Top 21 American Watch Brands From The USA

Are you looking for the best American watch brands from the USA?

If so, this blog post is for you. You will find a list of 21 of the best watch brands from America.

From big name and well known watch brands like Timex, Hamilton, and Bulova. To small but popular, independent US watch brands like Brew Watch Co.

You’ll be spoiled for choice. Scroll to find out which American watch brand you like best.

Best American Watch Brands

  1. Timex
  2. Bulova
  3. Nixon
  4. Hamilton
  5. Shinola
  6. RGM Watches
  7. Vortic Watch Co.
  8. Detroit Watch Company
  9. Autodromo
  10. DEVON
  11. DuFrane
  12. Kobold
  13. Weiss Watch Company
  14. Martenero
  15. Haven Watch Co.
  16. Nodus
  17. Mercer Watch Co.
  18. MONTA
  19. Brew Watch Co.
  20. Oak & Oscar
  21. S&B Watches

1. Timex

Timex is an American watch brand that can date its roots back far. As far back to 1854 in Waterbury, Connecticut. With the Waterbury Clock Company.

And since 1950, Timex has been providing high quality and affordable watches. 

Their one of the top affordable watch brands today. Offering so much choice when it comes to different watch styles.

From retro inspired digital watches, to WW2 inspired field watches, to vintage re-released dress watches. You’ll be stuck trying to decide which Timex watch you like best.

Discover the whole Timex watch collection on Amazon, to see which you like best.

2. Bulova

Bulova Lunar Pilot

An old American watch brand. Bulova was founded in 1875 by Joseph Bulova.

Bulova are a watch brand known for their affordable, and yet durable timepieces. They’re often an underrated American watch brand. We think they’re excellent, and deserve more recognition.

This US watchmaker have even made it to the moon.

Their Lunar Pilot was that watch, and it’s still available today, at surprisingly affordable price! We think this chronograph is one of the

On Amazon you can find a huge range of Bulova watches to choose from.

3. Nixon

Nixon isn’t just an American watch brand. They’ve got a large selection of bags, clothes and other accessories too.

So this brand is really an American fashion watch brand.

You’re not going to find loads of high quality mechanical watches here. Yet, you will find some on trend, and practical digital watches.

Their Base Tide Pro Watch is a great accessory for a surfer. 

With 550 global beaches preprogrammed into the piece. Showing you the high/low tide times, and a bunch of other useful specs.

We did a full review of this top surf watch brand, along with many other watch brands for surfers.

Nixon do of course of more than just surf focused smartwatches. And you can check out the full range of Nixon watches on Amazon.

4. Hamilton

Hamilton Khaki Field Watch

Hamilton is one of the more well known American watch brands.

Established in 1892 in Pennsylvania. This brand grew with America during the 20th century. Innovating through the decades to provide reliable timepieces time and time again.

Since 2011, Hamilton has partnered up with ETA to create its own Swiss made movements. 

Some may have been disappointed to see Hamilton bought by the swatch Group, and move their HQ to Switzerland. Yet the brand still claims to be American at heart.

They’ve a huge collection of women’s watches and men’s watches. And make sure to check out Hamilton’s limited edition timepieces too.

Their price range mostly from affordable to mid-range. You can very easily find a great Hamilton watch within your budget.

You can find a big selection of Hamilton watches on Amazon.

5. Shinola

Shinola is another American watch brand that is from Detroit, Michigan.

This Detroit watchmaker is a small independent US brand. They only started making watches since 2011. They opened their own leather and watch factory in Detroit. They are also well known for making their hardback Shinola journals.

Shinola use automatic movements and assemble all of their watches by hand in their watch factory. Their watches are built from parts which are imported from Switzerland and elsewhere.

They only produce about 500 watches a day, so a fairly small operation.

Many of their timepieces have a classic design to them, and have a timeless quality that suits most tastes.

You can find Shinola watches on Amazon.

6. RGM Watches

Ladies watch from RGM Watches
Lady RGM (Image : RGM)

RGM Watches have been making watches in America since 1992 by Roland G. Murphy.

This watch company makes some seriously impressive timepieces! Labeling themselves as ‘America’s Premier Watchmaker’.

