleeve no problem.

This watch comes with a manual movement, meaning the watch needs to be wound on a regular basis.

This watch is a great pick if you are in need of a 60s style dress watch under 200 dollars.


Seiko dress watches under 200. Two watches; SUP880 and SUP896

If you are a fan of the Cartier Tank watch aesthetic. But don’t have the budget for one just yet.

Seiko have a great range of rectangular watches that take inspiration from the famous Cartier timepiece. 

Cartier Tank

Seiko are one of the best affordable watch brands in the world. And are still one of the best watch brands from Japan.

The two Seiko dress watches under 200 that are up for review are:

9. SUP880

10. SUP896

Both acting as a super affordable homage to the Tank.

9. SUP880

Seiko dress watch; SUP880
SUP880 (Image : Seiko)
> Case diameter - 28.5mm
> Lug to lug length - 38.4mm
> Lug width - 23mm
> Case thickness - 6.3mm 

This gorgeous solar powered dress watch from Seiko is named the SUP880.

The dress watch’s case is made from a gold-tone stainless steel. The white dial is also speckled with gold tones. 

The dial design with the Roman Numerals and the rectangle shapes around the hands. Really make this watch appear similar to the Cartier Tank.

However, this watch is on the slightly larger side compared to the original Tank.

They have a women’s version of this watch too. It’s called the SUP250, and a slimmer 18mm case diameter.

10. SUP896

Seiko dress watch; SUP896
SUP896 (Image : Seiko)
> Case diameter - 28.1mm
> Lug width - 20mm
> Case thickness - 7.5mm 

Continuing with the Cartier Tank theme. Seiko’s SUP896 dress watch also has a similar look.

This affordable dress watch looks a lot more expensive than it is.

With its gold-tone stainless steel case. Plus the watch is fitted with a brown leather strap that has a croc grain look to it. Giving this watch a more expensive feel to it.

This Seiko is again powered by light. With a 12 month battery power reserve once fully charged.

This watch comes in at a much more traditional dress watch size. With a 28.1mm case diameter. Making this watch ideal for a smaller wrist. 

Or ideal for those looking for a more discrete dress watch.

It’s a really beautiful Seiko dress watch under 200.


Citizen dress watches under 200. Two dress watches featuring Eco-Drive.

Citizen is the final inexpensive watch brand on this list. And again it is another top Japanese watch brand.

Citizen’s Corso Collection has a wide range of affordable dress watches under 200 dollars. With the majority of them featuring their Eco-Drive technology. 

Meaning these dress watches are powered by sunlight.

The two Citizen watches up for review are:

11. AW1236-03A Eco-Drive

12. AU1040-08E Eco-Drive

Check out both inexpensive dress watches below.

11. AW1236-03A Eco-Drive

Citizen dress watch; AW1236-03A Eco-Drive
AW1236-03A Eco-Drive (Image : CITIZEN®)
> Case diameter - 40mm
> Lug width - 21mm
> Case thickness - 9mm 

The AW1236-03A Eco-Drive dress watch from Citizen houses a quartz movement that is powered by light.

Meaning that this watch never needs a battery change!

This is a classic dress watch that’s affordable. With a stainless steel case and black leather strap.

The rose gold hour markers and hands stand out nicely on the silver dial.

This is a nice dress watch that can be worn on a more casual basis too.

12. AU1040-08E Eco-Drive

Citizen dress watch; AU1040-08E Eco-Drive
AU1040-08E Eco-Drive (Image : CITIZEN®)
> Case diameter - 40mm
> Lug width - 20mm
> Case thickness - 8mm 

Citizen’s AU1040-08E Eco-Drive is another dress watch that never needs a battery change.

This watch is a real beauty. Featuring a black sunray dial and made of stainless steel.

The silver hour markers and hands really stand out well on the dial, that features a date complication.

The hour markers and hands are luminous too. Which isn’t considered ideal for a dress watch. However, some may like the light up dial.

This is a really good looking watch overall.

To Sum Up

Nowadays it’s easy to find a great dress watch under 200 dollars. Big brand names like Orient, Seiko, Citizen, Timex, and Bulova have many inexpensive dress watches to choose from.

Check out more of our watch reviews, to help you find that ideal watch.