13 Affordable Sapphire Crystal Watches

In this blog post we’ll review the best affordable sapphire crystal watches out now.

Sapphire crystal is usually the reserve of more expensive watches. However, today this super scratch resistant watch crystal is used in cheaper watches more and more.

Our top pick has to be the Orient Kamasu dive watches. They come with sapphire crystal as well as a Japanese made automatic movement.

But keep reading on to discover more cheaper sapphire crystal watches from Seiko, Tissot, Victorinox and Citizen.

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Best Affordable Sapphire Crystal watch

Why sapphire crystal?

Sapphire crystal is the most scratch resistant type of watch crystal. Meaning if you invest in a watch with a sapphire crystal, your watch is likely to get a lot less scratches than a watch with a different type of crystal.

i.e. Sapphire crystal watches are more durable than other types of watches.

Also when a watchmaker puts a sapphire crystal on their watch, they are likely creating higher quality watches. Now this isn’t always the case, but it is a great sign.

Learn more about sapphire crystal and the other types of watch crystals.

Top Affordable Sapphire Crystal Watches

Take a look at our list of the best cheap sapphire crystal watches, from 5 of the world’s top affordable watch brands.

Orient Sapphire Crystal Watches

Orient is a sister brand of Seiko, and they’re a very affordable watch brand too. They offer a great selection of affordable sapphire crystal watches.

Our top pick from them has to be the Orient Kamasu dive watch collection. It’s a must buy if you are after an affordable dive watch with a sapphire crystal.

Orient Kamasu

The Orient Kamasu dive watch is one of the top affordable dive watches out today. That’s why it makes the top of our review for the best affordable sapphire crystal watches.

Firstly, this diver is powered by an automatic movement built in-house by Orient and made in Japan. It’s difficult to find such a cheap mechanical watch that also comes with a sapphire crystal.

The watch even comes with a 120-click unidirectional bezel. Which some might love, but others could dislike as it takes more time to set compared to a 60-click.

Also what we love about this line is the gorgeous colors these dive watches come in. We love the green or the red the most.

Case Size: 41.8mm
Movement: Automatic
Water Resistance: 200m (660ft)

The Kamasu collection comes in a case size of 41.8mm. So it’s an ideal size for medium to larger wrists.

The watch is labelled a dive watch, however, it isn’t an ISO compliant diver. Meaning it can be used for swimming, snorkelling, and free diving. But it might not hold up to scuba diving depths.

It still comes with an impressive 200m (660ft) water resistance though, so it should hold up fine for almost all water sports.

Check out the full range of Orient Kamasu sapphire crystal watches on Amazon.

Seiko Sapphire Crystal Watches

Seiko is a legendary, affordable watch brand and they’ve got a great selection of cheap sapphire crystal watches.

Here are our top picks of the top budget friendly sapphire crystal watches from Seiko.

Seiko SNE529

Case Size: 40mm
Movement: Solar
Water Resistance: 100m (330ft)

Seiko are known for their solar powered watches, the Seiko SNE529 is one of them.

This affordable watch comes with a 10-month power reserve so that you never have to worry about your watch going dead. Because this watch is powered by any light source.

The size of this watch is ideal for most wrists, as it comes in the popular 40mm case size.

The dial and strap combination is really gorgeous, the strap comes in brown leather. This matches the dial that comes in a green with gold hands and indices.

The watch of course comes with a sapphire crystal, however the crystal doesn’t come with the best anti-reflective coating. Unfortunately there is a glare in bright light.

This watch would suit a number of occasions, it can be worn as a dress watch or it can be an everyday timepiece as well. 

The price should surprise you for this beautiful watch, check it out.

Seiko SUR307

Case Size: 40.2mm
Movement: Quartz
Water Resistance: 100m (330ft)

Another gorgeous watch from Seiko, this time it’s the Seiko SUR307.

This watch is sure to get you plenty of compliments with the crisp white dial. That goes so well with stainless steel. 

This is a quartz watch and is often considered the quartz version of the pricier Seiko SARX series. The watch is just over 40mm, a good size for most wrists. Especially medium to larger wrists.

