Top 8 Best Calculator Watches

Calculator watches were all the rage in the 1980s, and even into the 1990s. Yet today they’ve made a bit of a comeback.

If you’re looking for a retro looking watch with a calculator on it, then this blog post is for you.

We’ve short listed the best calculator watches that we could find. Focusing on brand new, and very affordable calculator watches from Casio.

Casio is the undisputed king of the calculator watch. Our top pick from Casio is the DBC611G-1VT calculator watch.

But first why not scroll down more, and check out all of the best calculator watches out now!

What is a calculator watch?

A calculator watch is simply a watch with a calculator on its dial.

On a typical, retro looking calculator watch you’ll have an 8-digit calculator taking up the majority of the dial. There will be options for addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

The watch with calculators will often have the feel of an old school calculator you might have used in math class in school. Except this time small enough to fit on your wrist.

Picture of an old school calculator

History of Calculator Watches

This type of watch first came around during the 1970s. With Pulsar releasing the very first watch with a calculator in 1975, called the Pulsar Calculator Time LED watch.

Photo of the world's first calculator watch - the Pulsar Calculator Time LED calculator watch
Pulsar Calculator Time LED Watch

Then during the 1980s these watches really took off. With the Japanese watch giant Casio creating a huge array of affordable calculator watches for the masses.

Just check out the Casio advertisement below from the 80s, showing off their brand new Casio C-80 Calculator Watch.

Best Calculator Watch

Basically any calculator watch from the Japanese watch brand; Casio. Is an excellent choice for a watch with a calculator.

Casio still has a huge selection of cool calculator watches to choose from.

However, what we think is one of the best calculator watches from Casio, has to be the DBC611G-1VT watch.

You can choose from flashy gold, or a more muted silver tone too.

Best Calculator Watches

  1. Casio DBC611G-1VT
  2. Casio DBC-32D-1ADF-WW
  3. Casio DBC-611-1CR
  4. Casio DBC32-1A
  5. Casio CA-56-1
  6. Casio CA-53WF-8BCF
  7. Casio CA-506C-5A
  8. Casio CA506G-9AVT

1. Casio DBC611G-1VT

The Casio DBC611G-1VT is our top pick of the best calculator watches out right now.

What is super cool about this watch is that it’s a re-issue of the 1989 Casio calculator watch, known as the Casio DBC-610. 

So you really are getting a piece of the 80s when you buy this timepiece.

This retro watch comes in a choice of two eye-catching tones as well. You can choose either gold or silver.

This watch of course comes with an 8-digit calculator on the dial. It also comes packed with a whole host of handy features, including:

  • Data bank (25 pages)
  • World time
  • Daily alarm
  • Auto calendar
  • Countdown timer
  • Micro light

The battery is changeable on this watch, and it needs to be changed every 2 years.

Find out more about the Casio DBC611G-1VT, and its many features here.

2. Casio DBC-32D-1ADF-WW

The Casio DBC-32D-1ADF-WW is a really cool timepiece, and comes in at a close second place.

The reason we love this calculator watch so much is thanks to its multi-lingual Data Bank feature. You can use this watch in up to 13 different languages.

Also the watch is very easy to read thanks to its LCD screen. So you can tell the time and do calculations in bright light with ease.

Plus this watch comes with an impressive 10 year battery life too.

As well as that the watch features a stainless steel band. Making it feel that bit more expensive, yet it still remains a very affordable Casio calculator watch.

For the price we think it’s a great find that will last. Check it out.

3. Casio DBC-611-1CR

The Casio DBC-611-1CR is part of Casio’s Data Bank collection. As it comes with a handy data bank feature, which includes 25 pages for you to store your info on.

The watch also comes with a very handy auto LED light. So it’s easy to read at night.

This calculator watch features 5 alarms too, along with a dual time and a stopwatch feature.

What we love most about this calculator watch is that it has a stainless steel band. However, the case is made of resin.

Check out this watch and learn more about its specs.

