7 Best Bulova Watches For Men (Moonwatch Included)

There are so many Bulova watches out there that choosing just one can be a challenge.

In this blog post we’ll help narrow down your search for the best Bulova watches for men. Picking only the ones we love for this review in search of the best Bulova watch.

We’ve picked a wide range of watches. From dressy ones, to diver ones, and retro timepieces too.

Our top pick from Bulova is (unsurprisingly) the Bulova watch that made it to the moon!

But there are plenty of other cool watches to choose from down below….

Let’s go!

Is Bulova worth buying?

But first things first, is buying a Bulova watch actually worth it?

The simple answer is YES, a Bulova watch is worth buying.

If you’re after an affordable, well made watch, from a respected watchmaker. Then Bulova is a top choice.

Bulova has been around since 1875, first established in New York city. And over the decades they’ve built up a great reputation in the watch collecting world.

However, they’re considered an underrated brand and aren’t as well known as other top affordable watchmakers like; Seiko or Citizen.

If you want to learn more about the Bulova watch brand….

Then read our in depth review of Bulova.

Or keep scrolling and discover our top picks from this long standing American watch brand.

Best Bulova Watches For Men

  1. Bulova Moonwatch (Best Bulova Watch That’s Been To The Moon!)
  2. Bulova Precisionist Chronograph (Best Bulova Watch For Those Who Love BIG Watches)
  3. Bulova Accutron II (Best Bulova Watch For A Modern Take On A Legend)
  4. Bulova Classic 96C141 (Best Bulova Watch For Business & Formal Occasions)
  5. Bulova Computron (Best Bulova Watch For 70s Nostalgia)
  6. Bulova Marine Star 98B230 (Best Bulova Watch For A Classic Diver Look)
  7. Bulova Archive 98A255 (Best Bulova Watch For A Timeless Field Watch Style)

1. Bulova Moonwatch

Best Bulova Watch That’s Been To The Moon!

Case Diameter 45 mm
Case Thickness 13.5 mm
Water Resistance50m (165ft)

Omega might be known as THE Moonwatch.

But Bulova has a moonwatch of their own too. Simply called the Bulova Moonwatch.

Astronaut Scott on the Moon

The Bulova Lunar Chronograph (96B258) is one of their moonwatches from their Archive series. It’s a re-release of the famous space watch worn by Astronaut Colonel Dave Scott.

Scott was part of the Apollo 15 space mission. That successfully landed on the moon on August 7th, 1971. Scott brought his personal Bulova chronograph on the mission. Along with his Omega watch.

Astronaut Scott then wore his very own Bulova chronograph while he walked on the moon!

This Bulova Lunar Chronograph available today is probably one of the world’s best affordable chronographs. The price of it will surprise you.

This Moonwatch comes with a quartz movement, which is a lot handier than a mechanical one. There’s no need to keep it wound up. Just change the battery every couple of years instead.

A lot of space watch fans prefer this low maintenance space watch to the mechanical Omega moonwatch.

If you can’t afford an Omega, then the other Bulova Moonwatch is a great, low maintenance alternative!

Bulova even have a few versions to choose from in their Archive series. We love the stainless steel version best. But there’s a leather or canvas strap option too.

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2. Bulova Precisionist Chronograph

Best Bulova Watch For Those Who Love BIG Watches

MovementHigh Accuracy Quartz (HAQ)
Case Diameter 46.5 mm
Case Thickness 17.5 mm
Water Resistance 300m (990ft)

The Bulova Precisionist Chronograph is two things; big, and very accurate.

This chronograph from Bulova has a chunky design. If you’re a fan of large watches you’ll love it’s case size of 46mm. Along with its sturdy clasp and bracelet.

It’s a handsome looking watch. You’re sure to get some nice compliments while wearing it.

But this watch is a heavy watch. It might not be the best choice for a watch you can wear comfortably everyday.

What we love most is that this watch is extremely accurate. At only about <1 second divergence per month! It’s powered by a high accuracy quartz movement.

This movement also gives the watch a sweeping seconds hand. Giving it the illusion of it being a mechanical watch instead.

One complaint we have is that the luminosity isn’t the best. The markers are rather faint when worn in the dark. But the water resistance on the other hand is excellent, at 300m!

Overall though we love this Bulova watch for men. It’s big, precise, and very handsome.

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3. Bulova Accutron II

Best Bulova Watch For A Modern Take On A Legend

MovementHigh Accuracy Quartz (HAQ)
Case Diameter 43.5 mm
Case Thickness 12.5 mm
Water Resistance 100m (330ft)

The Bulova Accutron II (model 98B247) is a seriously accurate and gorgeous looking watch.

The original Accutron watch was released in 1960. It was the world’s first electronic watch. Today, Bulova has done a modern remake.

This watch has a unique look to it. With a cool black finish on the stainless steel.

Watch out, as some advertisements list this watch with the wrong measurements. We’ve put the right ones in this article.

This watch is quite large with a case size of 43.5mm. The watch’s band is also long. So it should fit even the largest of wrists. For slim wrists you might need to remove some links from the strap.

The watch isn’t too heavy so you can comfortably wear it most days. It comes in at half the weight of the Bulova Precisionist Chronograph, so much lighter.

This watch has the same high accuracy quartz movement as the Precisionist watches. Making this Bulova watch extremely accurate. It also comes with a sweeping seconds hand too.

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4. Bulova Classic 96C141

Best Bulova Watch For Business & Formal Occasions

MovementAutomatic (Miyota 9110)
Case Diameter 43 mm
Case Thickness 12.8 mm
Water Resistance30m (100ft)

The Bulova Classic 96C141 is a real beauty. It’s one of the dressiest Bulova watches on this list.

If you need a watch for business meetings and formal occasions. This watch is a great pick.

This timepiece is powered by an automatic movement from Miyota. You’ll need to wear it to keep it wound. It has a handy power reserve meter on the dial. So you can keep track of how much power is left.

Plus you can see the movement through the exhibition caseback on the watch. A cool feature.

The dial is gorgeous, and comes in a range of colors to choose from. All versions have Roman Numerals which add to the watch’s elegant look. Plus the genuine leather band really makes it that bit more formal.

The watch comes with a domed sapphire crystal. Which is great for the price.

But you might not be able to read this watch at a glance sometimes. The crystal can often reflect the light and obscure the dial.

It would have been great if the watch had anti-reflective coating on the crystal. However, overall it’s a great timepiece.

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5. Bulova Computron

Best Bulova Watch For 70s Nostalgia

Case Diameter 31 mm
Case Thickness 13.8 mm
Water Resistance 30m (100ft)

Next on the list is the Bulova Computron. This futuristic looking digital watch is a re-release of the original Bulova watch from the 1970s.

The Computron is a real conversation starter timepiece. It will get you noticed, thanks to it’s Back to the Future vibes.

To check the time you need to click a button on the side of the watch. Then the red LED display will light up. After a few seconds the screen goes dark again.

The constant need to click a button to show the time might get annoying after a while. But that’s part of its retro charm.

This digital watch is small, at just 31mm case width. It has a solid feel to it, with a very comfortable silicone strap. 

What’s great is that the strap is easy to adjust to most wrist sizes.

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6. Bulova Marine Star 98B230

Best Bulova Watch For A Classic Diver Look

Case Diameter 43 mm
Case Thickness 10.5 mm
Water Resistance 100m (330ft)

The Bulova Marine Star 98B230 is a very handsome looking dive watch. We are big fans of the two-tone version with the blue dial. It has the look of a two-tone Submariner from the 80s.

The Marine Star also comes in an all gold/black dial style. Along with a silver/black dial version as well. 

The silver version really reminds us of a classic Submariner. It makes for a great budget Sub homage watch. Also this version has an uncluttered dial, free from subdials.

But the biggest disappointment about this watch is that it isn’t a real dive watch.

And you should not wear it on your next scuba dive. Because this watch doesn’t have a screw-down crown. It only comes with 100m (330ft) of water resistance too.

So swimming is all this watch can handle.

However, this watch does make up for it with it’s build. It’s a super heavy watch. The heaviest on this list. Weighing over 10 ounces. Even more than the Precisionist Chronograph.

The Marine Star is a really sturdy watch. But being so heavy it might not be the most comfortable everyday timepiece.

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7. Bulova Archive 98A255

  • Best Bulova Watch For A Timeless Field Watch Style
  • MovementAutomatic
    Case Diameter 38 mm
    Case Thickness 13.45 mm
    Water Resistance30m (100ft)

    Today, Bulova have released a modern remake of their field watches.

    Field watches were originally worn by American soldiers in the Second World War. They helped soldiers keep track of time in battle.

    The Bulova Archive 98A255 is a classic looking mechanical field watch.

    For us, Bulova have really nailed this historical looking timepiece. As the dark dial is true to the original style. Along with the domed crystal (mineral crystal…unfortunately), and a nice leather strap.

    If you love the Hamilton Khaki field watch, but can’t afford it. Then this Bulova watch is a great cheaper alternative.

    The watch has a self-winding movement, that’s the reliable Miyota 82S0.

    One issue is the luminosity. As it isn’t very strong, and there is no lume on the seconds hand!

    However, the price is great for this lovely little field watch. So we can’t really complain too much.

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