The watch’s indices and hands come in the same matching silver tone. This watch also comes with lumibrite hands so you can tell the time in the dark.

Again one of the main issues with this Seiko watch is the reflectiveness of the sapphire crystal. It does have a coating but maybe not enough to keep the glare away in bright light.

This is a very affordable sapphire crystal watch from Seiko, find out the latest price here.

Seiko SUR311

Case Size: 40.2mm
Movement: Quartz
Water Resistance: 100m (330ft)

Finally, our last affordable Seiko watch recommendation has to be the sleek Seiko SUR311

This watch is very similar to the Seiko SUR307, the only difference is the color. It has the same accurate quartz movement along with the same lumibrite hands.

The Seiko SUR311 comes in a gorgeous dark color combo. It has a black dial and darkened steel case and bracelet.

This watch still has the similar problem of too much glare in bright light. However, for the price of this sapphire crystal watch, we can forgive this minor issue.
It makes for a gorgeous looking everyday timepiece at a very affordable price.

Tissot Sapphire Crystal Watches

Just so is one of the best affordable Swiss watch brands around today. Below we’ll review the cheapest sapphire crystal watches from Tissot.

Tissot Carson

Case Size: 40mm
Movement: Quartz
Water Resistance: 30m (99ft)

The Tissot Carson (also referred to as model T0854101601300) is a classic looking, vintage style watch. Thanks to its Roman Numeral indices and clean monochrome design.

The watch has the look of a classic clock, and makes for an elegant dress watch or everyday timepiece.

This quartz powered Swiss made watch has a case size of 40mm, which would suit the average wrist. Also the watch is not too thick at 9 mm. So it should fit under the cuff of a shirt easily.

The main issue with this watch is the band, a few have complained that it’s too stiff and hard to break in. 
However, this watch is at a great price, check it out here.

Tissot Secret Date

Case Size: 39mm
Movement: Quartz
Water Resistance: 100m (330ft)

The Tissot Secret Date (model code T0354461605100) is one of the smallest sapphire crystal watches on this list.

The watch measures 39mm case diameter and is ideal for most wrist sizes, especially those with medium or smaller wrist widths.

We love the black and stainless steel design of this Swiss made timepiece.

The watch is powered by an accurate Swiss quartz movement. This watch also comes with a higher level of water resistance at 100m (330ft).  So you don’t have to worry too much if you get this watch wet.

The coolest part of this watch is the hidden date function. You access it by pushing in the push button crown on the side of the watch. Once you set the date then it lights up on the dial.

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This Tissot watch is a very handsome timepiece and is at a great price.

Tissot T-Classic

Case Size: 44mm
Movement: Quartz
Water Resistance: 30m (99ft)

Finally we have a Tissot T-Classic with the reference T0636101603700.

This is one of the largest watches on this list coming in at 44mm. This watch would suit someone with a larger wrist size, and those who like the look of large watches.

However the watch is rather thin with a thickness of just 8mm.

The large dial has a classic, handsome look to it and it’s protected by a sapphire crystal.

An issue for a few customers is that the band is too small for large wrists. So if you have a wide wrist you might need to upgrade the band. 

Discover this elegant looking watch for an affordable price.

Citizen Sapphire Crystal Watches

All of the Citizen sapphire crystal watches in this review come powered with Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology. Which means that they are all solar powered watches.

Solar powered technology for watches is growing in popularity year-on-year. Thanks to their ability to last up to 10 or even 20 years without needing a battery change.

We’ve even done a full review of the best solar watches out today. You should check it out.

However, below are the best affordable sapphire crystal watches from Citizen.

Citizen BM7080-54L

Case Size: 43mm
Movement: Solar
Water Resistance: 100m (330ft)

Citizen BM7080-54L Eco-Drive watch is our cheapest sapphire crystal watch from the brand. 

This watch is even built from titanium, and titanium is a very lightweight and very tough material. A really high quality material for such an affordable watch.

Also titanium gives the watch it’s lovely darker steel look, which goes well with the navy dial.

Like a lot of Citizen watches, this watch comes powered with the Eco-Drive solar power technology, which makes it a super low maintenance watch.