4. Casio DBC32-1A

Next we have the Casio DBlC32-1A, which is a popular and very affordable calculator watch from the brand.

This calculator watch is also long lasting, thanks to its super 10 year battery life!

The color might be a bit plain, but we think this watch makes for a great everyday retro timepiece.

This calculator watch comes with a backlight and has daily alarms that even come with a one snooze option.

Check out this everyday retro calculator watch now.

5. Casio CA-56-1

Now moving onto a calculator watch that first came out in 1998. It’s the Casio CA-56-1.

This 90s calculator watch has a sporty style to it. We love the original silver version. However, this watch also comes in a more glitzy gold and black version too, called the Casio CA-56-1UW.

Though the watch has ‘Water Resist’ on the front of the dial, it has a water resistance of up to 50m (164ft). So it should hold up against getting wet, but it’s best to keep it away from water when you can.

A handy feature on this calculator watch is the strap. The strap is easy to resize and can fit many wrist sizes, even very small wrists of kids.

Learn more about this calculator watch and its features here.

6. Casio CA-53WF-8BCF

We really love the color of the Casio CA-53WF-8BCF calculator watch. Coming in a unique beige/off white shade.

This calculator watch comes with a long lasting 5 year battery life. Plus it has a handy dual time feature, along with daily alarm, and countdown timer.

The main issue with this calculator watch is the black shade for the screen. As it can be sometimes difficult to read in bright light sadly.

For one which is easier to read then check out the black version instead. It comes with all of the same features as the beige, except has a light screen instead.

However, this cool calculator watch comes in a whole host of different shades to choose from.

They all come with the same features, and all are fitted with the same sporty resin band too.

Like the rugged military green shade, to the lovely deep blue color too, and red too.

7. Casio CA-506C-5A

The Casio CA-506C-5A comes in a lovely rose gold color, which looks great on the wrist.

It’s a sporty calculator watch, and comes with plenty of features. Such as a stopwatch function, countdown timer, daily alarm, and a pre-programmed calendar (till 2079).

The watch also comes with a 5 year battery life too.

Check out this rose gold calculator watch now.

8. Casio CA506G-9AVT

The gold Casio CA506G-9AVT calculator watch will definitely get you noticed thanks to the color and retro design.

This Data Bank watch features a handy countdown timer, along with a stopwatch function, and daily alarms.

This watch was first released in 1998. It would make for a lovely, nostalgic gift for a 90s baby.

Unfortunately after a while the gold paint may wear off this watch. Now that’s after extensive wear and tear. But it’s still a really great timepiece.

Check out this retro gold calculator watch here.

Calculator Watch Features

Below is a list of some of the key features you might find on your calculator watch.

8-Digit Calculator  

Of course the calculator is the main feature on any watch with a calculator.

The majority of calculator watches come with an 8-digit calculator. This means that they can only answer sums up to 8 digits long. Or else then you’ll run out of space.

These calculators can perform many arithmetic sums easily. That includes addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

Countdown Timer

Like a lot of other digital watches, a watch with a calculator often features a countdown timer as well.

This is a handy feature as you can use it to time workouts, time dinner, or even time study sessions in the library.


Many calculator watches come with illumination, which makes the watch easy to read at night. However, the cheapest models usually don’t.

Also this illumination may only light up the screen of the watch. It usually doesn’t light up the buttons on the calculator.

Data Bank

This is a handy feature on many Casio calculator watches. A data bank will basically store the wearer’s data.

You can use it to store addresses, names, phone numbers, appointments, etc.

Some data bank calculator watches even come in multiple languages, such as the Casio DBC-32D-1ADF-WW. Which can be used in 13 different languages!

World Time

This is a great feature for those who need to read the time in different time zones. Perfect for those who love to travel.


You will either love or hate the calculator watch. Nowadays we have no real need for them, but for many of us we think they look great. As a cool, retro looking watch straight from the 80s or 90s.

Today, as in the 80s, Casio offers the world’s best selection of calculator watches for an affordable price. 

Check out the large selection of the latest Casio calculator watches on their Amazon store.