Are Tissot Watches Good? Tissot Watch Review

A lot of people are wondering are Tissot watches good?

In this blog post, we’ll be review the best Tissot watches, and answer some frequently asked questions you might have about Tissot.

We think that Tissot watches are an excellent entry-level Swiss watch brand, making watches anyone would want in their collection.

From dive watches, to dress watches, to sporty chronographs. Learn why we think Tissot watches are so good.

Tissot Watch Review

Tissot Comparisons

Are Tissot watches good?

Yes, Tissot watches are good. Tissot has many brilliant watches to choose from. They specialize in making affordable entry level Swiss made watches.

Tissot is a Swiss watchmaker that has been around since 1823. They have a long and innovative tradition in Switzerland.

Today their dive watches, chronographs and dress watches are all well made, and look great. Yet, are at an achievable price point.

You can discover a wide range of Tissot watches on their Amazon store.

Best Tissot Affordable Sports Watches

Tissot is an affordable luxury Swiss brand. If you’re after a sports watch that has a luxury look, but has an affordable price tag, Then Tissot might be the watch brand for you.

Tissot PRX

The PRX watches are retro timepieces inspired by a Tissot watch from 1978. Tissot decided to modernize it and release it once more in 2021.

This watch is straight out of the Quartz Crisis of the 70s and 80s. These were tough times for all Swiss watch brands. Japanese quartz movements were taking over.

However, there were some really cool timepieces to come out of these rough times. Tissot embodies that now with this retro sports watch. 

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The commercial even embodies it the late 70s and early 80s. With bright colors and funky sounds. Check out the commercial on YouTube.

The PRX collection is one of Tissot’s most exciting releases yet.

The Tissot PRX range is a throwback to the late 1970s luxury sports watches; yet slimmer and more refined than before. However it still keeps its integrated bracelet design. 

It’s just such a cool, retro timepiece.

This watch comes in at 40mm case size, and with a choice of a quartz movement, or an automatic Powermatic 80 movement.

This watch might remind you of the legendary Royal Oak collection, it has a similar vibe to it. If you can’t afford an AP timepiece quite yet, then a Tissot PRX isn’t a bad watch to start with.

Discover the Tissot PRX watches on Amazon.

Best Tissot Dive Watches

Tissot has some powerful entry level Swiss made dive watches to choose from. All Tissot dive watches have fairly high levels of water resistance. 

Their Seastar 1000 dive watch collection is bursting with fantastic dive watches, and water resistant chronographs too.

You can discover the Tissot 1000 Seastar range on Amazon.

Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80

The Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 is one of our favorites. You can get this automatic diver for a really great price. A perfect Swiss made entry level diver.

It comes with high water-resistance of up to 300 meters or 1,000 feet. The Tissot Seastar 1000 is a superb watch for anyone with an active, water-based lifestyle.

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Tissot’s Powermatic 80 automatic movement boasts 80 hours of power reserve. Which is enough even if the watch is not worn for three days.

You can find Tissot’s Seastar 1000 on Amazon.

However, the most beautiful version of this Tissot diver, has got to be the watch with the sea green dial. Plus it even has a dressier look thanks to its lovely Milanese bracelet.

Best Tissot Dress Watches

Tissot has a brilliant selection of Swiss made dress watches. From retro dress watches, to those with an open heart dial, and powerful automatic power reserves. You’ll likely find one that you like.

You may notice that the signature on many of these Tissot dress watches are different. Some feature a Tissot signature that was popular during the 1950s, as a few of these watches are inspired by watches Tissot released in the past.

Two different versions of the Tissot logo, one is from the past and one is the present logo Tissot have today

Tissot Visodate Automatic

The Tissot Visodate Automatic is a classy looking dress watch. The watch’s elegant vintage inspired dial is protected by a domed sapphire crystal.

This dress watch is a blast from the past. This is a modern take on the original collection from 1954. You can see the 1950s version of this watch in the old commercial below.

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The original Tissot signature, from the 50s, is a nice touch to the dial of this timepiece. Giving it a clear vintage aesthetic. Plus this collection comes in a range of different straps and dial colors to choose from.

The Visodate is powered by a Swiss made automatic movement. However, there is another version that is powered by Tissot’s in-house Powermatic 80 movement.

You can find the Visodate Automatic from Tissot on Amazon.

Tissot Visodate Powermatic 80

This is the Powermatic 80 version of the Tissot Visodate. The Powermatic 80 movement gives this dress watch a power reserve of up to 80 hours.

This is double the power reserve of the Tissot Visodate Automatic. 

Plus this movement has a Nivachron™ balance spring installed. Which gives this watch more resistance against magnetic fields, than a standard spring.

Both models of the Visodate are the same in their aesthetic. Both have the retro dress watch look, and come in a range of cool styles to choose from.

You can find the Tissot Visodate Powermatic 80 on the Tissot online store.