They’re a luxury American watchmaker, so prices are high. Understandably, since all are custom made timepieces and handcrafted too!

We love their uniquely American PS-801-BB “Baseball in Enamel”. Such a cool, limited edition timepiece. With 90% of it made in the USA.

Check out the RGM Watches online store to drool over their watches like we did.

7. Vortic Watch Co.

Vortic Watch Co. are a proud American watch brand who make their watches in America.

They tell their story on how they make their watches in the video linked above.

They use American movements, and 3D printing to create their own uniquely American timepieces.

This American microbrand even have a controversial Frankenstein watch collection called the American Artisan Collection.

This collection is made up of wristwatches built from the mechanical movements taken from antique American pocket watches. Dated from the 1880s to 1950s. These timepieces are a watch made of the new and the old.

8. Detroit Watch Company

Moonphase watch from the American brand Detroit Watch Company.
Moonphase Exhibition (Image : Detroit Watch Co.)

The Detroit Watch Company is an American watch brand that is unsurprisingly from; Detroit.

They stick to Swiss made automatic movements. All of their timepieces are assembled in their Michigan studio.

Their moonphase collections are really beautiful timepieces. Such as their Pontchartrain Louis XIV pieces that come in a yellow moonphase or a silver moonphase. Set at a 42mm it is a substantial watch.

You can discover the rest of their watches on the Detroit Watch Company website.

9. Autodromo

Chronograph from Autodromo.
Ford GT Endurance Chronograph (Image : Autodromo)

Autodromo is an American watch brand made for those who love vintage cars.

Autoromo’s timepieces draw on inspiration from the golden age of American motoring. Each of their timepieces are a nod to a car or a motor event from the past. Like the:

  • Intereuropa manual wind
  • Ford GT Endurance chronograph 

The Ford GT Endurance pays homage to the history of Ford at Le Mans. This is a perfect watch made for a motor racing fan.

You can discover their watch collections on the Autodromo website.


Thread 1

You’ll either love this American watch brand or hate them. But their pieces most definitely make a statement.

Their branding can be a little cringe. With half naked models, fast cars, yet it’s just a watch brand. It’s like they are marketing to teenage boys. The Devon Works YouTube channel really highlights this.

Their Thread 1 and Thread 2, embody the bigger the better mentality. They’re innovative timepieces. Using a system of time belts to tell the time. 

Cool timepieces that could do without the cringey marketing. Discover the unusual DEVON watches on Amazon.

11. DuFrane

Watch from DuFrane.
The Waterloo (Image : DuFrane)

DuFrane is an elegant American watch company. They’re also an independent watch brand.

Their goal is ‘to be one of the most affordable independent watch brands that offer mechanical Swiss movements’. We think they achieve that

The Waterloo is a classic Texan inspired dress watch. A classy piece for any Texans out there.

Plus all of their mechanical and automatic watch collections are designed in Austin, Texas. With their assembly still done in America. 

The Waterloo timepiece gets special treatment and is assembled in Austin too.

12. Kobold

Chronograph from Kobold.
Phantom Chronograph Night Stalkers Edition (Image : Kobold)

Kobold is an American watch brand with a twist.

Their watches are made by hand in their workshops in Germany, Nepal and the USA. But they also do adventure tours to Mount Everest

Kobold makes watches that can handle these expeditions. They even have a luxury Himalaya Everest Edition timepiece. Only 100 will be released from April 2021.

The Kobold online store has more affordable luxury timepieces available. From chronographs to dive and dress timepieces.

13. Weiss Watch Company

The Weiss Watch Company is an American watch brand where all their pieces are assembled by hand. A family owned business, founded by Cameron Weiss.

With each Weiss watch taking over 35 hours to create. 

They promise that each Weiss wristwatch will last for generations.

Field watches are their main timepieces at the moment. With each piece made to order, it can take around 2 weeks before they are shipped. 

You can customize your watch. By picking out the dial color and the strap you want. Whether canvas or leather.

14. Martenero

Martenero watch
Martenero – Edgemere Reserve (Martenero)

Martenero is a New York based watch brand. They offer practical and vintage inspired timepieces.

Their nautical themed Edgemere Reserve Collection. Is inspired by the marine chronometer. It comes in a range of 4 colors, with a mechanical movement that winds automatically.  

Though their pieces say water resistant. They should be kept away from water.

Learn more about water resistant vs. waterproof, and what they mean for your timepieces.

15. Haven Watch Co.

Two The Chilton watches from Haven Watch Co.
The Chilton (Image : Haven Watch Co.)

The Haven Watch Co. are open about getting their components for their watches abroad. Including their movements from Switzerland. 

But all the assembly is done in the Midwest of America.

The Chilton Collection from the Haven Watch Co. is a super striking range. They’re calling it ‘The new Midwest chronograph’.

They wanted this vintage inspired piece to look like it had been designed and made in 1970s America.

These timepieces are definitely big. Set at 47mm lug-to-lug, with a fat 13.1mm thickness to them. This piece will stand out on your wrist.

16. Nodus

Nodus sports watch.
Nodus – Sector Sport Peak (Image : Nodus)

An LA watch brand, Nodus. Has a decent selection of Automatic sports watches and pilot watches.

The watch company uses movements from Seiko and Citizen.  Like the Miyota Caliber 90xx and the Seiko (SII) NH35A.

All of the Nodus Collection are designed and assembled in Los Angeles. 

Their pieces are designed with practicality in mind. Plus they have a wide selection of straps to choose from. In fabric or leather.

17. Mercer Watch Co.

Chronograph from Mercer Watch Co.
Mercer Brigadier Chronograph (Image : Mercer Watch Co.)

Considered a microbrand watch based in New Jersey. Mercer Watch Co. was founded in 2014 by Scott Vuocolo.

They offer affordable timepieces, that they themselves would be proud to wear. From chronographs, to dress watches. They release limited numbers of their watches.

You can find their collection of timepieces on the Microbrand online store.


Atlas collection watch from MONTA American watch brand.
Atlas (Image : MONTA)

MONTA is a Missouri based watch brand. Hailing from Saint Louis.

The US watch company manufactures timepieces that are exclusively Swiss made. They do this to provide the best quality timepieces. Yet all the designs and final checks are done in house.

The MONNTA watch collection is mainly made up of tool watches. All of their pieces are stainless steel timepieces.

A lot of their  pieces include a sapphire caseback. Letting you take a look at the workings of your watch.

19. Brew Watch Co.

An independent American watch brand, Brew Watch Co. As you might be able to tell by the name was inspired by a delicious cup of coffee, a brew.

Jonathan Ferrer, the founder and design of the watch brand. Was inspired by the design and aesthetic of espresso machines for the creation of his watches.

So if you’re a coffee lover and want to express that in a timepiece then check out the Brew Watch store.

20. Oak & Oscar

Watch from Oak & Oscar
The Humboldt (Image : Oak & Oscar)

Oak & Oscar is an Independent watchmaker based in Chicago since 2015.

The Humboldt Collection is one of their bestselling ranges.

The watches are fitted with a Swiss made automatic (ETA 2892A2), with a 12 hour bezel. A great tool watches for everyday use.

Plus what is nice about Oscar & Oak is that they don’t do big watch boxes. Instead they provide a watch wallet to keep it safe.

You can even book a virtual appointment with a member of the Oak & Oscar team. Their personal video 1-on-1 chats will help you learn about their timepieces.

21. S&B Watches


S&B Watches was founded by retired Law Enforcement Officer, Jerommie Smith.

His vision was to create a watch company that is all about functionality. One that he could have worn on duty.

S&B collection includes pilot watches, digital watches, and those who need a watch that can handle an adventure.

These watches are built in the USA. They’re components are sourced from around the world. They often use Swiss made quartz movements for their timepieces.

Their SANS-13 watch is on Amazon, and very affordable. This watch even has a water resistance of 1,000 ft. Very impressive for the price point.

You can usually find a small selection of S&B Watches on Amazon.


America has some awesome watch brands on offer. From well known US watch brands like Timex, Hamilton, and Bulova. To more niche, and smaller, independent watchmakers like Brew.

You have plenty to choose from, and are bound to find an American watch brand that you liked.

Now, check out other watchmakers from around the globe in our guide.