The only issue we have with this watch is the date window is very small so it can be difficult to read. Also the watch comes in a large size of 43mm so it would suit larger wrists best. 

This Citizen watch takes the crown for the most affordable sapphire crystal watch on this list.

Citizen AW1490-50A

Case Size: 42mm
Movement: Solar
Water Resistance: 100m (330ft)

The Citizen AW1490-50A stands out from the list thanks to its uber bright white dial. 

The watch is made from titanium. Titanium is an excellent material as it’s lightweight and is even more durable than stainless steel.

This watch comes with the same Eco-Drive technology as many of Citizen’s watches. A solar powered watch like this one is lower maintenance, as it will charge with any light source.

This Citizen watch is similar to the Seiko SUR307, thanks to its bright white dial. However this Citizen’s watch is larger with a case size of 42mm. This watch would suit medium to large wrists best.

The dial is very easy to read thanks to the many markers around it, along with the hands that have black dipped tips. Plus the hands have lume on them too.

Another very affordable sapphire crystal watch from Citizen, find out the price here.

Citizen BU2070-12L

Case Size: 44mm
Movement: Solar
Water Resistance: 100m (330ft)

The Citizen BU2070-12L watch is a really beautiful timepiece thanks to its deep, dark blue dial, and reddish brown leather strap.

It’s a great looking everyday watch that will be sure to grab people’s attention.

This watch is large at 44mm case size, so it would suit people with larger wrists or who love large watch designs. 

What’s cool about this watch face is that the date is displayed in subdials instead of a date window. This gives the dial a sporty chronograph look without being a chronograph.

However the day and date is very small on the subdials so it could be difficult to read for some.

Again this watch is powered by Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology, making it a reliable and accurate solar watch that’s very low maintenance.

Check out the latest price of this affordable sapphire crystal watch.

Victorinox Sapphire Crystal Watches

Victorinox is one of her favourite affordable, yet super tough watch brands. They’re best known for making the extremely durable I.N.O.X range.

However, Victorinox also has a good choice of affordable sapphire crystal watches too.

Victorinox Night Vision

Case Size: 42mm
Movement: Quartz
Water Resistance: 50m (165ft)

The Victorinox Night Vision (model 241665) watch is a super cool looking Swiss made timepiece. 

This watch is an ideal everyday watch built to be  easily read at night-time. The black dial comes with luminescent hands, numerals and indices. Plus the watch is built from titanium.

You can use the pusher on the side to light up the dial in a soft blue glow. 

Or if you push the pusher twice you then activate the white LED light. Then push it three times and you get an SOS signal light.

The main issue is that the water resistance on this watch is low at just 50m (165ft). So you need to keep this watch well away from water.

However the sapphire crystal comes with a triple anti-reflective coating. This really helps the watch’s crystal to not glare in really bright light.

This watch is large at 42mm and it’s thick too, at 13.25mm. It suits medium to large wrists best.

This is a great looking watch for a great price, check it out.

Victorinox Fieldforce

Case Size: 42mm
Movement: Quartz
Water Resistance: 100m (330ft)

The Victorinox Fieldforce (Model 241847) has the vibe of an old school field watch, however this Swiss made watch comes in a popular modern size.

The watch is large at 42mm, so would suit medium to larger wrists the most.

The luminosity on this watch is superb especially for the price. This watch makes for a great looking and practical everyday timepiece.

The date window is at the 3 o’clock position and is easy to read. Also the minute hand is elongated and in bright red adding to the readability of this watch.

The watch comes with 100mm (330ft) of water resistance, which comes in handy.

Plus the watch is powered by a Swiss made quartz movement making it accurate and reliable too. And of course this watch comes with triple coated scratch-resistant sapphire as well.

This is one of the most popular affordable Victorinox sapphire crystal watches, check the latest price here.

Our Verdict

These top 5 affordable watch brands offer a great selection of affordable sapphire crystal watches.

Our top pick still remains the Orient Kamasu diver collection Thanks to it’s automatic movement and selection of gorgeous colors to choose from. 

You can’t go wrong with an affordable Kamasu diver.