Tissot Porto

The Tissot Porto watch is a really quirky and retro looking timepiece. Again it features the signature that was used by Tissot until 1959. Adding to its vintage look.

The tonneau shaped watch case is what makes this watch stand out. The watch also comes with a domed mineral crystal that is coated in anti-reflective coating.

The watch’s indices are super fun, with a curly style to each of them. Giving the dial a distorted and Avant-garde look.

This dress watch is powered by a Swiss made ETA quartz movement. Making it accurate and reliable.

You can get the Tissot Porto dress watch on Amazon.

Tissot Open Heart Powermatic 80

One of the most beautiful dress watches released by Tissot is their Open Heart Powermatic 80.

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Again the Powermatic 80 movement is used in this watch. Remember the 80 stands for 80 hours of power reserve. So not only does it look elegant but it’s a powerful timepiece too.

This dress watch also comes with a sapphire scratch resistant crystal, along with a see-through caseback.

The case size is 40mm, so a popular size for watches nowadays.

The Tissot Open Heart Powermatic 80 watches are available on Amazon.

Best Tissot Chronographs

Tissot has strong connections to sports. With them being the official timekeepers for MotoGP and the NBA. 

Tissot sponsor MotoGP & NBA

Tissot chronographs stand out, with many having a very sporty look to them. Such as their T-Race Chronographs.

Tissot also releases special edition timepieces related to their sports sponsorships. Like their NBA Special Edition chronograph.

Tissot T-Race Chronographs

This model stands out with its sporty design and modern feel. With features inspired by motorcycle racing. 

This chronograph’s pushers on the side of the case are engraved with the words; Start, and Reset. Giving the watch even more of a motorbike, and MotoGP style to this watch. 

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The silicone band adds further to its sporty feel.

These chronographs have a water resistance of 100m (330 ft) as well as a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. There’s also a decent selection of color combos to choose from.

You can find the Tissot T-Race Chronographs on Amazon.

NBA Special Edition XL Chronograph

Show off your love of the NBA while staying up to date with time, with this NBA special edition chronograph from Tissot.

The watch’s strap is even made from the leather of a basketball! And the case of the watch features a stamp of the NBA logo. Really cool chronograph for a big NBA fan.

The black dial is protected by a sapphire crystal, and the movement is a reliable and easy to maintain Swiss made quartz movement.

You can find this NBA chronograph on Amazon.

Tissot have also made a Chicago Bulls chronograph too, a perfect watch for all the Chicago Bulls fans.

The Verdict

Tissot is an excellent Swiss entry level watch brand. Their timepieces are affordable yet well made, and have heritage too. 

The brand loves to release modernized watches from their past collections. Their PRX range of their latest cool collections on offer.

For their dive watches their Seastar 1000 range is fantastic, with its Powermatic 80 automatic movement. Which means the watch has enough power to last up to 3 days not worn.

Then for their dress watches. We are spoiled for choice. From their retro Porto dress watch, to their gorgeous Tissot Open Heart Powermatic 80 timepiece. That again comes with a big power reserve.

As for chronographs, many of Tissot’s chronographs are inspired by the events that the Swiss watchmaker sponsors. Such as the NBA and MotoGP. Their motorbike inspired T-Race chronographs are a winner for many fans.

Discover all of the Tissot collection reviewed here on the Tissot Amazon store.

Tissot Comparisons

Which is better, Tissot or TAG Heuer?

When we compare Tissot to TAG Heuer, it isn’t an even match. Tissot is an entry level Swiss watchmaker. Whereas Tag Heuer are a luxury Swiss watchmaker.

The main differences are in the quality of the watches, and also the price. Both are great watchmakers, however, TAG Heuer have higher quality, and more luxurious watches on offer.

Both Tissot and TAG Heuer are similar in the fact that they both sponsor big sporting events and organisations. They also both release watches inspired by these collaborations.

You can find a TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch on Amazon. This would be TAG Heuers more affordable timepiece, a great entry level TAG Heuer watch.

While Tissot have many chronographs inspired by the NBA partnership or chronographs inspired by the MotoGP partnership on offer. Which are much more affordable.

Which is better, Tissot or Victorinox?

Both Tissot and Victorinox have made our list of the best affordable Swiss watch brands in the world.

Both of these watch brands are excellent choices for Swiss made timepieces, at an inexpensive price point.

Tissot has been making watches for a lot longer compared to Victorinox. Tissot has been around since 1853. So they have a much stronger heritage.

Victorinox first began as the original Swiss Army knife manufacturer. All the way back in 1884. However, in 1989, Victorniox started manufacturing watches.

Victorinox watches offer super tough, and super durable watches. Something that Tissot doesn’t have. The Victorinox I.N.O.X. range is almost unbeatable when it comes to ruggedness.

We often include Victorinox in many of our reviews about durable watches, such as: