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Top 10 Affordable Watch Brands Of 2021

In this article we’ve researched and listed the top 10 affordable watch brands. 

Each of these watch brands offer watches that you’ll never regret owning.

We are focusing just on the big brand names. Like Casio, Seiko, and Bulova. Focusing on the longstanding, and reliable inexpensive watch brands.

Best Affordable Watch Brands

  1. Casio
  2. Seiko
  3. Bulova
  4. Victorinox
  5. Hamilton
  6. Orient
  7. Tissot
  8. Citizen
  9. Timex
  10. Swatch

1. Casio

The king of affordable watch brands is Casio.

Casio is a Japanese watch brand best known for their tough, digital watches.

You can easily find an excellent digital Casio watch for an extremely inexpensive price. One of their most famous digital watches is their F91-W.

The F91-W watch even comes with its very own wikipedia page. Released in 1989, this watch is still in production today.

The Casio F91-W is a chronograph. With a built in alarm function, calendar function, LED light and uses a quartz movement.

The watch case is mainly made from plastic. With a metal caseback.

Though the watch says water resistant on the front. This watch should NOT be worn in the shower or swimming. The watch is only splash water resistant.

Learn more about watch water resistance here.

Digital watch from casio with clack plastic strap and case.
F91-W (Image : Casio)

You can’t go wrong with this extremely affordable watch. It’s one of the most affordable digital watches in the world.

Yet, if you up your budget by a few more dollars. You’ll find many more bargain watches from Casio.

Like their vintage inspired 700WEM-7AEF. Which looks like an LED watch straight out of the quartz crisis of the 70s and 80s. 

Silver digital watch from casio.
 Casio 700WEM-7AEF (Image : Casio)


One of Casio’s best known watch collections is their G-SHOCK range.

G-SHOCK now seems like it’s own watch brand. Dominating the sports watch scene with their super tough, and super chunky, watches.

Not all of G-SHOCK watches are in the affordable price range. However, G-Shock still have plenty of inexpensive watches to choose from.

Their digital DW5600E-1V is their quintessential timepiece, and a super affordable watch. 

This watch is shock resistant and has a water resistance of up to 200 meters (660 feet). Meaning you can wear it in the shower, swimming, or scuba diving.

Plus it has a handy EL backlight with afterglow.

Super affordable and available on the G-SHOCK online store.

Digital watch from G-shock with black plastic case and strap.
G-SHOCK DW5600E-1V (Image : G-SHOCK)

G-SHOCK has a huge selection of quirky, colorful, chunky timepieces to choose from.

Check out Casio’s entire G-SHOCK collection.

2. Seiko

The second affordable watch brand on this list is Seiko. Another Japanese watch brand.

Seiko offers a huge selection of timepieces for every buyer.

Seiko are famous for their budget friendly watches. With a big selection of affordable timepieces available.

Like their automatic SPRD53K1 from the Seiko 5 Sports series. 

The 5 in this series stands for the 5 features every Seiko 5 Sports watch will have. These are:

  1. Automatic movement
  2. Day-date display (placed at the 3 o’clock position)
  3. Water resistance
  4. Recessed crown (placed at the 4 o’clock position)
  5. Durable case and bracelet
Silver steel seiko watch with a navy and red bezel.
Seiko – SRPD53K1 (Image : Seiko)

This watch even features a see-through case back. So you can admire the automatic movement that powers the watch.

The unidirectional rotating bezel is in a trendy pepsi bezel coloring.

The watch comes with a water resistance of 100 meters.

Check out the full range of Seiko 5 Sports.

3. Bulova

Bulova is such an underrated watch brand. That’s also a super affordable watch brand.

This watchmaker has been around since 1875. Started in New York by Joseph Bulova. They’re an innovative brand who like to keep their watches affordable and high quality.

This watch brand has even made it into space!

With a prototype of their Bulova Lunar Pilot used on Apollo 15 by Commander David Scott. Even wearing it on the moon!

Photo of David Scott on the moon wearing a bulova watch
David Scott on the Moon (Image : Wikipedia)

This very watch was sold at a watch auction for a staggering $1.625 million dollars in 2015.

However, luckily for us today we can get the Lunar Bulova Chronograph for a tiny fraction of that price.

Bulova Lunar Watch with steel case, black chronograph dial with 3 sub dials and a fabric strap.
Bulova – Lunar Pilot (Image : Bulova)

The Lunar Pilot is a chronograph. Many consider this to be one of the best affordable chronographs you can get.

Check out all of Bulova’s watch collections on the Bulova online store.

4. Victorinox

If you’re after an affordable watch brand that makes tough watches. Then Swiss watch brand Victorinox is for you. 

They have a range of affordable watches that can withstand 10 meter drops, deep freezes, and being rolled over by a 8-ton tank!

As we saw in the video above.

The watch range that can handle this level of torture is Victorinox’s I.N.O.X. range.

Victorinox watch with a black silicone strap and a steel case and black dial.
Victorinox – I.N.O.X. Watch (Image : Victorinox)

This is a Swiss made watch range that is built to last. With a water resistance of 200 meters (660 feet).

You can get these durable, hard as nails watches for a really great price. They are well worth it, since they are tough, durable, and are from a Swiss watchmaker too..

Their field watches are also great value for money too. 

5. Hamilton

Hamilton is a historic American watchmaker. Still offering some great timepieces.

With the brand offering a range of affordable timepieces.

Their field watches haven’t changed much, looks wise, since World War 2. They’re like a slice of history and are fairly affordable.

With a choice of the more affordable quartz movement, or the mechanical movement.

Hamilton field watch with a fabric stropped strap, green dial and a silver steel case.
Hamilton – Khaki Field Quartz Watch (Image : Hamilton)

This watch brand is proud of its military heritage. As they were a big watchmaker during the war.

Check out the rest of the Hamilton Field Watch collections on the Hamilton online store.

6. Orient

Orient is another affordable Japanese watch brand.

It’s easy to find a great watch from this brand for a really affordable price.

They’re dress watches are some of the brand’s most affordable timepieces. With a great selection on offer.

Orient dress watch with a leather strap, a white dial and a silver case.
Orient –  FAC00009W0 (Image : Orient)

Their Orient FAC00009W0 model is one of their affordable dress watches.

It has a classic dress watch design, except with a larger case size that’s popular today. Coming in at 40.5mm.

Also features a date complication on a white dial, with roman numeral indices.

Orient dive watch with a silver steel bracelet and case. Featuring a black dial and green bezel.
Orient – FEM75003B9 (Image : Orient)

Orient has some really affordable dive watches too.

Like their Orient FEM75003B9 model pictured above from the Orient online store.

This dive watch comes with a water resistance of 200 meters (660 feet). It features a large case size. Coming in at 44.5mm case size. 

Check out all the watches from this affordable watch brand, on the Orient online store.

7. Tissot

Tissot is an affordable Swiss watch brand that has some really high quality timepieces.

Around since 1853, this brand has been innovating since then.

They’re a watch brand that have been involved in many sports partnerships. Like the NBA, Tour De France, and the Guinness Six Nations.

So their watches are known for being durable and able to withstand some action.

Their V8 Quartz Chronographs are particularly good value.

Tissot chronograph with a beige dial and a silver bezel. With a brown leather strap.
Tissot – V8 Quartz Chronograph (Image : Tissot)

This chronograph features a tachymeter bezel, and has a water resistance of 100 meters (330 feet).

Check out all Tissot watches on the Tissot online store.

8. Citizen

Citizen is a Japanese brand that is very affordable and innovative.

They’re best known for their Eco-Drive technology. Which powers their Eco-Drive watches from light, including artificial light.

Check out how this works in the short video below.

You can find a high quality dive watch for a great price.

Like their Eco-Drive Promaster Dive Watch. 

Citizen dive watch with a silver steel bracelet and case. Featuring a navy dial and a navy bezel.
Citizen – Promaster Diver (Image : Citizen)

This dive watch is powered by light, thanks to Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology.

This means the watch never needs a new battery. It will simply recharge its battery from a light source.

This is excellent for a dive watch. As you never need to open the caseback ensuring your dive watch stays sealed tight.

This watch has a water resistance of 200 meters (660 feet). Which means it can be worn scuba diving.

Check out the rest of Citizen’s watch collection on the Citizen online store.

9. Timex

Another great American watch brand is Timex.

Their super affordable dress watch is the Marlin Mechanical Watch. Which is a reissue of their 1960s dress watch.

Timex dress watch featuring a leather strap, a silver dial and a silver case.
Timex – Marlin 34mm Hand Wound Watch (Image : Timex)

This watch features a manual mechanical movement. Which means it needs winding daily. 

It’s case size is just 34mm. Which was a perfect size for a dress watch back in the 60s. This watch is great for achieving that vintage vibe.

Check out the rest of the watches Timex has to offer on the Timex online store.

10. Swatch

Swatch is an affordable Swiss made watch brand, known for their quirky, plastic timepieces.

Swatch was the brand that is seen to have saved the Swiss watchmaking industry during the quartz crisis.

This watch brand is still super affordable. 

You can easily find a really stand out timepiece too. Like their fun Jellyfish watch.

A large clear plastic watch from Swatch. Featuring a skeleton, see through design. Can see the quartz movement. Features red, blue, and yellow hands.
Swatch – Jellyfish Watch (Image : Swatch)

This is a skeleton watch, giving you a look inside the watch into its quartz movement.

This is the biggest watch on the list, with the dial coming in at a huge 47mm. This watch is definitely an impressive piece. Sure to get you noticed.

The brand does have more understated watches. Like their Twice Again collection. Which is still super affordable.

Swatch watch with black plastic and white dial.
Swatch – Twice Again Watch (Image : Swatch)

Swatch also has a really affordable watch brand for kids called Flik-Flak. You can discover a wide range of the best kids watch brands in our guide.

To Sum Up

There are so many high quality, yet affordable, watches to choose from these top 10 brands. We are spoiled for choice.

Check out the opposite end of the spectrum. With a top 10 list of the most expensive watches in the world


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